A Perfect End To A Perfect Day :-)

After our hike up to the palm tree oasis yesterday we could think of no better ending than sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sunset. When we were at the Visitor Info Booth the other day one of the staff members told us to take a bottle of wine and visit Font’s Point at sunset, so that’s what we did.

The road out to Font’s Point is made up of washboard, very soft sand, and rollers, so a four-wheel drive is the best mode of transportation. You can also park at the turn off and hike the eight-mile return trip to the point. Since we had already done a hike yesterday we choose to drive up to the point.

Font’s Point overlooks the badlands made up of waterborne sediments that have been deeply carved by water and wind over thousands of years.

Over the years flash floods have shaped the landscape into a maze of channels, razorback ridges, and mud hills.


Standing at Font’s Point you can see across miles of amazing landscape and watch beautiful sunsets!

Our time at Borrego Springs has come to an end … but we will be back! Today we are headed to El Centro, CA for the night so that we can do some grocery shopping and tomorrow we will settle in at our RV site in Yuma until January.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “A Perfect End To A Perfect Day :-)

    • Haha Rod. It came from a bottle 😊. But I have to confess the bottle was filled from a box, it fits in the fridge better that way. And I will also confess that I am a red wine snob … that comes from a bottle!

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