Slide Repairs

Hubby found a replacement motor for our slide last week, but it has to be ordered in and won’t arrive until Thursday. The motor is $300.00 but we didn’t have to pay for it before it was ordered as the store said they needed to have one in stock anyway. That turned out to be a good thing since hubby took another look at the motor and was able to fix it … cool we just save $300.00 🙂

So today hubby installed the motor and the slide works perfectly.

Yesterday we put up our outdoor Christmas decorations and now the place looks very festive.

I added some lights to my wreath and now it looks pretty at night as well.

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Slide Repairs

  1. Good news! Hubby is certainly handy! I love the wreath, very suitable for the holiday season in Yuma.
    We are heading to Yuma in a few days, for some dental work. Maybe our paths will cross. We are staying in Winterhaven.

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