For The Ladies!

First a little preamble … I wrote this blog on New Years Eve but then I wasn’t sure I was going to post it. I am still on the fence about it but a few people thought it was funny so here goes …

If you are a male reading my blog it’s time to pass the computer over to your wife … yes I mean it! This will be of no interest to you! Yup that means you Rod, give the computer to Sylvia; and Rick pass it over to Kathy; Tom walk away it’s Nancy’s turn; Chauffer I’m not sure if you read this but this blog is for Navigator; and I think our two son’s and our son-in-law read the blog on Facebook so you can also close this blog!

Now ladies … what is the best part of heading somewhere cold for Christmas? Did you figure it out? No? Well of course it’s the fact that you are wearing long pants and don’t have to shave your legs!   Yup I know you are laughing 🙂

We really enjoyed New Years Eve with my sister and brother-in-law, and they served us an awesome dinner followed by fun games and watching the 9:00 p.m. city fireworks out their front window, but the best part of being old and going home early was …. are you ready for this??? I jumped in the bathtub, had a long soak, and shaved my legs in preparation for heading back to warm sunny weather the next day! Honestly there is nothing better, in my mind, than shaving your legs after you haven’t touched them for a week. They are so soft! And it is even better when you can slather up your legs with lotion and crawl into a hotel bed because you don’t have to worry about cleaning the sheets!

Was there a better way to end 2017? Well maybe with hubby and a glass of champagne … and really soft legs … which is how I ended a great year 😀

This is me now that we are back in the sun 🙂

Hopefully you got a laugh out of this blog, hubby thought this was TMI (too much information) but I was having my bath with all this stuff going on in my head and thought it would make a funny blog … hopefully it was 🙂 If it wasn’t please push it out of your head, forget it, and look to my next blog for a better effort 🙂

Until next time …


What A Trip!

First off … Happy New Year … here is what I had planned on saying today 🙂

As 2018 starts we look forward to many more miles, more beautiful sights to see, family and friends to visit, and fellow bloggers to meet.

So to our family, friends, and fellow bloggers thanks for traveling along with us.  We wish you all the best for 2018 and are so happy you are a part of our lives!

So here is the new part …

First off a little background …

As you probably know we are full time RVers who call Kelowna, B.C. home. We have no sticks and bricks home in Kelowna since we live in Maxx. Right now Maxx is chillin in warm, sunny Yuma, Arizona keeping an eye on our shed and our neighbours … okay lets be fair, our neighbours are actually looking after Maxx and our shed but they have told us they are both behaving, so all is good.

Now I am getting to some confusing parts here so hopefully I give you a good synopsis of life the last week.

On December 23rd we flew from Phoenix to Edmonton to spend Christmas with our son’s. As I mention yesterday on December 29th we had a bonus stop over in Kelowna to see our daughter and family and were to fly back to Phoenix on December 30th. This made Kelowna a connection point on our flight … keep the connection part in mind. Due to weather in Calgary we were unable to get from Kelowna to Phoenix on the 30th.

Now airlines will not cover your accommodations, meals, and taxi if your flight is cancelled because of weather. Most of the people our flight from Kelowna to Phoenix were from Kelowna and could go back to their homes, but of course our house is in Yuma right now. So it occurred to me, as we were standing in line at the airport waiting for WestJet to rebook us, that we were actually at a connection point and in that case the airline does have to pay your costs. Now we knew this may not work since we have a Kelowna address but we thought it was worth a try. We also thought that WestJet would work harder to get us on a flight quickly if they were paying for our stay in Kelowna, and we are now tired of the snow and want to go back to the sun 😀

The other thing that came into play was the fact that our daughter has a bad cold and we knew it would be better for her to rest and get well and that wouldn’t happen if we were at their house. Lucky us we were given a hotel voucher, dinner and breakfast vouchers, and taxi vouchers to the hotel and back to the airport. We were also told that it would probably be better if we phoned into WestJet from the comfort of our hotel room and rebook our flights, so that’s what we did. After an hour and a half on the phone Saturday evening I was able to get us a flight to Vancouver and then onto Phoenix on Tuesday.

Now we only had vouchers for Saturday night so Sunday morning we took our free taxi back to the airport to get vouchers for our next two nights in Kelowna. Our hope was to go back to our daughters for New Years Eve if she was feeling better but since we had to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning we figured it would be easier to stay in the hotel Monday night.

Have I lost you yet? Hopefully I’m making sense 🙂

Anyway back to the airport on Sunday morning. Once the WestJet agent realized they were going to have to pay our expenses for two more nights they were all of the sudden able to get us on a flight back to Phoenix on Monday, but here is the kicker … we are going back to Edmonton and then onto Phoenix!

So to sum it up, for the price of a return ticket from Phoenix to Edmonton we were able to spend six days over Christmas with our son’s; four days in Kelowna were we had a great visit with our daughter and family, were able to see my sister and family, and also were able to have lunch with our best friends, all the while being put up at a hotel with meals provided by WestJet; today we will fly back to Edmonton and hopefully spend only two hours in the Edmonton Airport before getting on our return flight to Phoenix. It seems like a really roundabout way to spend Christmas in Edmonton but it really worked out for us … or at least it will if all our flights work out today.

We hope you all had a safe New Years Eve and we wish you nothing but happiness for 2018.

Until next time …

Until next time …

In The Lane Snow Is Glistening …

A beautiful sight we had tonight … okay I’ll stop because everyone at home is cursing me right now for all the snow Kelowna has received 🙂

Yesterday we bid adios to the very cold temperatures in Edmonton, -35C, -31F not including the wind chill factor, and flew to Kelowna, British Columbia for Christmas number 2 with our daughter and her family.

When I booked our flight to Edmonton, Alberta early last spring I was able to get a direct flight from Phoenix both ways but I noticed a return flight that had a six-hour lay over in Kelowna and it was cheaper than the direct flight. Hmm I thought, this would work out very well, we could spend Christmas with our sons and their families and then have a quick visit with our daughter and family and my sister and family before we continue onto Phoenix. About three months later WestJet advised they were shortening the layover in Kelowna, which wouldn’t allow us enough time for a visit. Hubby got on the phone and managed to convince WestJet that they should let us fly into Kelowna the night before and then connect onto Phoenix the next day for no extra charge. We were so happy with how well everything worked out and excited to get to see all our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren for Christmas.

Last night we arrived in Kelowna under heavy snow but much warmer temperatures than Edmonton, it was only -5C, 23F … it felt like summer. 😀 We spent a very enjoyable evening opening presents and playing board games.

Now I had made the comment to a few people that I wouldn’t be too upset if our flight back to Phoenix was delayed by a day and given all the snow coming down last night I thought that could happen. Well we woke up this morning to a beautiful blue sky and no snow falling, but I had received an email around 3:00 a.m. saying that our 10:25 a.m. flight was delayed to 2:45 p.m. … that was great news, more time to visit.

Shortly after noon we headed to the airport, cleared security, and got a table in a restaurant for lunch. Just after we ordered I received another email saying our flight was delayed until 3:15 p.m., that’s okay we thought, we would enjoy a drink with lunch and kill some time. As we were finishing up our lunch another email arrived saying the flight was delayed until 4:15 p.m. and we could hear announcements that all flights arriving and departing to Calgary, Alberta had been cancelled due to bad weather in Calgary. We both looked at each other and somehow knew that the delays with our flight had to be tied into the weather in Calgary … sure enough a few minutes later our flight was also cancelled. 😥

I’m sure you can all picture the chaos at the airport with that many flights cancelled! Anyway after a long wait and another hour waiting on the phone we are finally rebooked on a flight to Phoenix … but not until next Tuesday. All of the flights out of Kelowna to anywhere are fully booked, so we had to wait until Tuesday to get a flight to Vancouver and then onto Phoenix.

When I called my sister she said I really needed to leave because they are very tired of all this snow I asked for. She said they would love to come and visit but they are still digging out their driveway so they can get the car out. 🙂

Gee I ask for snow and I get it, I ask for our plane to be delayed and it happens, I ask for a winning lottery ticket and nothing!

Anyway there is no point in being upset, the airlines can’t help the weather, and this is the busiest time of the year for them, so hubby and I will just enjoy some extra visiting here in Kelowna and look forward to getting back to the warm sunny weather in Yuma.

Until next time …

Text Wars :-)

One thing I can always count on, when it snows at home a few pictures will be sent my way 😆 And I do love it! I have always loved the snow and think it is so pretty when it falls and the ground is covered in nice white fresh snow. When I was working most people would see the first snow fall through the window and be upset, but not me nor my work buddy Blondie, we would both be excited and couldn’t wait to be outside walking in it.

Now I do have to admit that selfishly I also like sitting in the warm sun looking at the pictures I receive and praying that we will have lots of fresh snow when we are home at Christmas. And that usually works, but it also leads to some very unhappy family and friends when I hop back on the plane to return to the warm sunny weather and they are left at home to shovel snow for months and get stuck with the black, dirty, yucky snow … he he, I guess there is a little meaness in me 😉

So this morning the texts started with a picture from our daughter, actually she also sent me one last night and there was a lot more snow this morning.

Shortly after that text I received one from our best friends of their back yard.

Which had hubby racing out the door to send them a picture of our front yard.

And then I had to follow that up at lunchtime with a picture of what we do in Yuma during the days leading up to Christmas 😎

Which of course she had to follow up with how they spend their days in Kelowna leading up to Christmas.

View from their hot tub while enjoying a glass of wine. Well we do have a hot tub we can sit in and we can have a glass of wine while we are there but I have to give them the view!

Hmm, I think she may have won! But come January when we are back in the sun and they are still shoveling snow I bet I’m back in front!

Merry Christmas! …

A Great Hike!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am deathly afraid of the squiggly things that come out in the heat. For that reason I stop hiking in the summer because the Okanagan is a popular home for the RS squiggly thing … okay now I am totally creeped out and can’t keep my feet on the floor so let’s move on 🙂

Yesterday we took our first hike since the spring with our niece who recently moved to Castlegar, B.C. to take on her first job out of university.

It was definitely more of a challenging hike than we should have done to get back into the swing of things but the view and the company made it totally worth it!

The Brilliant Overlook Trail climbs up for 2.5 kilometres, with switchbacks crossing rockslides and follows along the cliff ridges. There are a few benches, hand rope rails, and a cliff side foot bridge which help out along the trail but honestly this is not an easy hike. We hiked up to the lower and upper viewpoints, which overlook the Kooteny River, the city of Castlegar and Brilliant Dam.

The trail started off easy …

Our hike started off with blue sky but it did cloud over by the we got to the top.

And it was lined with pretty thistles …

The sky was blue and the scenery was very pretty …

It’s hard to tell from this picture but the trail began its upward climb …

As we got higher we started to see some of the amazing views …

We climbed through a large area of shale rock where I was so busy trying to get over the rocks and not twist my ankle that I forgot to get a picture. In the picture below you can see the tail end of the really rocky area …

And then finally we hit what I thought was the end of the steep climb so we sat down on a bench, had a little rest, and enjoyed the view …

But I was fooled and as soon as we got around the next corner we began to climb up again over rock and through a narrow trail, and once again I was to busy staying alive to take pictures J Finally we reached the top of that climb and enjoyed some nice hiking trails that gently went up and down.


We finally came to the first look out and the view was so good that I became inspired to see the next lookout, which of course meant more uphill!

Can you see the path here? I couldn’t so it was a good thing our niece had done the trail before!

We did come across some wildlife; we saw a snail and this caterpillar 🙂

I had a good friend that was as terrified of caterpillars as I am of “large worms”, I hope this picture doesn’t scare anyone!

A sign told us we were almost at the top …

And then we came out at the top and all I can say is WOW what a view!


It took us a little over two hours to get to the top and just over one hour to hike back down. The hike down had some challenges as well especially the rocky part near the bottom, but we made it safely!

Looking at the pictures now I think we must have been up the mountain for a long time because apparently fall came while we were up there!

I can’t believe how much more like fall these pictures looked compared to the first picture on the blog when we started our hike.

As we approached the truck my niece pointed out where we had been … thank goodness she didn’t tell me that at the start … I probably wouldn’t have got out of the truck!

Sure wish I hadn’t forgot my Fitbit at home 🙂

Although it was tough hike it was totally worth it and we had a great time. Of course we had to follow up with a stop at the pub for dinner and some great craft beer and conversation 🙂

Until next time …

Goodbye Kelowna, B.C., Hello Castlegar, B.C.

We had a nice easy drive today and really enjoyed leaving Kelowna by a different route than we normally take. Rather than head south across the lake and down Highway 97 to the border crossing in Osoyoos, B.C. we headed northeast along Highway 33 towards the Kootenay’s.

We bid farewell to the dry desert like area of the Okanagan …

Past remnants of the recent Philpot Road Forest Fire …

And continued along Highway 33 enjoying the scenery.

Two years ago we had a camping trip planned to Kettle River Provincial Park on Highway 33 near Rock Creek, BC. Fortunately for us our plans changed at the last minute because a huge forest fire ripped through the area.

A girl I worked with was staying at the campground with her family on that fateful weekend. They were enjoying an afternoon on the beach, along with most of the other people in the campsite, when all of the sudden they all found themselves running for their lives across an old railroad bridge over the river and up a trail along the other side where eventually they were picked up and driven to safety. There was damage to the campground and I think a few RVs where lost but fortunately no lives were lost and most campers were eventually able to return and pick up their belongings.

This was the first time we had been down that way since a few weeks before the fire and we were amazed at the amount of area that had burned.

I couldn’t get a great picture of the fire area through the windshield of the truck but it was nice to see some of the underbrush growing back.

Our original plan was to stop at the old hotel in Greenwood, B.C. for a late lunch but when we arrived we found it had gone out of business.

After a stop in Grand Forks for lunch we continued on to Castelgar where we are settled into our campground until Sunday.

 Until next time …

It’s Hitch Up And Go Time

The past few days have been busy getting all the last minute chores done like filling up my flour and sugar canisters, washing all the bedding, stocking up on toilet paper, cleaning out closets and the basement storage, taking out summer items and putting in winter items like Christmas decorations, the list goes on and on … as does this run on sentence, but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

Today is the day we start another snowbird adventure 🙂  Lot’s of warm squeezy hugs, and a few tears shed by me, and off we go.

First stop Castlegar, B.C. and a visit with our niece.

Until next time …