Blood … It’s In You To Give – So Please Do!

Last Thursday Hubby and I were thrilled to be invited to the Honoring Our Lifeblood event in Kelowna.

Before we headed out on our across Canada down the Eastern Seaboard tour last August I made my 49th blood donation and fully expected to make my 50th when we returned home this spring. When I heard the dreaded words “you have cancer” in Niagara Falls last September I thought I had made my last blood donation. Fortunately I didn’t have cancer and we where able to head south once I had recovered from surgery, and when we flew home for Christmas I was able to make my 50th blood donation.  On Thursday evening we joined many, many people receiving certificates for 50, 100, 150, 200, and yes even 300! blood donations.

It really hit home about how much our donations help when we heard from a fellow who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and needed 32 pints of blood during his many surgeries and long recovery period. If you don’t donate blood I encourage you to check into it, and give if you can … your donation will make a difference in someone’s life.

The event was held on the 17th floor of the Landmark building in Kelowna and the views were stunning. Unfortunately I only had my cell phone camera with me so the pictures aren’t the best but I think they show how beautiful Kelowna is 🙂

The water in Okanagan Lake is still rising and has now reached the highest level ever recorded, which was back in 1948 … and it’s not done! With forecasted temperatures in the low 30C, mid 80F for the next week the lake is expected to rise another 10 to 15cm!

Normally, with the warm weather, the beaches at the park would be packed … but there are no beaches to be found, they are all under water 😦

Fortunately we sit on slightly higher ground so I think we are safe.

And I will leave you with a few more flower pictures … seriously I just can’t help myself 🙂

A perfect Wild Rose!

Until next time …


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