Wind = Mega Fuel Usage :-(

Our drive along I-40 from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas was through fields of cotton, abundant yellow wildflowers, red dirt, and along side the old Route 66.

The road you can see in this picture is part of Route 66.

The only real downfall to the day was the strong winds! A north-westerly wind pushed us all over the road and sucked up fuel, but we made it safely to Amarillo.

Along our drive hubby kept seeing signs about the 72oz steak at the Big Texas Steak House in Amarillo. At one point he noticed a billboard that mentioned it was near the Amarillo Ranch RV Park, so guess where we had to stay tonight! Now I don’t think the 72oz steak was ever in hubby’s plan but the fact that the RV Park provided a free limo ride to the steak house was in his plan.   And seriously we spent so much on fuel why not spend more on an RV Park and dinner out 🙂

We had a great dinner and the food was awesome … way better than last night’s steak dinner in Oklahoma and a lot cheaper! We finished it up with a visit to the hot tub … yes we enjoyed our time in Amarillo, Texas!

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada, Happy Columbus Day US

For the first time that I can remember we did not have turkey for Thanksgiving, mainly because I couldn’t find a turkey small enough and at the right price. This is also the second year in a row that we have not celebrated Thanksgiving with at least some of our children, and the first year we have not celebrated with any family. That may have been another reason for no turkey, I just wasn’t feeling the day 😦 But despite that I am thankful for so many things in my life, so it was still a good day!

We bid farewell to Tishomingo today and although I was sad I didn’t get to meet Blake in person I was happy we made the stop. Tishomingo is a very pretty, peaceful town and it gave us a chance to get some chores done and just veg for a few days.  It was also home to our cheapest diesel yet, $2.39 USD a gallon which works out to $.79 CDN a litre! Not bad considering we were paying $1.15 a litre before we left.

Today we made the long trek, two hours and twenty minutes, to Oklahoma City where we are spending the night at a very well maintained RV Park called The Roadrunner.

After setting up we took a drive through Bricktown, which is in the downtown area. There were a lot of nice old brick buildings but the whole area had construction going on so I wasn’t able to get any pictures. We stopped at Bricktown Brewery, which claims to be Oklahoma’s first craft brewery. It was a nice building and the décor inside was also very nice but the beer was lacking.

I thought this was a really pretty tree.

Hubby had heard the Cattlemen’s Club in Oklahoma City was the place for a great steak so that is where we had our Thanksgiving Dinner. I don’t think the inside has changed since it first opened 1910! The food and service was great and I thought the atmosphere only added to the experience, hubby thought the interior should definitely be updated 🙂

Picture of a picture hanging inside the restaurant, probably taken in the early 1950s.

The outside still looks the same today.

And I think the inside probably looks the same as it did in the 1900s!

It really hit home that we are in tornado country when our RV Park had three storm shelters and notes on their rules about listening for the sirens and what to bring to the storm shelter. Just so you are in the know, you should bring rain gear, flashlight, extra batteries, cell phone, credit cards, medication, and a radio … it didn’t say anything about cash but I think cash would be better than credit cards considering the power will probably be out :-))!

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Tishomingo, Oklahoma

The town of Tishomingo was very peaceful today as the Chickasaw Festival has ended and the hoards of people had left. We enjoyed the day walking around town and checking out the sights.

Main Street, Tishomingo, OK

This beautiful building was built in 1898 out of red granite from the Pennington Creek quarry of Governor R.M. Harris. The building was sold to Johnston County in 1910 and was used as the Johnston County Courthouse. It is now the Chickasaw Nation Museum.

We might have also done a drive by of Blake Shelton’s ranch, but still no sighting. I think he must be out of town for the long weekend or I’m sure he would have been in touch when he heard we were in town 🙂

We also had dinner at Blake’s new restaurant and gift shop in Tishomingo, they had their grand opening last weekend. What was once the Pink Pistol, Miranda Lambert’s shop, is now the Red Rifle … love the humour!   In order to continue supporting his hometown Blake has opened up the Ole Red restaurant and gift shop in the building he has now named the Red Rifle. The food and service were great and although Blake didn’t show up to do an impromptu show, which I read he occasionally does, we had a great time.

Until next time …

A Turn For The West

Okay I thought that was a funny title, hubby not so much 🙂  After a few weeks of heading east and south we have finally turned west and are beginning to make our way towards Albuquerque, NM.

Since we have gained a little time we decided a three-day stop in Tishomingo, OK was just what we needed to recharge our batteries. Plus there are those pesky chores that need to be done, housework and laundry. Why Tishomingo? Well it gives me three days to try and see Blake Shelton around town, but honestly the real reason is we are in a really nice community park with full hook-up for $15.00 a night. We are right in the middle of town so we can walk or ride everywhere and the weather is perfect, warm and sunny … what’s not to like!

The view from our campsite

Today is the end of the week long Annual Meeting and Festival for the Chickasaw Nation so it is busy in this little town. For that reason we decided to get the chores out of the way today and wander around town tomorrow, but we did take a break to go and watch the parade.

Just a few of the locals 🙂

A sign of the times ☹


A very pretty little town with lots of park space.

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