Goodbye Fall … Summer Here We Come!

Today was a busy day doing all the final preparations for our departure south tomorrow. All of the Christmas presents have been wrapped, our travel insurance has been purchased, and Maxx and the truck are packed and anxiously awaiting there departure tomorrow.

This afternoon hubby and I took our last walk of the year through the paths in our daughter’s neighborhood and enjoyed the fall colors.


While I love the fall colors and our family I’m looking forward to the return of flip flops and summer weather 🙂

Until next time …


A Noisy Critter

Last night hubby and I were sitting inside Maxx contemplating dinner when hubby said “What is that noise?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “But its being going on for a long time”.

Hubby decided to go outside and see if he could find the source of the noise. “You won’t believe this, come and look,” he says to me. So I head outside to see what he is talking about, I look where hubby is pointing 20 feet up the side of our daughter’s house and there is a big black squirrel paralyzed with fear, chirping and hanging from the stucco on the side of the house!

I quickly reach for the camera but before I can get the picture the squirrel scurries along the stucco toward the backyard. I had no idea they could grip stucco and actually walk sideways hanging from 20 feet! I did manage to get a picture before he headed around the corner of the house.


By now hubby has gone into the backyard and notices that the cat is sitting at the bottom corner of the house and has no intention of letting the squirrel get down from the house. The squirrel, not to be outdone, quickly heads back around the corner to the side of the house.

Despite what I think is a terrified look on his face, the squirrel manages to take a leap of faith and lands safely in the cherry tree. The cat, not to be outdone, takes off after the squirrel. I have no idea who won this battle but my bet is on the squirrel.

Until next time …

One Last Camping Trip :-)

This past weekend we enjoyed our final B.C. camping trip before we head south this winter. We spent the weekend at Bear Creek Provincial Park with our daughter, son-in-law and four of our grandchildren.  Hubby has our solar panel system working so well that even though we didn’t have much sun we still had enough power to work the toaster, coffee maker, and microwave all weekend and as an added bonus I was able to blow dry and curl my hair before we headed home! It is so cool to be able to camp without hook-ups and not have to give up any of the amenities 🙂

After we dropped Maxx off in our daughter’s driveway on Sunday we headed out to pick up our other grandson for a fun filled visit that included pictures and dinner at his favourite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. This will be our last visit with him until Christmas time.

We had a good time taking pictures of the grandkids and wandering the paths of this park overlooking the golf course.

Our next few weeks will be spent completing last minute errands and chores such as Christmas shopping, birthday present shopping for those birthdays we will miss before we return in the spring, checking over the truck and Maxx to make sure all is well, obtaining travel insurance and renewing vehicle and trailer insurance, and final visits with friends and families. We will fly out to Edmonton for the Thanksgiving weekend which we will celebrate with our three children and their families and then the following Thursday, October 15th, we will start our way south. Our travel plans at this point are very Jello Solid, a great term we first heard on a blog called Wheeling It, the term means we have made some travel plans for the winter but on any given day they can change, which has already happened a few times during our planning! The only thing we know for sure is that we will be in Phoenix the second week in November to attend the NASCAR Race with hubby’s sister and brother-in-law and following that we will head to Yuma, Arizona for three months. We made the decision to save some money, due to the crappy exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, and stay in Yuma for three months. Most people who have been to Yuma complain about the wind but we have spent time there the last two winters and have never had a problem with the wind. Maybe the wind is worse in the Fortuna area than it is in the area we stay which is near the California/Mexico border. Anyway we are looking forward to our time in Yuma where we have great neighbours and we enjoy spending time riding our bikes.

Until next time …

Crazy Creek Resort

Our friends headed home on Sunday afternoon but we decided to stay another night at MacDonald Creek Provincial Park. We spent another afternoon sitting on the beach and wandering around the campsite. Monday morning we headed north past Nakusp toward Revelstoke, B.C. where Maxx was treated to his second ferry ride on a much bigger ferry and a longer crossing. We were sandwiched in the middle so I couldn’t get any pictures but I did get a shot of all the inuksuk’s along the beach … Many people must have spent time building these while waiting for the ferry to come 🙂

Our destination for Monday night was Crazy Creek Resort and Waterfall located between Revelstoke, B.C. and Sicamous, B.C. We have driven by this resort many times on our way out to Alberta so we thought we should finally see what it was all about. We arrived in the early afternoon and chose to dry camp for $27.00 a night, full hook-up is $40.00 a night and the sites are a long distance from the hot pools. Our site was in a nice wooded area but it wasn’t really worth $27.00 a night. Once we were set up we hiked up to the suspension bridge and waterfall, this trek cost another $19.00 for the two of us.


The term hike really isn’t the best description; an easy walk up a slight incline is a more appropriate description. The waterfall is pretty and the best views are from the center of a suspension bridge, which crosses over to a gift shop. Honestly unless you really like suspension bridges (and I don’t!) I think there are many other waterfalls that are just as pretty and can be viewed for free … such as the waterfall at Fintry Provincial Park that I blogged about this past June.

We followed our hike with a visit to the four hot pools which range in temperature from 63F/15C to 104F/40C.

We chose to purchase a multi visit pass at $33.00 for the two of us and we did make another visit later Monday night and again on Tuesday before we headed home.

All in all we were glad we stopped but I do think it a little overpriced for what you get.

On the way home we had to stop on Highway 97A to allow a HUGE black bear to cross, I was so busy admiring how big and healthy he looked that I forgot to take a picture 🙂

Until next time …

Nakusp, B.C.

Last Thursday we headed off to Nakusp in the West Kootenay area of B.C.. We were meeting friends at McDonald Creek Provincial Park on Friday for the weekend and we had hoped to get into our site a day early.

Maxx was pretty excited about the trip because our route took us over Highway 6 to the Needles/Fauquier ferry where Maxx enjoyed his first ferry ride 🙂

Maxx was pretty excited about his first ferry ride and he had a great view during his ride!

Arrow Lake

The ferry is diesel powered and uses a winding drum on a pair of 1-inch-diameter (25 mm) cables, which are suspended in the lake. The crossing across Arrow Lake is normally 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) in length but the water level is so low right now that I’m sure it was much shorter. The ferry was full of RVers and even though we were the second unit on we were one of the last off. Normally that wouldn’t bother us but this time it really worked against us! By the time we arrived at the campground all the other RVers had taken up the empty sites, in fact the fifth wheel in front of us got the last spot 😦

So we headed into Nakusp and checked out the municipal campground but we weren’t overly impressed, we then decided to head up to the Nakusp Hot Springs where we have stayed before and we knew there is a really nice campground. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be either, the campground was full. Off we went back to the municipal campground and actually found a site that wasn’t too bad and since we were right in town hubby thought we should ride our bikes to a local pub and have dinner.

The next morning we headed back to MacDonald Creek Provincial Park and checked into the site we had reserved for the weekend. We were really please with the park and the site our friends had reserved.

View of the lake from our campsite.

The water level is the lowest it’s been since 2003. It’s a long walk out to the water for a swim but there sure is lots of sandy beach!

The next morning we woke up to heavy fog, which made for some interesting pictures of the lake.



We decided to take a trip into Nakusp and walk the promenade along the lake. In 1968 the Hugh Keenleyside Dam at Castlegar was completed. The dam raised the water level of the Arrow Lakes by 24m/80ft which caused the loss of thousands of acres of farmland and numerous First Nations archaeological and burial sites. Entire towns along the valley were submerged and thousands of people were forced to relocate. Nakusp fared a little better since is was built on the elevated flood plain of Kuskanax Creek and only two residential streets and some industrial land were submerged under the lake.

As we walked along the promenade the fog started to lift but it was still heavy along the water.


The promenade is anchored by the Nakusp Marina on one end and the public beach on the other. The paved walkway takes you past the Spicer Garden, the Japanese Garden and the historic Leland Hotel, the oldest continually-operating hotel in B.C. where of course we had to stop for lunch on the deck.

You can’t beat the view from the hotel deck!

With a final walk through the streets of Nakusp we arrived back at the truck and headed back to the campsite for happy hour on the beach :-).

The town if full of beautiful flowers!

Happy hour on the beach as the sun sets.

Until next time …

Smoky Skies :-(

Most of the blogs I read have made comments about the smoky skies and forest fires where they are staying and the Okanagan area of BC is no exception. Our family was forced to evacuate our home in 2003 when fire ripped through our town. Fortunately we were not one of the 239 homes that were lost but it was still a pretty scary time so I can really relate to all those affected by the fires this summer.

Last Sunday we headed up to Armstrong BC to camp for three nights with friends. What should have been an easy drive with beautiful views of the lakes along the way, turned out to be an easy drive with nothing to look at but smoky skies.

Picture taken a year ago.

Picture taken last Sunday.

But the smoky skies couldn’t keep this group from having fun! The four of us walked and rode our bikes around town for three days.  We spent time wandering in and out of many small shops, and even made a few trips to the pub at the Armstrong Hotel for some refreshments.

It was at the hotel that I think our most entertaining moment happened … hubby was at the bar paying the bill, I was reading some of the fun signs posted on the wall, friend wife was doing something and friend husband went to the washroom … so far it sounds pretty unentertaining right 🙂  Well hang in there it gets better! As I’m reading the signs I hear friend wife say, a little incredulously, “What happen?”, I turn around to see friend husband standing there with blood running down his face!

Actually I think I will continue the story with the email that friend wife send to their children and family after our time at the bar.

A guy goes into a biker bar, sits down has a beer. Decides he has to
take a leak, goes into the can, trips on the step up and gashes his
forehead on the Harley handlebars that are mounted above the urinal.
True story!

Guess Who?

Well they had no trouble guessing 🙂  After many laughs that night us ladies decided we needed to see what this urinal looked liked, hubby had gone in for a look after friend husband came out with blood on his face but of course us ladies couldn’t go in to the men’s room. So the only solution was to go back to the bar and send hubby in to take a picture.

I’m guessing the handlebars are there in case you really overindulge!  Friend husband caught his flip flop on the concrete edge of the cement base and really was very lucky his injury wasn’t worse.  And honestly he only had one beer!

We had a lot of fun a this pub and yes friend husband is okay and he barely has a scar to show off for his escapade 🙂

Until next time …