Not What We Wanted To Happen :-(

We arrived at Cocopah RV Park in Yuma just before noon and were excited to get set up and start visiting … but that didn’t last long 😦  Hubby went to put the bedroom slide out and it wouldn’t go. After an hour of troubleshooting he finally gave in and we started calling around to RV places to have someone come out and fix it. When I say hubby gave in you really have to know what that cost him, hubby can fix anything so when he told me to call someone I knew we were in trouble. Now the problem was who to call?

I started off with a call to our extended warranty company but they were useless! Until we had someone diagnose the problem they didn’t want to talk to us. The next call was to La Mesa RV where we had some warranty work done our first year in Yuma, but they have gone out of business here. Hubby called another RV business but they couldn’t fit us in until February! As we were trying to decide who to call next, our Driving Miss Murphy friends dropped by and reminded us that we had Good Sam Roadside coverage, so that was our next call. Good Sam was very helpful and gave us several referrals. Hubby called the first one on the list, JR’s Mobile RV Repair, and he came right over, phew that was easier than we thought!

Or was it? JR’s took one look at the slide, listen to hubby explain what all he had tried, and admitted that he didn’t know what else to do. But he was feeling sorry for us, since we can’t access the bedroom or the bathroom without the slide open, so he began phoning around and trying to use his connections to get someone out right away. He was finally able to find someone who would come out tomorrow afternoon, not perfect, but at least it’s not February!

We settled in with the thought that we would sleep on the pull out sofa tonight and use the RV Park washrooms, something I am very un-fond of doing. The main downfall to this unit, when we looked at it, was the fact that the slide had to be partially out in order to get into the washroom, but everything else was perfect so we decided we could live with it. It was a big concession for me because I don’t like using public washrooms, but so far it has worked out okay … until today. Fortunately I keep a bag in my suitcase, which is in the basement storage, with travel toiletries so we will be able to brush our teeth and I can take out my contacts but we still have to use the public washroom, at least it’s only one night.

I was about to suggest to hubby that it was time to start happy hour, and we really deserved it today, when he stood up and said “I think I can fix this!” I told you he can fix anything and he wasn’t about to be defeated 🙂 A half hour later the slide was out, the motor was removed for repair, and we … well hubby … was enjoying a well deserved beer!

Tomorrow we will try to get a replacement motor and hopefully that will fix the slide. At the time we purchased our extended warranty I thought it was pointless because, as I said, hubby can fix anything and now I’m even more convinced it was a waste of money.

Until next time …


9 thoughts on “Not What We Wanted To Happen :-(

  1. Whew, glad it all worked out in the end. When we were RV shopping, one of our priorities was it be liveable with the slides in. When we boondock in a Walmart or Casino parking lot, we rarely put the slides out. Isn’t it wonderful being married to a MacGyver? Have fun in Yuma!

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    • We hope it’s a minor problem. We will try and get a new motor today and Mr. Maxx will install it, keep your fingers crossed that is all it was and that we can get a replacement motor in Yuma. 😊


  2. I hate breakdowns! The ambiguity of it all, the uncertainty of how long it I’ll be, how much it is going to cost and the inconvenience all drive me crazy. If there is one thing that will make me give up full-iming, that is it. My condolences, Maxx.

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    • I’m with you Jeanine! But it does look like hubby can fix the motor which is good cause a new one was going to cost $300.00. So Rod if you are reading this comment we now have $300.00 more to spend on boxed wine 😊

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