Olympics 2018

One of the major downfalls of being in the US over the winter is not being able to watch the Vancouver Canucks hockey games, the World Junior hockey games (fortunately hubby was able to get me the gold metal game!), and the Canadian athletes in the Winter Olympics.

Yes we do get some Olympic coverage but about the only time we can see the Canadians compete is when the US athletes are also competing. I have also realized that hockey games are not as important to Americans as they are to Canadians … which I fully realized when we tried to watch the Gold Metal hockey game between the Canadian Women and the US Women, we got about five minutes of hockey and then NBC would switch to something else and back and forth. So when hubby managed to get the game online and put it on the TV we were ecstatic … and then the Canadians loss 😦 We followed that game with the men’s curling game at 4:00 a.m. the next morning, again the US won and the Canadians loss 😦

So yesterday I was working on four hours sleep that I got between a depressing hockey game that ended at midnight and a depressing curling game that started at 4:00 a.m. I was pretty sure a nap would be in order but I was busy and that never happened. We were invited to our neighbours for happy hour which is always entertaining with great conversation, so I think I got a second wind 🙂

We followed happy hour last night with an evening in front of the TV watching Canada get two more metals in short track speed skating and Kelsely Serwa from our home town of Kelowna winning a gold metal in Women’s Skicross and Brittany Phelan from Canada winning the silver metal.

Kelsey Serwa on the right, Brittany Phelan on the left

Our evening finished off with Women’s Figure Skating and a bronze metal for Kaetlyn Osmond, but by far our most amazing Olympic moment this year was watching Tess Critchlow of Kelowna finished in the top ten in her first Olympic Snowboard Cross last week. Why was this such a moment you may ask? Well Tess and my niece are best friends and I was fortunate to spend a girls shopping weekend with Tess five years ago. At the time Tess had her sights set on the Olympics and has worked hard, since a very young age, to get there, so we were definitely not going to miss cheering her on! We just couldn’t be more proud of how well she did and can’t wait to follow her in four years at her next Olympic run 🙂

 Now I have to go put on the coffee and settle down in front of the TV to cheer on the Canadian Men’s hockey team as they play Germany … GO CANADA GO!

 Until next time …


Boogie, Blues, and Brews … and Other Things

We have had a very busy week as our time in Yuma winds down. We arrived home from Palm Desert last Sunday and jumped right into a busy social calendar!

Monday night we attended the horse races again, but this time as horse owners … sadly our horse did not win, place, or show 😦 but we still had a great time.

Tuesday was a socializing day with friends and Wednesday was shopping day with a nice lunch out for Valentine’s Day.

Thursday morning I made my desert for our evening event, we then attended the park Town Hall meeting, then back home to do some chores before attending our block party. I think I have explained what a block party is in a previous blog, but just in case I didn’t, a block party is where everyone on our street and the street behind us (whose units back onto the sites on our road) gets together for a pot luck dinner, margaritas, and some fun visiting. This block party included a white elephant where everyone brings something they no longer need to give away. The wrapped gifts were lined up on the stage in the ballroom and after dinner everyone picked up a gift and sat in a circle … but you can’t unwrap your gift yet! Music is played and the gifts are passed around a circle until the music stops. At this point, without unwrapping your gift, you can choose to keep it and move your chair into the middle, or you can stay in the outer circle and pass your gift around again. You have three chances to pass your gift off but once the music stops the third time, you have to keep the gift you have. At that point everyone opens the gift they are holding. Hubby received a bottle of Ginger Beer and a bottle of Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water and I snagged a nice bouquet of flowers, which I used on the table of our turkey dinner last night.

Friday night was our weekly egg game and then Saturday arrived and we were looking forward to enjoying our Valentine gift to each other, but first we wandered around the Emergency Service Provider display our park was holding.

We watched the air ambulance fly in and land.

It was really interesting talking to these guys and we were surprised to hear they don’t actually live in Yuma. The fellow we were talking to is stationed in Yuma for two weeks on and then back home to Virginia for two weeks off, two weeks of warmth in the winter, two weeks of snow in the winter … although I imagine he is very glad to go home for two weeks at a time in the summer to cool off 😀

I was surprised by how narrow the stretcher was, but I was assured it fits everyone.

The metal platform on the right is where the patient goes, the two chairs behind are for the attendants, and the pilot is to the left of the stretcher.

The Cocopah police brought in their Emergency Response Unit and a police car.

And Border Patrol brought in one of their trucks and a boat. They also had some pretty interesting stories and pictures to share! Our grandson’s would have loved to have been here and talk to those guys.

They also had a fire truck but we didn’t see that until we were on our way out to the Boogies, Blues, and Brews festival, which was our Valentine’s gift to each other.

It was a perfect day for the festival, not too hot, just pleasantly warm with a slight breeze. The festival is held in Gateway Park in Yuma, and the line-up was really good.


But we really enjoyed the first group, they were so entertaining and their music was top notch. The group included a saxophone player who was amazing … we have no idea how he could play one note for so long without taking a breath!

I asked our daughter if she wanted us to find a visor like this dog was sporting for their German Shepard … she said no ☺

We ended up leaving before the final act because we were in the shade and getting a little chilled. Since we both had to go to the washroom we decided to stop at The Alement, a little bar that we have seen often but have never stopped into before. We were very surprised at how clean and nice it was inside, and they have twenty beers on tap … but most importantly they have White Sonoran Chocolate on tap and that is just my favorite beer and I don’t often find it. So we moseyed on up to the bar, where there were three other couples sitting, and had ourselves a beer. One of the women at the bar asked another lady where they were from, “Cranbrook, British Columbia” she says and the women who asked says “Funny we are from Kamloops, British Columbia”, of course now we are laughing and say “We are from Kelowna, British Columbia” which got us all laughing and now we are all looking at the last couple … they were from Minnesota. How funny that there are only eight people in a bar in the United States and only two of them are actually from the United States, and the other six are all from the interior of British Columbia 🙂 Yup that’s life in Yuma where Canadians really do appear in droves!

Our week ended with a much delayed US Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. This dinner was originally planned for a couple different nights last November but it just didn’t happen, but last night was a perfect evening for it … good friends, good food, and good conversation … the week doesn’t end any better than that!

Until next time …

Top Ten Pictures of 2016

A few days after I posted my Top Ten Pictures of 2015 I went into to look at the blog and I noticed the scaling on some of the pictures looked wrong … the cherries looked oblong and my sunflower picture didn’t look as good as it should. I mention this to my tech support … aka hubby and he took a look, sure enough there was something wrong. As far as he can tell the picture gets messed up when I add a caption, so for this blog I will put a description below the picture instead of a caption on the picture and hopefully that will fix the problem.

Hubby has also added a voting box at the bottom of each of our best photo posts … yup he is very techie savvy and I am so grateful. 🙂  Please feel free to vote for your best picture.  Below are some links to get you to each of the previous posts. I have to say as soon as he added the poll on the posts below we started getting votes and it was so much fun! If you click on view results you can see how the pictures are polling.

Top Ten Pictures Of 2015

Top Ten Pictures Of 2014

Top Ten Pictures Of 2013

So onto 2016 … seriously who goes to Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Zion National Park in Utah, and starts a trip across Canada all in the same year and expects to pick only ten pictures!!! This was the toughest year yet but we manage to cut it down to ten pictures. Here they are …

Serpent, Borrego Springs, California. Picture taken 17 February 2016.

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona. Picture taken 27 February 2016.

Bell Tower/Courthouse Rock Hike, Sedona, Arizona. Picture taken 29 February 2016

Sunrise at the South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Picture taken 05 March 2016

Antelope Canyon #1, Page, Arizona. Picture taken 07 March 2016

Antelope Canyon #2, Page, Arizona. Picture taken 07 March 2016. Try as we might we just could not narrow Antelope Canyon down to one picture!

Entrance to tunnel, Zion National Park, Utah. Picture taken 08 March 2016.

Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Picture taken 25 August 2016.

Sunset, Old Sacramento, Sacramento, California. Picture taken 18 November 2016. You didn’t think I would miss having a sunset picture did you? 😀

Sunset at Font Point #1, Borrego Springs, California. Picture taken 29 November 2016. Hubby and I actually disagreed on which photo of Font’s Point to put in, but it’s my blog so I reined supreme! 🙂

So there are our 2016 choices. Please feel free to vote using hubby’s new polling station. And just because we had such a hard time choosing and I did love hubby’s choice as well, I will give it an honorable mention, and let you decide which one you like best.

Sunset at Font Point #2, Borrego Springs, California.


Just for fun hubby and I are adding a little side bet to this post … which Sunset at Font’s Point do you like best, my choice or hubby’s choice … and as you can see hubby reins supreme when it comes to making up the poll!  Don’t be swayed by his undue influence. 😀

Until next time …

A Holiday From Our Holiday!

Being south for the winter is hard work, so when hubby’s cousin from Palm Desert invite us for a visit we jumped at the chance to take a break from the tough life we have been living.  🙂

So after breakfast we left Maxx to fend for himself and we hopped in the truck for a long weekend away.

Since we didn’t have Maxx along we decided to take a new to us route to Palm Desert. Shortly after entering California we left I-8 and headed up Ogilby Road to Highway 78. We made a left on 78 and headed off toward Glamis, California. I read lots of blogs where people take this route with their RVs, but we saw so many places where vehicles had gouged the road coming out of the dips, that I’m not sure we would bring Maxx.

The main reason I wanted to take this route was to get a better look at the sand dunes. You can see the dunes as you drive west along I-8 but Highway 78 runs right through the middle.

We came across Hugh Osborne Overlook so of course we had to stop, if for no other reason than to get pictures.

For the first time ever during our travels south we had a long wait crossing through the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Highway 86 north of Brawley. We were lined up more than a half-mile back!  We did see the dog inspecting a pulled over vehicle… just like on TV … our grandson’s would have found that so interesting. 😀

A few hours after we left Maxx we pulled into hubby’s cousins driveway. The guys worked on installing solar panels on their motor home while the girls chatted, took a few walks and enjoyed life.

Until next time …

Life At Cocopah RV And Golf Resort

Although I have posted pictures of our site and the pool at Cocopah RV and Golf Resort I realized I have never posted pictures of the other common areas in our winter home.

So here is what life is like when we are at our winter home. 🙂

Some days start off with a morning walk and watching the sunrise by the pond at the main office.

 Other days start off with a morning walk and watching the sunrise over the lettuce fields.

My daily walk always includes a visit with Eddy the Egret … now I have no idea if other people call him Eddy but that’s what I call him when I say good morning to him.

Through out the day hubby will often join me for a walk and one day I took my camera along.

We are very close to the pool, laundry room, and cantina, so that is were we will begin our tour.

Hopefully this picture give you an idea of how close we are to everything!

Every second week we do laundry in the main laundry area, there is also another laundry area in the pet section of the park.

(The Laundry Room is on the left of this building.

The laundry room also has a nice outside area for hanging clothes … I hope these clothes are okay with being in my blog!

Many people will sit outside in this seating area while waiting for the laundry to finish or they will sit by the pool which is just across the way.

The laundry room is across from the Cantina so laundry day always includes a visit to the Cantina for a pitcher of beer. On laundry day we sit inside the Cantina at the bar and have fun conversation with whoever is around. 😀

On Friday night we always attend the Egg Game, which is very popular in the park. It is held in the Cantina and we always sit outside for that.

On Friday nights this place is packed! We have to get here early to get a seat. I try to avoid posting pictures of people without their permission but this group was very happy to be included in my blog ☺

Across from the main entrance of the Cantina is the back of the ballroom, meeting rooms, and the library, which has a large selection of great books!

Along with a good selection of books there is also a large puzzle table.

Continuing on we pass the tennis and pickle ball courts.

To the left of the courts is the Activity Center where we can sign up for a multitude of events such as dances, live music, the Horse Races, etc.

 On the right of the Activity Center and beside the pickle ball courts is the Fitness Centre.

As we continue on past the Activity Center we come up to the main resort office building. To the left on the picture below is the door to the mailboxes, the area to the right of the building is the back of the post office. The main door is in front and we can buy stamps, mail letters, and pick up parcels there.

The mailbox area has over 800 boxes so I have put a flip flop sticker on our box so that we can find it easier … because of course … Life Is Better In Flip Flops 🙂

The front of the above building is the main office, which handles registration, has a small store, and answers all kinds of questions.

This is Eddie’s pond but he was camera shy and flew out of the picture.

Now we turn back toward our site and we pass the restaurant.

We often make a small side trip down to the river and on our way we pass the picnic area where we usually have at least one of our block parties. I think our February block party will be held here this year. A block party is a potluck for all the people on our street and the street behind us … there were around eighty people at our January party.

The area along the Colorado River is often referred to as the beach, but I have never seen anyone use this area as a beach … but it is still pretty to come down and see the water 🙂

 As we near the turn to our street we walk by the horseshoe pitch, there is also a large shuffleboard court but I forgot to get a picture of that.

And that is life at Cocopah. We really enjoy our time here but I have to say I am looking forward to heading home and seeing our family and friends!

Until next time …

Top Ten Pictures of 2015

Get ready for animals and flowers as they seem to dominate 2015 😀 It was also nice to see that half of our top ten pictures this year were from our home province of British Columbia, where beauty knows no bounds!

Surreal sunset at Picacho State Park, Picacho, Arizona. Picture taken 27 February 2014.

Spring blossoms, Carson City, Nevada. Picture taken 20 March 2015.

Marmots, Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park, Logan Lake, British Columbia. Picture taken 22 May 2015.

Chipmunk, Kettle River Provincial Park, Rock Creek, British Columbia. Picture taken 5 June 2015.

Cherries on our daughter’s tree, Kelowna, British Columbia. Picture taken 24 June 2015.

Biking through Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. Picture taken 21 July 2015.

Sunflower, Nakusp, British Columbia. Picture taken 12 September 2015.

Highway 20 near Sisters, Oregon. Picture taken 20 October 2015.

Walker Creek, Highway 395, California. Picture taken 31 October 2015.

And a great way to spend Halloween … soaking in a natural tub at Whitmore Hotsprings near Bishop, California. Picture taken 31 October 2015.

I appreciate the input of those that voted on their favorite pictures from 2013 and 2014, it sure helped us in picking the favorite for those years. I would love your input on your favorite 2015 photo 🙂

Until next time …