A Screen Saver Blog

Hubby has set up our TV so that all the pictures from my blog play on it when the screen saver comes on, and we love it because it brings back many great memories 🙂

Now I have a bunch of pictures that I really have nothing much to say about, but I would like them to come up on the TV so that means they have to make it into the blog.

So folks that is all today’s blog is about, leftover pictures 😀

The first set is … surprise … sunrise pictures from the park, but this will be the last of them for this year. There is a mother bear with three cubs in the neighbourhood surrounding the park so I’m not going out for my walk until other people are up and moving around … yup I’m letting them be the bait just in case the bears come into the park 😀

The second set is flower pictures I took around the pump house at the end of Blundell Road in Richmond, B.C.

Oh and two pictures from my sisters garden, the sunflowers were to pretty to leave out 🙂

Some of the above pictures have made it into the Best Picture of 2019 folder which is another reason they had to go onto the blog, although that folder is pretty big so they may cut left on the cutting room floor!

Until next time …

12 thoughts on “A Screen Saver Blog

  1. That’s a nice idea. You said your tv screen saver. I guess I’m naive but didn’t know they had screen savers. Beautiful pictures for sure, I understand why you want to see them again and again. 🙂

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  2. Haha. Nothing wrong with letting others be the bait!! Your photos are always wonderful and this is a terrific way to enjoy them. I’ve thought about getting some sort of digital frame to upload our extras too. No point in taking all these photos if no one’s ever gonna see them again!

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  3. Love those photos! Just an update on the sunflower pics. I set the really large head out for the squirrels and it lasted about 9 days. I set the second head out and it lasted about 3 days. The third head I split in half and one half was dragged into the cedar trees (it was raining) and both sides gone in a day. I think word has got out! I hope I don’t regret it!

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