One Step Closer :-)

It was a long drive yesterday so we had to get a very early start. Okay, really none of that is true … we had a slow morning, mainly because the Internet at the RV Park isn’t great and it took forever to open up my morning blogs! It was so slow that I didn’t even bother commenting on most.

We were on the road by 10:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. we had pulled into Carl Precht RV Park in Omak, WA. We are now only three hours from home, and less than an hour from Canada 🙂

The reflections in the Columbia River were really pretty.

We can’t believe the fruit trees have not begun to bloom yet, but on the up side we haven’t missed the trees at home blooming ☺

We have one more place we want to visit and Omak is a good place to leave Maxx while we do that. Also there are a few items I need to stock up on before we cross the border and the Walmart in Omak is a good place for that.

After setting up we headed over to Walmart and stocked up on rubber gloves, tortilla shells, and those awesome color catchers that I can’t do laundry without! These are all things that I either can’t get the type I want at home, or in the case of the color catchers they don’t sell in Canada.

Until next time …


Chelan, WA

We spent last night in one of our favorite places, Chelan, WA. We usually spend at least one night here on our way south, and one our way north. For years when we were working we would come to Chelan on summer long weekends. I really can’t tell you why, the city just has a certain small town on the lake appeal to us. We are now only four hours from home, although it will take us another three days to get there 🙂

This was the first travel day home were the sun wasn’t out in full force 😦

If we had stayed on Highway 97 yesterday we would have driven over the last high, possibly snowy, part of our trip home. After hubby checked the road reports and the weather the other night he decided we would take a different, lower route that followed a rail line. It added a half hour to our trip, so it was a three-hour drive instead of two and a half … we can live with that.

At Ellensburg, WA we turned east onto I-90 and at George, WA we turned off I-90 onto SR 281N. Shortly after we turned off the interstate we saw a sign that said “Crop Names in Fence Line Next 10 Miles”. How awesome! During our travels hubby and I have both said that we wished farmers would post what type of crop they were growing and someone finally listened to us. We were treated to fields of red beans, different types of hay, grain corn, field corn, turf grass (that was a very pretty manicured field!), and cherry and apple orchards.

I only took one picture, I was having to much fun trying to identify the fields before the sign came along.

In Quincy, WA we turned onto SR 28 and headed into Wenatchee. That part of the route was new to us but we figured we were okay when all the semis turned as well, and it turned out to be a great route.

I think it is now safe to say the only real snow we will see on our trip home was either in real shady spots on the side of the road or on the mountains. Well except for the snow we had in Carson City, NV, but fortunately that wasn’t a travel day and it was gone before we went to sleep that night.

Once we arrived in the valley near Wenatchee we started to see many fruit orchards and grape vineyards. The cool thing about that is we will continue to see them all the way home … yup we are getting close to home!

And here is something I didn’t know … Highway 97 is the longest continuous north-south highway in North America. It runs from Weed, CA to Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek. Hubby and I have travelled it from Prince George, BC to Weed, CA and will some day do the rest up to Alaska. I, however, have actually done the entire highway, because when I was a kid my parents took us on a road trip to Alaska, so I feel pretty special!

Until next time …

Another Great Travel Day

We left Bend, Oregon yesterday and headed north into Washington State. The next border we cross will the border between the US and Canada and we will be back in British Columbia and three hours from home 🙂

The weather was awesome once again, sunny dry roads, just what we want!


It was pretty to see the snow on the mountains in the distance and not on any of the roads.

Just south of the Oregon/Washington State line we came upon the Stateline Wind Farm. Both hubby and I find this wind farm much prettier than the wind farms you see in Palm Springs, California. The ones in Palm Springs are set in the desert amongst sand, rocks, and creosote bushes, a very grey/brownish background. The Stateline Wind Farms are set amongst fields of green grassland, and of course the grass is very green in the spring.


As we passed into Washington we could see the Maryhill Stonehenge sitting on the hill above the river.

The Maryhill Stonehenge is a replica of the Stonehenge in England and is a memorial to those who died in World War 1. It was commissioned by a businessman named Samuel Hill and dedicated on July 4, 1918. Constructed out of concrete the memorial was completed in 1929.

We pulled into Cabela’s in Yakima, WA in the late afternoon. This was the first time we have stayed in a Cabala’s parking lot. We checked in with the manager of the store and he was very happy to have us stay overnight as long as we parked near the back of the lot. The nice thing about Cabela’s is that they close at 8:00 p.m., and the surrounding area is all stores that close around the same time, so it was very quiet.

And amazingly it didn’t cost us a cent! We sure had fun browsing the store but we managed to come out with all our money intact 🙂

Until next time …

Take Two

It felt like a rerun of three and half months ago yesterday morning when we said goodbye to our daughter and her family but we are feeling positive that we won’t return home until we want to this time 🙂  The other day I told our nine year old grandson that he wouldn’t have time to miss us because we would be home again in five weeks for Christmas. This morning he very firmly told me that it was actually five weeks and one day! I think the one day was almost a breaking point but he let us hit the road.

We had a good travel day yesterday and arrived at Walmart in Yakima right around dinnertime. We started our day with heavy rains liberally laced with slush and as we were leaving town the hills were dusted with snow but almost as soon as we crossed the border the sun came out and we had to put on our sunglasses.

The driveway only puddles up like that when we have very heavy rain!

 There was no traffic at the border crossing and we were through quickly, after the usual agriculture inspection. The only interesting question we had this time was “Who was driving?”. I’m not sure why the agriculture inspection person asked that but she was satisfied with hubby doing the driving … that makes two of us 🙂

It was still light out when we hit Ephrata and the weather was good so we decided to push on to Walmart in Yakima, which will get us into Bend, Oregon earlier today … and that means more tax free outlet shopping time for me!

Until next time …

Nummy Lunch :-)

We left Chelan this morning with a little sadness. The weather was so perfect and we really enjoyed our time sitting on the beach with good friends and whiling away the hours, but like all good things it had to end sometime.

On our way home we stopped for lunch in Tonasket, WA at a small restaurant we have passed many times and always thought it must be good because the parking lot is always full. So today when we drove by and hubby found a great parking spot right along the highway across from the restaurant we decided it was meant to be and we stopped for lunch. Shannon’s has a really nice patio and a small eating area inside. You order your lunch at the counter and then choose a seat and they bring your food and drinks to you. The menu is extensive and the meal we had was very good and very reasonably priced! This may be an ongoing stopping place for us.

After lunch we headed off to the border and had our easiest crossing yet. There was no line, we drove right up, were asked where we were from, how long we were away, did the truck and trailer belong to us, and then we were sent on our way … we barely had to slow down 🙂

We are now tucked back in our daughter’s driveway for a week until we head out on our next adventure.

Until next time …

Lakeshore RV Park, Chelan WA

We are enjoying our time here in Chelan, the weather has finally turned for the better, sunny skies and highs in the mid 30C (high 90’sF). Once the weekend campers left, the park settled down a little, although it is still pretty full. Our days have been spent sitting on the beach and floating in the lake, not a bad way to spend a day!

This was early in the morning, the beach did fill up around noon but there was still lot’s of room 🙂

I forgot to mention, for those that were wondering, the jack that stopped working during our last trip was replaced under warranty the day before we left on this trip 🙂

Until next time …

Mill Bay Casino, Manson, WA

We spent last night in the field behind the Mill Bay Casino. We often stayed at the casino in the past when we would come to Chelan for the weekend. When we used to come we could stay for as long as we wanted but now the casino only allows RVers to stay for one night without spending anything. You still need to apply for the Players Card and if you gamble $20.00 in the casino you can stay another night and so on up to a maximum of five nights. The casino has about ten spaces along the road at the front of the lot that have power, which is nice, but the downfall to these sites is the road noise and major noise if there is an event going on at their amphitheater. There were a few spaces left when we arrived but there was a major event going on and it was very loud so we opted to park in the back field.

Generally we tend to camp at the back because it is quieter and there is more space, the only time we try to get up front is when it is really hot and we need the power to run the air conditioner. Hubby has Maxx set up so that we can use it exactly the same with or without being hooked up to power unless we need to run the air conditioner. The air conditioner just uses too much power to start it and our solar panels and inverter can’t handle it, but while it was warm yesterday it cooled down enough at night to sleep.

Today we are back at the Lakeshore RV Park for two nights and are looking forward to sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying time with good friends 🙂

Until next time …