About Maxxtrails

Hubby and I retired in 2013 and started our life as full time RVers in the fall of 2013. We hope you enjoy the stories of our travels.

Farewell Furb

Furb moved on a few weeks ago and I was sad to see him go. He would always chirp good morning to me when I went out for my morning walk and good night when we came back from our evening walk.

Either mom or dad on the top branch, Furb on a branch below.

One night we watched as he took his first flight, it was a very short one, just a few flaps of his wings and then he teetered on a new branch close by. He did that several times and then it got to dark to see him … the next morning he, and the rest of his family, were gone. I’m sure they have moved on to new adventures but I do miss them!

Mom or Dad, I’m not sure which.

My last photo of Furb

At least the Mountain Sheep still come by 🙂

Until next time …


A Long Bike Ride Along The Seawall

A few years ago we road our bikes around the seawall in Vancouver’s Stanley Park and we enjoyed that ride so much that we wanted to do it again, but this time we turned it into a much longer ride.

Vancouver, British Columbia has a great bike path system where most of the routes are dedicated bike paths with no pedestrians or vehicles allowed on the path. This time we choose to start in Vanier Park and ride the seawall along False Creek, English Bay, Stanley Park, and Coal Harbour before crossing back over the Burrard Street Bridge to Vanier Park. It cost us $12.00 to park at Vanier Park for the whole day (until 11:00 p.m. when the park closed).

We didn’t have the best weather but other than a few spits of rain we were warm enough, although I did have to put the hood of my coat under my bike helmet to keep my ears warm … but I have wimpy ears.

That is Yaletown across False Creek

It was fun riding around the top of False Creek reliving all the times we spent walking around the area during Expo 86 and the September long weekends we spent at the Vancouver Molsen Indy.

(I love the reflection of a hi-rise located across False Creek in this building. To the right of the picture is a corner of BC Place.

As we left False Creek behind we could see all the freighters lined up near English Bay waiting for their turn to unload.

What’s wrong with this picture? Did you notice the palm trees? I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to add palm trees to this section of the seawall but they are very out of place in Vancouver!

Our initial plan was to ride along English Bay and up to Denman Street to meet friends for lunch, but we still had a little over an hour to kill so we decided to continue on into Stanley Park and ride the seawall around the park.

The only picture I took in Stanley Park … this is the Lions Gate Bridge. It’s not that this part of the ride wasn’t beautiful it was that I had so many really good pictures from the first time we did the ride. I decided we didn’t need to keep stopping for more pictures 🙂

After we completed our ride around the park we made our way to the Mongolian BBQ on Denman, a favorite of ours, to meet friends from Kelowna who were staying in Yaletown. It’s so funny that we have being trying to get together at home and we both had to come to Vancouver to finally get a meal together! After a great lunch and visit we fcontinued on our separate ways. We headed back into Stanley Park and rode around to Coal Harbour were we made our way along the seawall to Canada Place.

I have no idea what the name of this plant is but it was interesting, I have never seen it before.

At that point we left the seawall behind and rode across downtown on Hornby Street, where the bike path is cordoned off from the traffic lanes, and over the Burrard Street Bridge. The bridge also has it’s own dedicated bike lane.

English Bay and the entrance to False Creek taken from the Burrard Street Bridge.

Four hours, and many kilometres later, we were back in Vanier Park.

If you are ever in Vancouver I would highly recommend this ride! We had our own bikes but there are many places that you can rent bikes from bike shops or kiosks like the one below.

We saw these Mobi kiosks all along our ride.

Until next time …

Farewell Abbotsford … Hello Sunny Warm Okanagan :-)

We had a great time visiting with family and friends at the coast but we were happy to leave the damp behind and come home to the sunny, warm, dry, Okanagan heat. Both hubby and I grew up on the coast but we moved to Kelowna just before we got married and have obviously become accustom to the dry climate of the Okanagan … we have both been chilled to the bone for the past five days, even when it wasn’t raining!

We are so fortunate to be able to park Maxx at hubby’s sister’s place, which comes with great views, nightly visits around the campfire, and invites for dinner 🙂

Most of our time this trip was spent with family but we did sneak a day out for a long bike ride and lunch with friends from Kelowna … stay tuned for that adventure.

Our trip home ended with dinner out, once Maxx was settled, and a surprise run in with Rod and Sylvia of Six Saturdays and a Sunday. They joined us for dinner and we had a great time catching up.

Until next time …

Wedding Day

I had to share pictures of our nieces wedding because it was just so beautiful! I honestly can’t think of a better location for a wedding, the set-up was so pretty, the weather was perfect and all the young kids were easily entertained with all the activities provided for them. My sister and brother-in-law, along with other family members, put in an incredible amount of work beforehand but I think it was so worth it!

Campfire waiting to happen 🙂


Table seating was written on the glass door leaning on the right of the tent.

The bride arriving in an early 1900’s carriage.

A great use of pallets behind the head table. The fabric encasing the lights was old curtains belonging to my mother-in-law and they looked great 🙂

Until next time …

Maxx Stretches His Legs!

Yesterday we packed up Maxx and hit the road for Abbotsford, British Columbia … but not to worry we will be back at the campground next Wednesday. We had great weather until we hit Hope, B.C.

We stopped for lunch at the Home Restaurant in Hope and WOW was it cold! There was a biting wind and the rain clouds were rolling in.

By the time we hit Chilliwack, B.C. the wind had stopped and the clouds were starting to ease up.

Unfortunately there was an accident on Highway 1 about 4K past our turn-off and traffic was backed up a long way. Once we turned off at our exit we sat in traffic again because everyone was coming off the highway trying to bypass the accident. It took us an hour and a half to go the last 10K of our trip 😦

Our niece is getting married today and Maxx was invited to the wedding. Well to be fair hubby and I were invited and his sister said Maxx was welcome to come and park on their property. A great deal for us since I had no idea what I was going to wear and it is much easier to bring your whole closet, plus it will be a short walk home since the wedding is being held in their yard 🙂

A beautiful location for a wedding, I sure hope the weather holds out!

Until next time …

Rain and Sunrise

We have been having great summer weather in Kelowna, even though it is still spring. We spent the afternoon on the beach with friends on Monday and I even made a few quick trips into the lake, the water was cold but a welcome relief from the heat!

Yesterday the temperatures dropped to 21C, 70F and last night we had some rain along with thunder and lightning. When I went for my walk this morning the temperature was down to 8C, 46F and I had to put my hat and gloves back on, but it was all worth it when I saw the sun come up 🙂

It looks like a week of low 20C weather and then we should be back up into the high 20’s, low 30C.

Until next time …

Furb & Phineas

On Thursday we discovered Furb had a sibling who was quickly named Phineas.   All along we were pretty sure there were two baby Great Horned Owls but we only ever saw Furb, until Thursday when we spotted the entire family hanging out together in a tree, well Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Owl along with Phineas were in one tree and Furb was in his favorite tree across from them. We know Furb is three weeks old and we are pretty sure Phineas is older because he can fly much better than Furb.

This morning I went to look for them and they were all gone. The Park Manager told me both Furb and Phineas were back down on the ground which wasn’t good news since the park is full of young children and dogs. Young children like to run up and visit Furb but Furb’s parents are very protective and will swoop down on anyone who gets too close. Now dogs are another issue, they are suppose to be kept on leash while they are in the park but some people don’t think that applies to them and those dogs have no problems running after Furb :frown: In fact one small dog was almost on the loosing end when mama owl swooped!

We went on several walks today trying to find Furb, Phineas and their parents but they were very illusive. While we didn’t see the owls we did enjoy the smell of the wild roses that are starting to bloom.

As we were making dinner hubby looked out the window and noticed Furb hiding in the bottom of a tree.

Daddy owl was right above Furb keeping an eye on him. Mommy owl was in another tree fighting off the crows.

Furb hung out at the bottom of the tree while we ate dinner. Hubby had to make many trips outside to keep people away from him while we ate.

Just after dinner we looked out the window and saw him climbing up to a higher branch.

Thinking he was safe we decided to go for a walk.  But before we got to far Furb had fallen back out of the tree and was down on the ground again.

We went for a quick walk past my plum tree and noticed it is loaded with fruit.

When we arrived back at our site there was a crowd around our truck … yup there was Furb sitting in front of our tire, he was trying to move to a safer spot.

It didn’t take him long to scurry across in front of the shed and start climbing up another tree.

I’m sure Furb is thinking “Phew I’m almost there!”

Around the time Furb was almost settled mama owl took off after a group of crows and that is when we finally noticed Phineas up in a tree.

As I walked back to Maxx I noticed Furb was giving himself a good cleaning and once that was done he settled down for the night.

Until next time …