Aww … Not A New Tire? :-(

Let’s start on an up note before I tell you my tire story. We have really enjoyed our time in Laughlin, the weather has been fantastic with temperatures in the mid 90sF, 35C. The warm weather has meant lots of time sitting around the pool at the hotel. The pool has bar service and they provide as many towels as your heart desires, so it really has felt like we are on a mini vacation. Most people have complained about how cold the pool is, but it really reminds me of sitting around our pool during an Okanagan spring when it was warm out but the pool hadn’t had a chance to warm up.

I do miss my pool ☹

So now on to the tire … last Thursday we came back from a drive and hubby noticed one of the truck tires was low on air. He filled it with our compressor and then we drove over to the closest gas station to top it off. After putting more air into the tire at the gas station, he finally found the problem, we had a split in the side wall at the bottom of the tire 😦  Yup, we thought, that will mean a new tire. We are pretty sure the spit happened when we drove through some construction not far from the RV Park.

While hubby was putting on the spare I was checking out how far it was to Costco in Henderson and how late they were open. We purposely purchased our tires from Costco at home because of the awesome warranty the have and the ability to have service preformed anywhere in Canada or the US. Over the years we have routinely taken the truck into Costco during our travels and had the tires rotated and air pressures checked. So I was pretty sure hubby would want to take the tire to Costco to be repaired, or more likely replaced, and it turned out I was right.

We left Laughlin last Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. and arrived at Costco in Henderson at 6:45 p.m.. By 7:30 we had purchased a replacement tire at a huge discount, because we had the Road Hazard Warranty, and all the tire pressures had been checked. The only downfall was the tire wouldn’t be in until Friday morning, so we said we would be back on Sunday and headed back to Laughlin. We have a brand new spare so hubby wasn’t worried about driving back up to Henderson yesterday, but he wasn’t keen on towing Maxx without a spare tire for the truck. If we loose another tire on our way back up to Henderson it is easier to have just the truck towed rather than both the truck and Maxx.

With that and the still not so good weather on the mountain passes along our route home, it wasn’t a hard decision to stay in Laughlin a few more days … plus they gave us the extra two nights at the same cheap rate we have had for the past week so we think we made a good decision 🙂

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Aww … Not A New Tire? :-(

  1. That is a beautiful pool. Judy said she wasn’t sure if they could use the hotel pool but she wouldn’t use a pool anyway. LOL I would have checked that out for sure and I’m with you on the temperature thing. Ours is cool too but lovely in 95F! Glad you got your tire fixed.

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