Okanagan Lake continues to rise about 3cm a day and that is causing havoc for lakeshore homes with docks. In fact if you are missing a piece of your dock we found it this evening  🙂

This piece of dock washed up near the cement pad that I use to check how much the lake has risen. It’s a good thing it washed up because without we can’t reach the cement pad to measure the water level 🙂

We haven’t seen the end of the rising lake and probably won’t until mid June. While I have been enjoying the warm sunny weather, and temperatures are expected to hit 30C (86F) over the weekend that will only cause the snow pack to melt faster. I suspect we may have a few flooded campsites before this is all over.

Fortunately we are far enough away from the lake that we should be okay. So I will continue to monitor the lake and enjoy the wild roses that are starting to bloom.

I know the leaves on this plant look different than the picture below but it’s the same plant. One picture was taken with a flash and the other wasn’t.

Soon the park will be alive with pink roses!

There are also a few other plants in bloom. I have no idea what they are but they are pretty so I have to share them 🙂

 Until next time …


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