This and That

I was late getting my Christmas decorations up this year because we didn’t return from Oceanside until November 25th, the day I usually start decorating. November 25th is also the day I am allowed to put the Christmas SD card in the truck’s music system.

The lines on our patio are from our solar lights, I like the pattern they make.

Hubby doesn’t mind Christmas music but he prefers his playlists so imagine how unimpressed he was that November 25th fell on the day we made the three hour drive back from Oceanside 😀 But he was a good sport and we listen to Christmas music the entire way and of course he will have to put up with it again on our three hour drive to Palm Springs when we fly home for Christmas … can you see my smile and hear me laughing 😀 😀

We have had lot’s going on since we got back to Yuma. Hubby won $7.50 at music bingo last Thursday and I won $60.00 at card bingo last night. I won three times last night and was starting to get threaten with being thrown in the river if I won again 🙂

Last Saturday we headed down to Algodones for the Welcome Back Snowbird’s party, which it turned out isn’t until this Saturday ☹️ Oh well Algodones is always fun, especially with friends, and even though the weather was cold and damp we still had a good time.

I thought this was a nice view along our drive to the parking lot.

I’m not sure what was going on last Saturday but traffic was lined up long before the entrance to the parking lot. Maybe it was the weather and everyone decided to drive into Mexico instead of parking and taking the short walk. When we left three hours later traffic was still backed up.

This morning we could hardly see the other side of the golf course!

But it wasn’t long before the fog lifted and the golfers where able to get out and enjoy a warm sunny day of golf.

Until next time …

A Night Of Comedy

One of the nice things about being in an RV Park for the winter is the access to entertainment. The other night hubby and I enjoyed an evening of comedy. The headliner was Mike James who is an award-winning and nationally-recognized comedian.

His show was very funny and a great deal for $10.00 each but as an added bonus another comedian opened for Mike. I can’t remember his name but he was also very funny and again all for the low price of $10.00 each.

Considering you can bring your own drinks, it’s a short walk to the ballroom, and the popcorn was free I don’t think you can get a better deal.

Until next time …

A Short Trip

First of all I want you all to know how smart I am! For the first time ever I remembered to leave my fruit and vegetables in our fridge in Yuma instead of taking them into California … yup I am very proud of myself 😀 And because I remembered not to bring them I was sure we would be flagged right through the California agriculture inspection station and, even with Maxx in tow, that is exactly what happened so I could have brought my fruits and veggies!

This picture is out of order and not the best but I had to share this table because I just love it!

Oh and before I forget hubby’s cousin obviously had a conversation with his sister when she got home and heard about how hubby and his sis enjoyed trying out the different flavour drinks in the 99 Party Yard. His sister enjoyed it so much that a Party Yard went home with them and I promised his cousin I would post a picture of it. Hubby saw this at Walmart in Yuma, there are 40 airplane sized bottles for $28.00.

They drank them over ice.

What was left, it looks like they drank a lot but there are duplicates of many so they didn’t go overboard 🙂

We woke up this morning to heavy heavy (yes they were so strong they needed two heavys) winds which was not want you want when you are towing a big rig down the road 😦 But we really didn’t have any options because we would loose our reservations in Oceanside if we didn’t show up today and we had already paid for our site, so off we went and less than an hour down the road the winds died down. We are off to spend some time with hubby’s cousin once removed and her husband (Mr. & Mrs. C) in the San Diego area.

It’s impossible to show how much the wind is blowing in a picture but you can see the sand being blown over the road. We had 30mph wind gusts.

Unfortunately Mr. C came down with a cold so he will be joining us in a day or so but Mrs. C drove their motorhome to Oceanside, and a friend of their’s also came for the night. After we were all set up the four of us made the short drive into Vista Village for dinner and a visit to a few craft breweries.

A really nice patio at Belching Beaver Brewery.

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Morning & Evening Walk Pictures

Life is getting settled into a routine now that we are back in our winter home. Hubby has started walking with me in the morning but he wasn’t willing to go out until it was light out and honestly that works for me because I get better pictures when the sun is up 🙂

Wow am I tall!

Hubby’s sister and brother-in-law stayed with us for three nights and we had a lot of fun showing them the border wall, taking them to the Egg Game where hubby won $65.00 USD and sadly they won nothing 😦 And of course what would a visit to Yuma be without a day in Algodones and maybe a few margarita’s … no pictures of any of that because we were having to much fun.

Eddy the Egret has not been around but these guys are there most mornings.

After the Egg Game we took them down to see the Colorado River, which borders our park.

And we were able to see a pretty sunset as well.

During the last week I also helped a friend sell her jewlery at two craft fairs, and we did other things that I can’t remember 😀

The vegies around the park are growing well!

Next week we are on the move again so check back if you are interest in what we get up to … thank you for following along 🙂

Until next time …

Happy Mintiversary

We have always used Roam Mobility for our cell phones when we were in the US, it was about $150.00 CND for our time in the states and allowed us 2 Gig of data a month (which accumulated if you didn’t use it), free calls back to Canada and free texts back to Canada … but sadly during COVID they went out of business. So when we got back to the US last November we had to find a new cell phone provider … we get our cell phone service for free in Canada through Shaw so we are happy to pay “as little as possible” when we are in the States and Mint Mobile met those needs. Last year we each bought 3 months and got 3 months for free (for 4 Gig a month and free calls and texts back to Canada) for a grand total of $90.00 USD for both phones for six months, and the service was great. When our six months ran out we both bought a one year plan so that we could keep our numbers and the cost was $180.00 USD each, but it was worth it not to have the hassle of starting up cell phones when we cross and keeping the same number.

On November 8th Mint sent us this information, which I thought was funny so I had to share it 🙂 The text in blue are my words, everything in black is what Mint Mobile said.

Mr & Mrs Maxx can you believe it’s been a year already? You’re just as beautiful as the day you first activated. We just wanted you to know that we couldn’t have made it this far without you, so thanks for being with us.

Go, Baby, Go

Mr. Maxx you have used 7G of data

Mrs. Maxx you have used 11G of data

You’re our favorite person to no bill and chill with

You had us at hello

Mr. Maxx your time on the phone was 1416 minutes

Mrs. Maxx your time on the phone was 534 minutes

Someone’s chatty

Well obviously they meant Mr. Maxx!

Text-Press Yourself

Mr. Maxx number of texts sent 60

Mrs. Maxx number of texts sent 515

We’re only a tad jealous

Okay so Mrs. Maxx sends a lot of texts!

Did you know?

31,536,000 seconds have passed since you first activated

We each got a seperate email so I combined our stats but we found it fun to look back 😀

But just a heads up, Mint Mobile won’t work with certain models of Canadian cell phones, my old IPhone X and my new IPhone 13 work perfectly and hubby’s Samsung Galaxy A52-5G (which he bought in the states) works fine but our neighbour’s Samsungs (that they purchased in Canada) are having issues.

And an added benefit of having a year round US numbers is that we can give our SIM cards to our daughter and son-in-law next April when they go to Hawaii for two weeks to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and I will be able to get in touch with them when their three teenage boys drive me around the bend, cause, yup, it will be me and them (hubby will be holding down the fort at the campground) for the two weeks while they are having a great time in Hawaii 😀 Honestly I’m not worried, they are good kids and I love spending time with them!

Until next time …

Back To Real Time

In real time we have been in Yuma since Monday. My blog has been running behind, actually right from the start of our travels, because I had trouble getting internet a few times but now I’m caught up. We arrived here early Monday afternoon and got pretty well set up before we headed out to get our internet hooked up. Well that was the plan but it turned out that Spectrum, our internet supplier, had run out of modems so we had to go back on Tuesday to pick that up.

A nice sunset while we were enjoying a drink outside on our first evening.

Tuesday was another day of running around looking for plants and a few other items. I only found my two Bougainvilleas for in front of the ball screen (a screen that protects Maxx from golf balls).

All ready for flowers.

Wednesday we were back out again since it was Senior’s Day at Fry’s Foods and we did our grocery shopping for the next few weeks because who can pass up a 10% discount 😀 A few stops around town finally netted me rest of my plants so I got all my pots planted that evening. Plants are very expensive here compared to what I pay at home in the summer!

Thursday I planned to do the housework and then we were going to relax outside and enjoy our site now that it is all set up, but the wind had other plans 😦 There was no point in doing the housework when it’s really windy because the dust sneaks in even when all the windows are closed. So we made a trip to the Arizona Marketplace to buy a new mat but we ended up talking each other out of the purchase … oh well we walked around and in the end save some money.

Hubby did some wiring in the afternoon to enhance his google light system inside and outside Maxx but I think that is a topic for another post. Oh as well as google controlling the lights he has also added security enhancements to keep Maxx safe when we are away … I think Maxx will like that 🙂

Friday we woke up to a beautiful morning, light wind, a little cooler but the promise to warm up quickly, and nice blue sky … apparently things weren’t that nice at home because I received serval emails saying they got snow! One friend sent me a picture of her hummingbird feeder that she hadn’t taken down yet … I don’t think the hummers will be visiting it today 🙂

I want snow when we go home for Christmas but I hope you guys at home don’t have to live with a cold long snowy winter, I’m blowing warm air your way!

My view as I read my book Friday morning … don’t hate me friends at home.

I won’t be posting everyday now that we are settled because I don’t think our day to day life is interesting enough to write about, but I will try to post once a week.

Until next time …

We Have Arrived Home … Well Our Winter Home 😄

It was a tough decision this morning, do we leave the quiet desert and head for our winter home, or do we stay another day? In the end moving on won simply because we both want to get back to proper excercise and eating better and that is easier when you are at home or at least in one place for awhile.

The Ocotillo were covered in green leaves this year but no flowers yet. This picture was taken in the spring of 2020.

We have a trip, with Maxx, planned for the US Thanksgiving weekend and hubby’s sister and brother-in-law are coming for a visit soon so it was time to get our site set up for visitors before we go holidaying again.

Most of our afternoon was spent setting up our site and I didn’t take any pictures so the few I have included in today’s blog were taken in previous years while driving from Quartzite to Yuma. We will have a few busy days getting groceries, plants, and a few other things so that we are settled in for the winter.

Until next time …

Okay One More Night 😄

We are still in Quartzite and loving it 😊. Our thought was to move onto Yuma today but we had another night of firewood left and we just couldn’t pass up another evening of sitting around the fire so we decided to stay one more day.

I did some cleaning and hubby did some maintenance and that about sums up our day … just a peaceful easy day in the desert.

Until next time …

Decision Made 😄

We spent another night in the desert at Quartzite, the piece and quiet was too much to give up 🙂

Maxx off in the distance.

Staying another night allowed us to go to Silly Al’s for lunch and since we were out anyways we topped the truck up. Surprisingly we were able to fill up at $4.99 a gallon in Quartzite which is cheaper than we can get diesel in Yuma, that almost never happens in Quartzite but we took advantage of it!

And we were treated to another beautiful Quartzite sunset while we sat outside around a wood campfire, that will be our last for this year since our RV park does not allow real fires.

This is a sunset picture from 2017 but tonight’s was just as good, I was just enjoying it too much to get up from the fire and actually take a picture … lazy or smart, you choose 🙂

It is nice to be back into the land of Saguaro’s, in Yuma there are no natural Saguaro’s even though it is further into the desert … I guess Saguaro’s like slightly cooler temps.

Where will we end up tomorrow, I’m really not sure so stay tuned 🙂

Until next time …

Boy That Jello Wiggled Out Of The Pan Today!

Well the wind was suppose to die down late yesterday afternoon but as of 11:00 a.m. this morning it is still blowing, but not as bad as it has been and looking ahead at Needles, CA (a half hour down the road) there is no wind, so we pulled up stakes this morning and headed off on our next adventure.

Our site at Silver View RV Resort in Bullhead City, narrow sites but you can’t beat the view!

Today we had a very short drive planned, less than an hour and a half and we couldn’t check into our RV Park in Lake Havasu until 1:00 p.m. so we didn’t need an early start. That also gave Hubby time to do some maintenance on Maxx’s brakes which was nice.

Instead of stopping in Bullhead City the last two days we could have carried on the extra hour and a half to Lake Havasu but we wanted to fill up at Sam’s Club because their diesel was $4.399 a gallon and that is and probably will be the cheapest fuel we see all winter. It is much easier to fill up at Sam’s Club without Maxx following along and we have had a few long, for us, travel days so we were looking forward to chilling for a day as well as not travelling in the wind storm. And just an FYI we have averaged, without our cheap Sam’s Club fill-up, $5.30 a gallon for diesel and looking at our prices for the rest of the trip that is probably where we will end up for the winter … and even including the exchange rate that is still cheaper than we are paying at home for diesel.

The park had lots of metal sculptures throughout their gardens.

We had previously said the worst road, and one we would never travel on again, was Highway 93 from Wickenburg to I-40 near Kingman but it has a cousin … I-40 from Needles, CA to the turn off for Lake Havasu, AZ ranks right up there!

Our destination for tonight was Campbell’s RV Park in Lake Havasu which is a Passport America Park. We have stayed there before and it’s nothing fancy but would be a good place to stay while we visit the Bunker Bar and a few local breweries that we really like. Did you notice I said our destination “was”? Yup when we arrived, and without mentioning PA, we were told that all the empty sites they had sitting there were reserved 😦

We thought about moving on to one of several boondocking sites in the area but they were filled with ATVs and they create a noisy dusty mess. So we decided to drive another hour south to the Blue Water Casino in Parker and do a day trip back to Lake Havasu. Sadly when we arrived at Blue Water Casino we found they no longer allow RV’s to stay.

Goodbye Lake Havasu, hello Parker, AZ

As we were driving to Parker we had discussed just giving up on our visit to the Bunker Bar (a bar out in the desert on a four wheel drive road that is only open in the winter) and moving onto Quartzite or just going all the way to our site in Yuma.

Well Quartzite won out and we are now settled in at our favourite site out in the desert at Dome Rock … enough people for safety but lot’s of empty desert landscape views out our windows.

View out our living room window.

View out our kitchen table windows.

We love how quiet it is in the desert, especially when boondocking, because when we are running off our solar panels there is no electrical hum like you get when being plugged into power. 

View out our bedroom window.

View out our non existent nose cap window, but if we had a window there this is what we would see, but this is what we see when sitting outside on our mat.

Today we have a decision to make, should we move on the two hours to our site in Yuma or should we stay in the desert another night, I’m not sure what hubby’s decision will be so check in tomorrow to find out. 

View out our kitchen window where you are see our closest neighbour.

Until next time …