Hubby Made A Good Choice!

Hubby did a lot of research on weather and the highways before deciding that last Sunday was the day we would cross the mountain passes. After watching what has happened over the last few days, he definitely did a great job! The Coquihalla and the Connector have been nasty, and there is even the possibility that we will get snow here in Kelowna before the week is over.

We received a picture of our plant pots in Yuma that we left behind for our neighbours to enjoy … they look better than when we left them!

I hope I will soon I will be able to plant some spring flowers at home 🙂

I sure hope all our friends and blog friends that are on the road heading home, or soon will be, have safe travels … and that the roads over the mountain passes cooperate!

Until next time …


Back In Canada!

Remember I mentioned our oldest son was in London, England for work, well our youngest son is in San Diego, California also for work … does it sound like bragging? Well let’s get serious folks, I am full on bragging and very proud! But why am I telling you this? I thought it was funny that our oldest son wished me happy Mother’s Day from Europe and yesterday our youngest son was so excited when he sent us a video of an aircraft carrier he viewed from the window of a restaurant where he was having dinner. This is the son who was in the military so these things interest him, but what I think is funny about this story is the fact that we could respond to him and say that we had toured that aircraft carrier when we were in San Diego a few years ago and if he isn’t lucky enough to get there in time to do a tour he could always read his mom’s blog!!!! Yup that was just to much fun for me! Seriously out of our three children and their spouses I think he is the only one who doesn’t read my blog … maybe this will change his mind … okay probably not but I felt like I had one up on him 🙂

Our drive started off along back roads through farming communities.

So back to regularly scheduled blogging … Yesterday we packed up Maxx, got out our passports, Canadian wallets, and hubby’s Canadian cell phone and headed for the US Canada border. Before we headed out I contacted Rogers and took my cell phone off suspension so as soon as we arrived in Canada we should have been good to go communication wise, of course that didn’t happen. For some reason they removed the suspension from my phone and then immediately put it back on again, it wasn’t until nearly 6:00 p.m. that I was finally able to get them to take the suspension off … I honestly don’t like cell phone companies but what can you do!

As much as we enjoy our winters south is always comforting to be back in BC, it’s just nice to know that if anything happens, you are home and help is not far away.

It was nice to see the mountains again.

The Lynden border crossing has been redone since we came through four years ago. This is the commercial side, the one we went through was just as nice but more lanes.

Two hours after we left Anacortes, Washington we were all set up at hubby’s sister’s place and the visiting with family has already begun 🙂

Until next time …

Washington Park, Anacortes, Washington

Hubby thought we should take a drive out to the ferry terminal in Anacortes and along the way we noticed a sign for Washington Park that said they had camping … well of course we had to check that out! We quickly realized that this was not a campground for Maxx because of the narrow roads and low hanging trees, but we did come across a scenic loop drive that was well worth the visit!

Washington Park sits on a peninsula at the west end of Fidalgo Island. The 220-acre park features camping, a boat launch, day use picnic sites and a group tenting area.  The scenic loop drive is a paved 2.2-mile one-way loop road that winds through the forested hills with views of the water. The road is narrow and has a twenty-foot maximum vehicle length restriction.

After travelling around several switchbacks, one that required hubby to turn, back up, and turn again, we arrived at the highest look out where we had views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains.

When we reached the end of the loop we drove down to the day use area … this is a beautiful park and we will do the drive again when the weather is nicer.

What’s a blog about ocean views without a seagull picture ☺

And I had to include this picture because I think it looks like a Portrait Studio Photo … welcome to the Seagull Portrait Studio … don’t worry this is just a proof, we will make those poop lines disappear in your finished photo.

Today we head back into British Columbia and as long as the weather gods cooperate we should be back home in Kelowna on Sunday.

Until next time …

Feeling Yucky and Anacortes, WA

I’m not sure if it allergies from all the pollen in the air or the start of a cold but I am feeling yucky, so today’s post will be mostly pictures cause I want to go back to sleep 🙂

Yesterday we spent some time touring around Anacortes, Washington. Anacortes is located on Fidalgo Island, in the Pacific Northwest. It is situated halfway between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia and is the port of the San Juan Islands and Victoria, British Columbia ferry runs.

We were very pleasantly surprised at how pretty the town was … even with the yucky weather we were having.

Anacortes really celebrates their history and many of the buildings in old town had pictures depicting the history of the buildings.

Down in the shipyard area we came across these fun downspouts.

Almost all of the houses were in immaculate shape, even though many of them were very old they were all freshly painted and the landscaping was perfect. There were also some beautiful large homes where the deer where enjoying themselves.

As we were driving around we stumble across Cap Sante Park were we had views of Anacortes, the Cascade Mountains, and the San Juan Islands.

The Arbutus Trees were so pretty, I haven’t seen these since I was a kid.

Until next time …

Spring Flowers, A Sunset, And The End Of SR101

Yesterday’s blog was getting long so I saved our Long Beach, Washington pictures for today’s blog.

Spring has come to the west coast, I saw my first wild flower ☺

After setting up in the RV Park we did some chores, had dinner, and then headed out to the beach to watch the sun set.

The nice thing about Long Beach is you can drive out on the sand and head in either direction for many miles. We didn’t go to far since we have driven this beach before, this time we chose to just sit and admire the view.

As we left Long Beach we waved goodbye to the Pacific Ocean and headed inland to Olympia, Washington where we joined I-5 for the rest of our trip to Canada.

Our original plan was to spend the night in a Walmart parking lot in Lacey, Washington but the thought of three nights at a state park on the coast of Washington was to appealing.

Traffic backed up, because of an accident, as we approached Tacoma, Washington. We were delayed a half-hour as emergency vehicles tried to get through three lanes of bumper to bumper traffic.

We watched these guys out hubby’s window between the cab and trailer of the semi next to us. There were very patient as they tried to get vehicles to move over.

Our biggest concern with that delay was that we would hit the start of rush hour traffic in Seattle, but fortunately the express lane was open going north so we sailed right through Seattle … what a bonus!

Heading under Seattle.

And hardly any traffic!

We are now settled in a nice spot at Bay View State Park until Thursday when we will make the less than two-hour drive to hubby’s sister’s place in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Until next time …


The Clock Jumped Forward And So Did We!

We jumped north one more state, we are now in Washington and that always makes me happy because Washington shares the US/Canada border with British Columbia and that means we are so close to home now!

Even though we lost an hour with the time change we were still on the road by 8:30 a.m. for our three and a half hour drive to Long Beach, Washington.

There was a slight mist off the ocean, which played some havoc with my pictures, but I did get a few.

Before long we only had the occasional glimpse of the ocean but the views were still very pretty!


You can tell how wet it is in this area from all the moss growing on the tree limbs.

At the northern end of Oregon we crossed over the Astoria-Megler Bridge, which spans the lower Columbia River between Astoria, Oregon, and Point Ellice near Megler, Washington. The bridge opened in 1966 and is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.

Located 14 miles (23 km) from the mouth of the river at the Pacific Ocean, the bridge is 4.067 miles (6.55 km) in length, and was the final segment of SR101 to be completed between Olympia, Washington and Los Angeles, California.

If you are heading north, the entrance onto the bridge takes you under what used to be the toll plaza located at the end of a 2,130-foot (650 m) inclined ramp, which goes through a full 360° loop while gaining elevation to clear the channel over land. The picture below, which I borrowed from Google, shows the end section of the loop.

The bridge was built to withstand 150 mph (240 km/h) wind gusts and river water speeds of 9 mph (14 km/h). As you cross the bridge you can see the many freighter that have crossed under the high span and are making the long trek up the Columbia River to Portland, Oregon.

Since most of the northern portion of the bridge is over shallow, non-navigable water, it is low to the water.

Near the end of the bridge we crossed into Washington and made the short drive into Long Beach for the night.

And the best part of the day … I received a text from our oldest son wishing me Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 If you are confused don’t worry, so was I, but it is Mother’s Day in London, England and that is were he is working for the next week … and honestly I will take two Mother’s Day in 2018!

Until next time …

Driving SR101 :-)

I wasn’t going to write about this because I’m not comfortable giving people advice on what roads to travel … it’s all relative to your own comfort level and experience … but I have had some questions so I decided to give a few more details about the things we have learned. Please do your own research as well.

First off all of my comments are about SR101 not SR1. SR1 is not recommend for RV’s so we have never driven it.

Unlike what you may have heard we did not see any signs stating RVs could not travel SR101. You will need to watch where you plan to enter or exit SR101 as many of the access highways have signs stating rigs can not be more than 30 feet from kingpin to rear axel. On SR101 the only signs we saw restricted the combine length to 65 feet for most of the route however one section was 60 feet combined length.

There are some areas that are two lanes and windy, but not that many and we didn’t have any trouble towing Maxx (we are 54 feet combined). There are many areas were the route is four lanes as well. I think I mentioned this before but, there are almost no rest areas that you can access when traveling north as they are all on the other side of the highway. When traveling south there are lots of places to pull over but of course it will depend on the amount of people stopped as to whether there is room to pull in an RV.

Generally we fill up once we have set up for the night and don’t have Maxx along, but there were gas stations along the way that you could easily pull into with an RV.

Finding a place to stay was never a problem, although we usually know where we are stopping ahead of time, but most of the RV and state parks we saw along the way had vacancies … this would definitely not be the case if you took this route in the summer.

I hope this information helps you if you are planning to take this route … and I do recommend it if you are comfortable with your research … it truly is a beautiful drive!

We spent our time yesterday walking and driving around Newport enjoying the sights. I will let the pictures tell the story.

We drank our morning coffee and watched the fishing boats go out, and then the fishermen cleaning their fish upon their return.

We enjoyed some time in the Nye Beach area of Newport.

And then we drove over to Newport Harbor and wandered around.

The area is full of trendy shops and restaurants

With seaside businesses mixed in.

Until next time …