Fort Smith, AR

Last night we had a great time at the Oak Ridge Boys concert held at The Mansion in Branson, MO.  Hubby and I both commented that we can only hope to have as much energy as they do when we are their age!

Not bad pictures for my cell phone!

We enjoyed our time in Branson and wish we had more time to hit sights that some of my readers have suggested, but Albuquerque is beckoning and we have a few other places we want to stop along the way. I received a great comment from ecrab1957 who lives in Branson, which you should really go back and read … he provided some great history of the area! Thanks for that comment ecrab1957, I sense a traveller and blogger in your future 🙂

It was a nice drive today with something other than cornfields to look at.

Once again the jello wiggled and we gave up our plans to spend the night in Fort Smith, AK. When we checked in at customer service in the local Walmart we weren’t getting the friendly Walmart vibe, so we made a quick stop at Sam’s Club for groceries and hit the road.  Another factor was the temperature, at 88F/31C it was going to be to hot without air-conditioning, plus I have a date with Blake Shelton in Tishomingo, OK 🙂  Well to be fair I don’t have an actual date but I have been telling hubby all along that I’m sure when Blake hears we are in town he will want to have us out to his ranch.

Until next time …