Mother Nature!

Up until today we have had awesome weather with above normal temperatures and sunny skies! Today we have rain and thunder storms, but it looks like we will return to sunny skies tomorrow.

We have really enjoyed our time at Bear Creek so far and are definitely keeping busy. Aside from walking around the park and chatting with campers we have hosted a happy hour for seven friends and on Tuesday we had our Tuesday coffee group out to the campsite.

Before everyone arrived, we had nine in total 🙂

Both events were a lot of fun and it sure is nice to be able to entertain again … I have really missed that.

It also seems like every few days somebody we know comes to camp at Bear Creek Provincial Park so we have been catching up with lots of people 🙂

Okanagan Lake continues to rise and is expected to gain at least another 10cm of water.

Well this is actually the mouth of Bear Creek but the high level of the lake is forcing the mouth of the creek to rise considerably!


There used to be a lot of beach in front of this bench!

But I don’t want you to think that the park isn’t very nice right now, because it is still a beautiful place to camp!


Do you remember the picture I posted of our site back in April when there were hardly any leaves on the trees?

The leaves have really filled in and now you can’t see Maxx from the road!

 Until next time …


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