Wednesday evening it started raining and it continued until this morning, which is very unusual for Yuma, Arizona.

In the six years that we have been coming here we have never seen rain like this. The odd time we have had rain it was a few drops and that was it, if you blinked you would have missed it.

I did think my Poinsettia looked very pretty with raindrops on it’s leaves … yes folks back home it is warm enough to leave our poinsettias outside at Christmas 🙂

So I wasn’t thrilled when I woke up this morning and it was still raining but I donned my raincoat and flip flops and headed out for my walk. Yup I went in my flip flops but it didn’t take long to realize I might have to adjust my route as I was hitting some major puddles!

Hmm I can’t walk through that!

After a half hour, in heavy rain, I finally acknowledged defeat and stopped by home to put on my boots … my wet feet were sliding out of my flip flops 😦 My hour long walk took an hour and fifteen minutes today due to dodging puddles, stopping to put on my boots, and taking pictures, but my very wet self finally arrived back at Maxx … and guess what??? The rain stopped and that was it for the day, I would have preferred it stopped before my walk!

There are new water hazards on the golf coarse.

I checked our weather station when I got home to see how much rain we had but before I tell you I thought I would give you a history lesson on rain in Yuma …

  • In the past thirty years it has rained eight out of thirty times on December 7th.
  • The average rainfall for December 7th is 1mm/.03in.
  • The record rainfall was 8mm/.32in in 1997.
  • The record high was 26C/80F in 2012
  • The record low was 2C/35F in 2011.

And new lakes

Of course I’m not the person that makes the official declaration but from what our little weather station is telling me, we hit a new record today …

  • Since the rain started on Wednesday we have had 21.1mm/.83 in.
  • In the last 24 hours we have had 18.5mm/.73 inches which I think really beats the previous records of 8mm/.32in in 1997!
  • The highest temp we reached so far today is 17C/63F but it will probably go up a few more degrees.
  • The lowest temperature I noticed today was 11C/52F when I went out for my walk just before 6:00 a.m.

It figures that it would stop raining as soon as I get home!

Now the lack of rain and the abundance of sun is the main reason we spend so much time in Yuma, Arizona during the winter. On average Yuma gets a total of 76mm/3in of rain per year. The US average is 990mm/39in … yup that makes Yuma a pretty dry place 🙂

Five hours later the puddles are disappearing quickly!

And to put that in context for those of my readers that live in British Columbia, Vancouver receives an average of 990mm/39in per year … and sis-in-law, Abbotsford tops out at an average of 1538mm/61in! I couldn’t find any rain information for our home town of Kelowna, I guess that means we don’t get that much rain … nope that’s not true, but we don’t get nearly as much as coast of BC does.

Of course all of the above information comes from the internet so who knows if its true or not but it all sounds reasonable to me, but what I can attest to is our personal weather station said we received 21.1mm/.83in, and that’s a lot of rain for Yuma!

And we are back to the beautiful sunny weather we are accustom to 🙂

And who knew you could write a blog this long about rain … thanks for following along 🙂

Until next time …


How Does The Garden Grow

I promised to keep you posted on how the vegetable fields, that I posted pictures of when we first arrived in Yuma, were growing … so here you go 🙂

Photo taken three weeks ago.

Photo taken yesterday.

Photo taken three weeks ago.

Photo taken yesterday.

Photo taken three weeks ago.

Photo taken yesterday.

I will post new pictures when we return to Yuma after Christmas.

Until next time …

Oh, What To Say

I really struggle with writing a blog when we are hanging out in Yuma because I just don’t feel like I have much to say. Yes we are having a great time and every time somebody says, “What did you do today” I am at a loss for words. No we didn’t sit around and do nothing all day, we did lot’s, but honestly nothing I think others are interested in hearing about. I don’t think you care how I made soup, or hubby spent the morning installing our new patio blocks, or he washed the truck, or I washed the windows, or we went for a bike ride or long walk, or we had happy hours with friends, etc. … and then I think … well I read blogs where they tell me all about that and I find it interesting so I should write about it … but no nobody will find my stuff interesting … and there in lies my blogging dilemma 🙂

Sunrise on my morning walk.

Anyway that is what is running through my head so here is what I came up with for today’s blog.

And a few hours later … Eddie the egret catching some shade 🙂

Today was the Welcome Back Party in Los Algodones, Mexico. I have written about Algodones before but to sum it up, Wikipedia describes it as … Los Algodones, Mexico is a popular tourist attraction that, due in part to inexpensive shopping and restaurants as well as inexpensive medical care and prescription medicines, attracts a number of older tourists from across the United States and Canada. Well I’m not sure I like being referred to as “older tourists” but the rest up the Wikipedia description pretty well sums it up!

Dancing at the Welcome Back Party

There is a large seating area under a tent to watch the stage.

A lot of people come to take in the free drinks and meals!

People who visit Algodones (you will notice that those that visit regularly drop the “Los” from the name) generally go down for dental, optical, prescription drugs or in our case the Margaritas. Yup we don’t need any of the other main reason for visiting but you just can’t deny that having a drink in one of the many plaza restaurants, sitting in the sun listening to music and people watching, isn’t a great way to enjoy an afternoon. Although I have found this year that Tequila just isn’t agreeing with me so a Corona has taken the place of the custom Margaritas, but the entertainment factor is still there 🙂

We decided to eat at one of the open air restaurants and the food was really good!

You can turn this sign either way depending on whether or not you want vendors to try and sell you stuff.

I was awake for many hours last night worrying about whether or not it was the right thing to do going across into Mexico given all the issues there have been at the Western US/Mexico Border Crossings lately, but hubby and our friends thought it wasn’t a problem, and I didn’t want to be a sissy, so I went. And since you are reading a blog from me tonight you can probably guess that yes I was being a sissy and there were no problems … well in this case I was happy to be the sissy that is sitting comfortably back in her RV in the US!

Apparently a lot of people agreed with hubby and our friends because there were a lot of people in Algodones for the Welcome Back Party. We had a fun day watching the entertainment, watching other people, and having a great lunch, before heading back across the border.

This young lady was on the stage when we headed back to the border crossing … she was very good!

If you have ever stood at the border crossing line in Algodones you will know how far back we were in line by the view in this picture!

I think it took us almost an hour and a half to cross back into the US, but the time seem to go quickly as we chit chatted with people in line … well hubby chit chatted a lot and I listened and chit chatted with our friends ☺

So folks that was the best I could come up with today, but trust me when I say each of our days are busy and full of things we like to do … even if I don’t think others would find our antics entertaining 🙂

Until next time …

Thanksgiving Times Three

Life in Yuma has settled into a nice routine and the weather has been warm and sunny 🙂

We were given this Finch feeder when we were in Palm Springs and we are really enjoying watching the Finches while they entertain us with their antics.

Today was a busy day preparing our third Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year. Our first was with my Sister and Brother-in-law before we left home on Canadian Thanksgiving. Our second was a few days later with hubby’s sister and her family, and today was our third, celebrating US Thanksgiving. You can never have enough turkey and we have so much to be thankful for so celebrating three times didn’t seem unreasonable.

I cooked a sixteen pound bird so we have lot’s of leftovers for sandwiches and a big batch of soup, which I will make tomorrow.

A few days ago I put up our Christmas decorations inside. I usually decorate on November 25th, whether we are travelling or not since our decorations have no problem moving down the road with us, but we are heading home for Christmas earlier this year so I decided to put up the decorations earlier so that I could enjoy them for the same amount of time.

The angel has been our tree topper since our first Christmas together.

Today was the day to put up our outside decorations so that is what hubby and I did while the turkey was cooking. It sure is nice to decorate outside in the warmth rather than during cold snowy weather 🙂

All of our decorations run off solar power, and a few like the wreaths on the screen run off batteries.

And that was our day today, I hope all of our American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday … we certainly enjoyed your holiday, thanks for having us 🙂

Until next time …

Hubby Made A Good Choice!

Hubby did a lot of research on weather and the highways before deciding that last Sunday was the day we would cross the mountain passes. After watching what has happened over the last few days, he definitely did a great job! The Coquihalla and the Connector have been nasty, and there is even the possibility that we will get snow here in Kelowna before the week is over.

We received a picture of our plant pots in Yuma that we left behind for our neighbours to enjoy … they look better than when we left them!

I hope I will soon I will be able to plant some spring flowers at home 🙂

I sure hope all our friends and blog friends that are on the road heading home, or soon will be, have safe travels … and that the roads over the mountain passes cooperate!

Until next time …

Starting Our Trek Home

We were both a little sad yesterday morning as we waved farewell to Cocopah and our winter friends 😦

Our two Bougainvillea’s will spend the next month guarding our neighbours golf screen and we left the two planters near the pad in place because they wanted to admire them from their windows ☺. When they leave they will put our planters behind our shed, to await our arrival next November.

We left home on September 21st last year so we have to be back in British Columbia earlier this year … and our fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates with this plan!

There was another sad moment when we crossed through our last Border Patrol checkpoint … you know you are heading north when the checkpoints stop.

Our first three nights will be spent in Desert Hot Springs. I think anybody who has complained about Yuma being to windy has never spent time in Desert Hot Springs … we always have heavy winds when we are here and yesterday was no exception!

It was nice yesterday when we pulled into our site and had no problems, and no squabbles 🙂 When you have been sitting in one place for four months that first parking job can sometimes be a challenge, but maybe because we have been doing this for so long, it now comes naturally. Okay I don’t truly believe that, I’m sure there will be an off day in our future but I’m happy it wasn’t at the start of our trip home!

Until next time …

Top Ten Pictures of 2017

Here are our choices for the top pictures of 2017. We would love your votes, on the poll at the end of the blog, to help us choose the best picture of 2017 🙂

And just in case you haven’t voted for previous years and would like to, here are the links … and just an FYI, all votes are anonymous, your name does not show up anywhere.

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Now off to 2017 …

Sunset, American Girl Mine Road, California. Picture taken 4 January 2017

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. Picture taken 21 March 2017.

Duck, Bear Creek Provincial Park, Kelowna, British Columbia. Picture taken 4 May 2017.

Okanagan Lake, Bear Creek Provincial Park, Kelowna, British Columbia. Picture taken 5 June 2017.

Pend Oreille River, Montana. Picture taken 25 September 2017.

Butterfly, Denver, Colorado. Picture taken 29 September 2017.

Close-up of Balloons at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Picture taken 14 October 2017.

Balloons at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Picture taken 14 October 2017.

Devil’s Bridge Hike, Sedona, Arizona. Picture taken 27 October 2017.

Snowy Landscape, Kelowna, British Columbia. Picture taken 20 December 2017.

Until next time …