A Fun Week :-)

Now that the shed is finished life has settled into a slower pace and that’s okay! Most of the past week has been spent inside Maxx because of the wind that has been hitting most of Arizona and California. It was blowing so hard we had to put our heavy zero gravity chairs away and I had to move my big poinsettia up against the fence because the wind kept blowing it around our site! By Saturday the wind had died down and the chairs were back out, but by Sunday the wind was back, and by Sunday evening the wind was gone 😯

All of our Christmas decorations are up and we enjoy watching the lights twinkle outside.

Last Tuesday we took a tour of the Yuma Proving Ground. The Proving Ground is a US Military facility used for testing military equipment. It encompasses 1,307.8 square miles (3,387.2 km) in the Sonoran Desert 30 miles (48km) northeast of Yuma. Our tour was six hours, which included a tour of the parachute testing facility, and the vehicle compound, as well as lunch in the Cactus Café. We enjoyed the tour but felt rushed throughout the day, in fact we were to have an hour at the museum so hubby and I went to the theatre to watch the half hour movie before touring the rest of the museum … we were halfway through the movie when we were told it was time to leave! Cameras are not allowed on the tour so I have no pictures to share 😦

On Saturday we enjoyed the Yuma Electric Light Parade, and it was even better than previous years. There were even more entries this year and the parade was an hour and a half long. While I miss the snow around Christmas, there is something to be said for sitting at a Christmas parade and not having to be bundled up in heavy coats, toques and mittens 😎

There are no shortage of lights at this parade!

Last night I put on my fur lined boots, my fur lined vest, and my Christmas hat with it’s flashing lights, and enjoyed a cup of tea … okay I was more than a little warm but I was definitely in the Christmas spirit! With the Christmas music playing we sat around our fireplace outside and watched the Christmas Golf Cart Parade … as usual it didn’t disappoint 🙂


And that brings you up to date in our life. I hope you are all enjoying your pre Christmas season!

Until next time …


Presenting Our New Shed ☺

Honestly I don’t really think a shed needs a big presentation but I have had requests from family and friends for pictures, and I think hubby did a great job so I wanted to show it off.

We finished it off last Monday with just enough time for the inside paint to dry before the fridge arrived. I really should have done another coat inside but I ran out of paint and I just wanted it done before the fridge went in … and after all, it is just a shed!

It is the perfect size for what we have to store in it.

Other than the Christmas decorations (and the fridge ☺), everything else will go home with us in the spring, but it sure is nice to have a place to store extra stuff and not have to dig through the basement of Maxx looking for things. And of course it’s nice to have a fridge to keep the beer and wine cold for happy hour!

Until next time …

The Daily Grind

Now if you are still working you are probably shaking you head and thinking “Yup life is tough”, however if you are living the life like we are, you are thinking “Seriously what grind is she talking about”!

It is still dark outside so I’m going to fill this blog with some of my favorite pictures over the last year. This one is boondocking on Darby Well Road in Ajo, AZ, February 2017.

I have to admit our Daily Grind is pretty awesome! Without going into a lot of boring detail you can probably get the picture. We wake up around 4:30/5:30 a.m., drink our coffee in bed while reading blogs and then hubby looks at whatever he looks at on the Internet and I do my puzzles on my IPad. We then have breakfast and for the last few weeks we have headed out to work on the shed … or we make our thrice-weekly trip to Home Depot to give them our money! Just to finish up the day, it generally ends with dinner and sitting outside waiting for Maxx to cool down so we can sleep … we have had temps around 35C/95F the last little while so occasionally the air conditioner has been turned on to cool Maxx down so that we can sleep. Hubby often laughs at me because the temperature gets down to 26C/79F and I go and put on my hoodie, but I’m cold!

Hiking the Hieroglyphic Trail on Superstition Mountain, March 2017.

Anyway life in Yuma has settled into a pleasant routine, building the shed, visiting with neighbours, happy hours, shopping, and the Friday Night Egg Game. Of course the Egg Game is key this week because I won $50.00 last night! Yup I was a happy camper, did I mention those were USD ☺

Boondocking March 2017 at Lake Meade, NV.

So as today dawns we will once again enjoy our coffee, work on the shed, meet up with friends for dinner … and much to hubby’s chagrin, decorate for Christmas. Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Beavertail cactus in bloom March 2017

And my favorite picture this year … Butterfly, Tishomingo, OK.

Until next time …


We have spent the last week building our shed, our very small shed. One of the nice things about taking our site as an annual, which means it is ours for the year and nobody else can use it, is the ability to leave things here over the summer. For that reason we decided to build a small shed which will hold a small fridge, are you sensing a small theme here, and some of our Christmas decorations … and there may be a chance of some additions to our outdoor Christmas decorations this year because I now have more storage space 🙂

Picture taken last Monday

And today

Our plan for today was to finish the outside trim and the roof before hubby starts to wire the inside, but that plan was thwarted by the wind. It is really gusting outside, 40km an hour, 25 miles an hour, in fact it is so strong that I have a hard time opening the door to get outside! So I’m thinking that today may be an errand day and hopefully tomorrow we can get the outside of the shed finished.

Last year we attended Bloggerfest in Quartzite, Arizona and really enjoyed it. We met lots of new bloggers and picked up some helpful tips. Bloggerfest, which is a gathering of both bloggers and blog readers, is being held this year on January 27th at the La Posa LTVA area in Quartzite. If you are interested in attending let Shadowmoss know by commenting on her Bloggerfest post. We will be there and look forward to meeting some new faces and catching up with old friends.

Until next time …

Remembrance Day 2017

  Over the past few days I have tried to come up with a Remembrance Day post and the words are just not there. I finally decided I would not do a post, but all morning my mind keeps going back to that decision, it just feels wrong to me not to write something.

So once again I am going to just repost what I said a few years ago. It doesn’t matter to me if you have read this post before and just skim it this time, what matters to me is that you give this day the respect that it deserves.

One of the hardest things about being away for the winter is not being home for Remembrance Day. We are so proud of our youngest son for serving his country and also for the rest of our family for always giving Remembrance Day the respect it deserves and attending local services.

Whether you are Canadian or American I hope that you will spend some time today remembering what this holiday is all about, rather than giving into the retailors push to start your Christmas shopping early.

However you choose to remember our Veterans take some time today to honor their courage, service and sacrifices that have kept us strong, proud and free.

To all the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedom, many making the ultimate sacrifice … Lest we forget.

Our youngest son has served two tours in Afghanistan and lost friends during those tours. Our hearts go out to their families particularly at this time of year. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Some people wonder …

if they have made a difference in the lives of others…. A soldier never has to!

Life At Cocopah

We have been here for a week and it has been busy, but fun busy 🙂

My planters are planted.

One of two planters on either side of our patio, they both look the same.

Our shed plan has been laid out, the request form to build it has been submitted, and we have spent a few days pricing supplies at different stores. Hopefully we get the approval soon and can start building.

There have been more than a few happy hours with friends which is always fun. The only not so fun thing this week is our darn colds that have come back with a vengeance! Hopefully they will be gone by tomorrow because we have to be healthy for the egg game on Friday.

We have two bougainvillea pots, one on either side of the golf ball screen.

Until next time …

Fire Extinguishers

So I know I said I would try and post a blog at least once a week, and now I am on my third blog in six days, but I thought this was important information to pass on.

And I guess I need to clean the floor around the door, please don’t look that close!

I read an article on Castanet, our local online newspaper at home (and unlike the online Yuma Sun, Castanet is free!), about a recall on Kidde fire extinguishers and thought I should check ours. Of course I got caught up in something else and forgot to do it. Yesterday I was reading a blog called 5C’s Que Pasa and she mentioned the article, as well as the fact that three of their extinguishers where on the recall list. I immediately put down my laptop and checked our extinguisher and sure enough it was on the list … thank-you for the reminder Contessa 🙂  I went on-line and completed the form using our US address and received a confirmation that our new extinguisher would arrive in fifteen to twenty days.

So whether you own a house, RV, boat, etc. check to see if you have a Kidde fire extinguisher and then call (855) 271-0773 or complete the on-line form to see if you need a replacement. It is worth checking even if your extinguisher is old, it could still be on the recall list and then you will have a new extinguisher for free!

Seriously stop what you are doing and go and check, once a fire starts it’s to late to ask for a new extinguisher … and now I have to go wash my floor 🙂 

Until next time …