One Last Camping Trip :-)

This past weekend we enjoyed our final B.C. camping trip before we head south this winter. We spent the weekend at Bear Creek Provincial Park with our daughter, son-in-law and four of our grandchildren.  Hubby has our solar panel system working so well that even though we didn’t have much sun we still had enough power to work the toaster, coffee maker, and microwave all weekend and as an added bonus I was able to blow dry and curl my hair before we headed home! It is so cool to be able to camp without hook-ups and not have to give up any of the amenities 🙂

After we dropped Maxx off in our daughter’s driveway on Sunday we headed out to pick up our other grandson for a fun filled visit that included pictures and dinner at his favourite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. This will be our last visit with him until Christmas time.

We had a good time taking pictures of the grandkids and wandering the paths of this park overlooking the golf course.

Our next few weeks will be spent completing last minute errands and chores such as Christmas shopping, birthday present shopping for those birthdays we will miss before we return in the spring, checking over the truck and Maxx to make sure all is well, obtaining travel insurance and renewing vehicle and trailer insurance, and final visits with friends and families. We will fly out to Edmonton for the Thanksgiving weekend which we will celebrate with our three children and their families and then the following Thursday, October 15th, we will start our way south. Our travel plans at this point are very Jello Solid, a great term we first heard on a blog called Wheeling It, the term means we have made some travel plans for the winter but on any given day they can change, which has already happened a few times during our planning! The only thing we know for sure is that we will be in Phoenix the second week in November to attend the NASCAR Race with hubby’s sister and brother-in-law and following that we will head to Yuma, Arizona for three months. We made the decision to save some money, due to the crappy exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, and stay in Yuma for three months. Most people who have been to Yuma complain about the wind but we have spent time there the last two winters and have never had a problem with the wind. Maybe the wind is worse in the Fortuna area than it is in the area we stay which is near the California/Mexico border. Anyway we are looking forward to our time in Yuma where we have great neighbours and we enjoy spending time riding our bikes.

Until next time …

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