Hummingbird Food

My Instant Pot has been my favourite kitchen appliance for the past three years, and I use it all the time, but until today I have never felt the need to blog about it.

We have two hummingbird feeders and fill them both every three of four days … yup those little hummers are eating out of house and home 🙂

When I make their food I make enough to fill a four litre jug and store it in the fridge. This morning when I asked hubby to pull out my big pot he said he didn’t know why I didn’t use the Instant Pot to make their food. Hmm that never even crossed my mind.

Off I went to my encyclopedia, the internet, and sure enough there was a recipe. Everything I found on the internet said to use four cups water to one cup sugar but I wanted more than four cups. I debated doing twelve cups at a time but decided to play it safe and do two batches of eight cups and it worked perfectly.

No more standing over a hot stove! I dumped eight cups water with two cups sugar, set the pot to high pressure for one minute and sat down to drink my coffee and read a book …. honestly it’s that simple!

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Finally …

I can’t believe it took until May 21st to finally see a deer in the park, but today was the day. I actually just caught him out of the corner of my eye as I walked up from the beach on my morning walk. Normally I walk much further along the beach and would have never seen him but for some reason today I went up onto the grass.

I also haven’t seen Barry and Barbara Beaver lately but hubby and I came across one of them last night, so they are still around.

That lump in the bottom middle of the picture is a beaver. I only had my cell phone with me and decided to just watch him rather than trying to get a better picture.

The park is starting to bloom and I’m sure by next week will be a wash of colour.

And I finally saw some goslings. I have a love hate relationship with the geese … I love the tiny goslings because they are all fluffy and cute but they grow up to fast … and I hate the grown geese because there are so many of them and they poop everywhere!

So cute and fluffy

Four days later and they are already looking like gangly geese and are no longer fluffy.

The water in the lake is rising but I don’t think we will see the flooding that we did in 2017. Park staff are busy getting the campground ready for opening on June 1st. While I have enjoyed the peacefulness of the empty park it will be nice to hear children laughing and playing and adults having a good time.

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How Is It Going?

I know that this is tough times for everyone and we all have our own challenges to face right now. With us, and all other returning snowbirds, it’s how to deal with the fourteen days of self isolation.

We are now into day 6 and so far so good … hubby and I haven’t killed each other … and our daughter and my sister are ensuring we are okay for groceries.

Another blogger couple we know did the right thing by not bring fruits, vegetables, and other restricted foods into Canada but then immediately faced the challenge of how to get groceries once they arrived home. They have no family in town but did have a guardian angel come to their rescue.

We know another couple who have a dog but live in an area with no fenced yards … how do you take your dog out to do it’s business? I have no idea what the safe answer to that question is, but I know whatever they do it will be safe and keep others safe.

Other people we know are trying to make their way back to Canada and are making decisions over what groceries they can and should bring. If you have nobody to buy you groceries I can see the logic in bringing what you need across the border, especially when wait times for grocery deliveries is up to two weeks!

Still others are staying put were they are and looking at a lot of us like we rushed home for no reason. And yes I could make a lot of arguments on this one, but I will say that we all had our own reasons for coming home just as those that are staying have their reasons. Hubby and I are glad we came home for several reasons; our medical coverage was cancelled as of March 23 but what really points out to us that we made the right decision is the alarmingly fast rate that the virus is growing in the US! I for one am glad I am not bringing that risk back to Canada and those I hold dear.

I saw this headline on CBC News today “Mandatory quarantines for internationl travellers kick in at midnight; health minister”. The article states that “The government has been pleading with Canadians to self-isolate if they’ve returned from a trip since mid-March, but this move under the Quarantine Act makes it a legal obligation.”

So for those of you that are safely tucked away, and doing your legal and moral obligation to protect all Canadians, what are you doing to keep yourself busy?

Hubby and I finally finished The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel series and have a few other series that we want to watch. This quarantine time has also given us a chance to sit on the phone for hours and hours trying to cancel his US mobile service, as I write this hubby is on his sixth attempt within the last week to cancel his Spectrum mobile plan. Yesterday, after many hours on the phone, he was finally able to get my Canadian mobile service working right, but we still have to go in and show our ID after our quarantine period is up 😦

So I will leave you with this picture of my view out the window as I write this blog … I long for the day when I can go outside for a walk 🙂                🙂                  🙂 Notice the social distancing in those smiles?  That was a good laugh in an email from our neighbours in Yuma!

Until next time …

Panama Canal Cruise – Day Twelve

Shortly after we departed from Cartagena we hit rough seas again and they were very rough! A few of our group were down for the count 😦 

Both hubby and I were okay but we did spend most of our day relaxing in our cabin, which means I have no pictures to show you. Today’s blog is filled with flower pictures I took along the way … you must have known there would be some flower pictures coming 🙂

Some of our group sat out on the deck and read but I found I couldn’t do that without my stomach starting to turn. I was fine sitting up on the bed so that’s were I read and snoozed off and on because the rolling ship was making me sleepy.

Hubby and I along with Mrs. M had dinner in the dining room, which is at the back of the ship on deck two and three. It was pretty quiet in the dinning room because you could really feel the movement but we did enjoy our dinner.

And our day came to an end with the ship lulling us into sleep and dreams that tomorrow the seas would be kinder.

Until next time …

Panama Canal Cruise – Day Seven

Today was another day at sea and we spent part of it around the pool and then we moved down to our deck to read, relax, and get ready for our second formal night. Since I didn’t take any pictures today I’m going to share the rest of our time in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala with you. I left off yesterday with the jade factory, after that tour we took a short walk through the streets to our lunch destination.

We had lunch at Casa Santo Domingo, a hotel, museum, and spa.

While we ate a delicious lunch of local foods we were entertained by a group of parrots.

After lunch we spent some time exploring the Convent of Santo Domingo, which was almost totally destroyed in the 1773 earthquake of Santa Marta.

In 1989 a project known as Casa Santo Domingo was developed to rescue the Convent and Temple, which were buried under tons of rubble.

These bells where originally houses in one of two towers in the church.

I could have spent a lot more time touring what was left of the church.

But it was time to move on to new sights. As we walked to our next destination I saw the Domino’s Pizza Delivery guy.

Much easier to ride a bike around these narrow streets rather than using a vehicle.

Our next stop was Parque Central, were we saw the Mermaid Fountain and the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral.

While we were looking around hubby asked our tour guide when we were going to visit the Ron Zacapa rum factory, which was going to be the highlight of his time in Guatemala. You can imagine how disappointed he was when he was told is wasn’t on the tour 😦 Not about to miss out on this opportunity he managed to convince our guide that he should be allowed to make the visit on his own while the rest of the tour were spending time in the plaza … and he can be very convincing! So with directions on how to get to the rum store, and how to get from there to the next church to meet up with the rest of the tour, our tour guide gave six of us permission to headed out on our own. We found the store and purchase a bottle of hubby’s favourite rum, a twenty three year old Zacapa rum. We also walked away with a much cheaper bottle of 18 year old Botran rum which is also made at the factory.

Hubby then led us through the streets to the church were we were to meet up with our group …

… and he got us there with no trouble but our group wasn’t there 😕  I guess another couple decided to follow us to the factory but didn’t tell the tour guide so he, and the rest of the group, were driving around the streets looking for them. When they all arrived back at the church our tour guide was very relieved to find his two missing people!

We had a quick visit at the Santuario San Francisco el Grande and then loaded back into the small bus.

We arrived in the middle of mass so we didn’t stay but I was very annoyed at the number of people who had no problem talking to each other and walking right up to the front of the church to take pictures … so very inconsiderate!

Our small bus took us back to a wide street where we rejoined the large bus and headed back to our ship.

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Panama Canal Cruise – Day Five

Once again Mrs. M and I took our morning walk.

Today’s door decorations

By the time we reached the third deck the sun was already rising.

On the twelfth deck we saw the Mexican Coast Guard come up along the ship.

Once I arrived back at our room the pilot boat was riding alongside our balcony.

And we could see our first sighting of land after three days at sea.

Before breakfast we headed up to the front of the deck to watch the ship come into port.

After watching the ship come into port we joined Mr. & Mrs. M in the dining room for an early breakfast, because we wanted full bellies before we left the ship. We we joined up with the other two couples on the beach and had a great day!

At the end of the pier we made a left and were down on the beach where we spent the day!

Three of us ladies took a quick walk through town … it didn’t take long, it’s a small town :small:

You knew there had to be a flower picture 🙂

A pretty church. I didn’t take my camera because we were spending the day at the beach so I took these pics with my cell phone and they are not the best.

We ended up in a nice restaurant along the beach where some of our group had lunch and most of the rest of us had a few drinks.

Coconut Shrimp, I’m told it was very tasty … we had a big breakfast so didn’t need any lunch.

By 2:30 we were all back on the ship and by 3:30 we were back out to sea. It was another great dinner and entertaining evening and then off to bed early cause we have another big day planned tomorrow.

Today’s towel animal

Until next time …

Just Chillin 🙂

Okay we are not chillin, we are warm but Just Warmin doesn’t have the same ring 😀

We spent Saturday night at the Eastern Sierra Fairgrounds in Bishop, CA. It is basically a parking lot with full hook-ups and we have stayed here three times. There are no signs stating what the cost is or were to pay, so we think it is like many small US towns where they allow you to camp for free. Campendium has a comment that the fee was $33.00 a night in May of 2018 so maybe they only collect during the summer or when there is an event on.

We saw this pretty grass when we were out walking in Bishop.

And wow did we have some wind early Sunday morning! It woke me up at 1:00 a.m. and kept me up most of the night, hubby on the other hand slept through it all until one particularly strong gust hit the bedroom slide around 4:00 a.m.. I guess I figured he was now awake to look after things so I fell back asleep for a few hours. The wind finally died down around 5:00 a.m. and when we left Bishop Sunday morning it was 15C (59F).

And it is just as soft as it looks!

An hour and a half later we arrived at our boondocking spot in Alabama Hills, where we will stay for the next little while. We are looking forward to the quiet and no hum of electricity 🙂

Dave of Our View From Here this is for you … our lowest diesel price so far was $3.059 (roughly $1.09 CND per litre) in Carson City, NV; our highest price so far was $3.879 (roughly $1.39 CND per litre) when we topped up in Bishop, CA. Fortunately for us we did not have to fill up in Bridgeport, CA or we may have had to give up travelling!

That works out to $1.96 CND per litre … we don’t even pay that at home … way to go Canada you are also redeeming yourself and I still love ya 🙂

Until next time …

Colours of Fall

This is our last weekend in Kelowna and we have been busy … but fun busy. We have spent the last week saying our final goodbyes to friends, doing all those last minute things that have to be done before you go, and spending time with family.

I say this every year but here it is again … I love getting back on the road and seeing new things, having new adventures, and heading to warmer climates … I hate leaving our family and friends and the great life we live in Kelowna. I know I will get over, it but it is always bittersweet when we leave.

It was sad to clean out all my flower baskets, they were still blooming and looking pretty!

We spent the first part of our week at the campground where it was very quiet because the park closed for the season last Monday. It is always so peaceful and nice to walk around in complete silence except for the animals and birds.

Tonight we will move to our daughter’s driveway, well actually their neighbours were kind enough to let us stay in their driveway since they were away, which meant our son-in-law didn’t have to move their RV out of their driveway. They are fortunate to have awesome neighbours who never complain when we live in the driveway … in fact they like it because we can hear if someone is trying to break into anything in the middle of the night. One time somebody did break into the neighbours truck … two nights after we headed south!

We have a few nights of hanging out with our daughter’s family, getting as many warm squeezy hugs as I can pry out of our grandson’s … they are getting older but still humour grandma 🙂 Our granddaughter has moved into her own place so we don’t get to see her as much but she is coming home for Sunday dinner before we leave on Monday.

I was very brave one morning and, armed with bear bells and bear spray, I walked across the bridge to the third loop of the campground and caught a beautiful sunrise. I thought it only fitting that I end our final blog from the park with some sunrise pictures 🙂

A great final memory of the park for 2019 🙂

Stay tune for more regular blogs as we begin our travels south.

Until next time …

Happy Anniversary Maxx

Six years ago today we moved into Maxx full time … that’s

  • 2191 days
  • 313 weeks
  • 52,584 hours
  • 3,155,040 minutes
  • 189,302,400 seconds

We are basically packed up and ready to leave for our daughter’s place on Saturday.

And it has been a lot of good times … we look forward to the next six years and the adventures they will bring 🙂

Hubby was slowly dumping the oil from our turkey fryer onto the fire … yes we had a hose standing by! It was the best way to get rid of it, most campers dumped their oil into the garbage cans and it made a real mess for park staff to clean up ☹

I have a question for you all, has anyone taken fresh eggs from Canada into the US? And if so did you have an agriculture inspection and where you allowed to keep your eggs? We always go with an empty fridge, but I miscalculated on our eggs and I still have three dozen left. I could give them to our daughter or boil them all but I’d really like to take them with us as they are but I don’t want to loose them at the border.

We will miss our backyard.

Until next time …

And That’s A Wrap

The leaves are falling around the park 🙂

 It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend at the park and we were almost full. For the most part the weather cooperated, although it was cold overnight and it did rain most of yesterday.

Yup there were a lot of people!

While there was definitely a real party mood and a lot of eating and drinking most people behaved reasonably well. We had lots of knocks on our door from people looking for wood, to move sites, to ask any number of dumb and not so dumb questions.

By noon Monday everyone had been chased out and the gates were locked! Wow what a difference 🙂

This is the same section of the park that the above photo with all the vehicles was taken.

After the gates were locked we cranked the music as we were working outside … because who are we going to bother 😀

I took a few walks, in between cleaning out the pamphlet rack and doing some packing up of our site, and it was nice to see nothing but trees and the lake.

We, along with the other park hosts, and the park managers, are here for the week and I’m sure we will all enjoy the slower pace.

You never see the sites, in these two pictures, empty from the May long weekend through Thanksgiving. The sites in the first picture have power and the sites in this picture are pull through, full service sites.

My sister and brother-in-law joined us for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and we had lots of leftovers, so on Monday the park manager and his family brought their tofurkey dinner over and, along with the other hosts, we finished off some of our leftovers and maybe a few … or more … bottles of wine. It was a perfect last day of the year.

Can you see Maxx at the far end of the lawn? This is our backyard and for the next week there will be nobody but us enjoying it 🙂

Until next time …