A Noisy Critter

Last night hubby and I were sitting inside Maxx contemplating dinner when hubby said “What is that noise?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “But its being going on for a long time”.

Hubby decided to go outside and see if he could find the source of the noise. “You won’t believe this, come and look,” he says to me. So I head outside to see what he is talking about, I look where hubby is pointing 20 feet up the side of our daughter’s house and there is a big black squirrel paralyzed with fear, chirping and hanging from the stucco on the side of the house!

I quickly reach for the camera but before I can get the picture the squirrel scurries along the stucco toward the backyard. I had no idea they could grip stucco and actually walk sideways hanging from 20 feet! I did manage to get a picture before he headed around the corner of the house.


By now hubby has gone into the backyard and notices that the cat is sitting at the bottom corner of the house and has no intention of letting the squirrel get down from the house. The squirrel, not to be outdone, quickly heads back around the corner to the side of the house.

Despite what I think is a terrified look on his face, the squirrel manages to take a leap of faith and lands safely in the cherry tree. The cat, not to be outdone, takes off after the squirrel. I have no idea who won this battle but my bet is on the squirrel.

Until next time …

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