About Us

Hubby and I raised our family in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  When our children were at home we camped in a tent and later in a tent trailer, and then as they were moving on in their lives we bought our first 5th wheel.  That purchase made us realize we love to travel in comfort.  When the opportunity came to retire at a young age we decided to fulfill our life long dream of traveling across Canada and hubby’s life long dream to never shovel snow again!  So with some trepidation on my part about leaving the kids and grandkids we began our adventures by heading to the southern US for the winter months and travelling throughout Canada during the summer months.

I began writing this blog to keep our family and friends updated on our travels and really expected to only post for a few months before everyone got bored with my ramblings!  They must all be suckers for punishment because they are still following along with us:-)

12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have enjoyed following along, not so much the eaten boar, but the oranges, waffles and pretty flowers and birds have got me interested. Where are you going on your cruise and for how long? Also Happy Birthday understand about the hair and humidity but glad you have the wine:)

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  2. Just starting following your blog. Its awesome. Good job! Hoping we can do some of the same stuff in the future. Looking like April we can finally start on our travelling. Definitely want to try some of the things you guys have already experienced. Maybe we can find each other along the trail. Its likely we won’t get going until June but we are counting the days. You have done a lot in 2 seasons and I hope we can even do half of it. Sounds like you are enjoying every day.

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  3. Just had a lovely visit around your website and am looking forward to following along on your travels this 2016. All my best to you. 🐞


  4. I know this might seem like a strange question, but I am having trouble finding your names. I thought maybe you would include them in this part. All I can find is “I” and “hubby.” I’d love to know your names:)


    • For a few reasons we choose to keep our names and home town off the blog and only share that information with friends. Having said that, I feel like we are friends through blogging. If you would like to send us an email at maxxtrails@icloud.com we would be happy to share our names and we really hope that our paths cross someday 😊


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