Boundary Cone Road, Arizona

Boundary Cone Road runs from Highway 95 south of Bullhead City into the town of Oatman, Arizona. There is probably some history to this road but to be honest it was the scenery and desert flowers that caught my attention.

The desert is covered in flowers!

The creosote bushes have begun to flower and that is what you see in the above picture, along with brittlebush.

Creosote Bush

We didn’t think we would be south long enough to see brittlebush bloom. I can’t believe our luck, this is such a beautiful plant … even when not flowering!


We were just treated to so many beautiful colors and flowers …

Canterbury Bell

Gold Poppy

Sand Verbena

Sand Verbena close-up

The flowers below were growing in abundance along the edge of a golf course and had escaped under the fence and were also growing wildly along the side of the road. I haven’t been able to find out what they are, but they sure are pretty!


And we turned a corner to this site shortly before entering Oatman.

Some areas of the ground are covered in gold poppy.

Yes the drive up to Oatman was incredibly beautiful! We have enjoyed our time in Laughlin but today we are on the road again, and once again the jello wiggled. We had planned to head off to Lake Meade to visit Valley of Fire, which has been on our visit list for a few years now, but we have to make an overnight stop at Camp Walmart in Henderson … more about that in tomorrow’s blog.

After Lake Meade we are on our way to Death Valley because, despite what the desert bloom guide says, we think it will be awash in color after all the rain the south has had this winter.

Stay tuned 🙂

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Boundary Cone Road, Arizona

  1. Absolutely gorgeous flowers–the ones you didn’t name almost look like a straw flower? I don’t know many flower names. Who would think the desert could produce such beauty??.

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