Come Take A Bike Ride With Us

I thought you might like to come along on one of our Kelowna bike rides. This was a Tuesday when we head off to meet friends for coffee and do whatever other errands we have to do. This Tuesday didn’t involve grocery shopping, it was just a fun social day.

We left the park with our bikes in the back of the truck and drove the 7.2km to the gravel lot beside the Westbank First Nations office.

The road from the park to the highway is not, al least in our minds, safe to ride so we park at the Westbank First Nations overflow lot and then ride into Kelowna. We unloaded our bikes and set off. As we headed down the hill toward the bridge crossing Okanagan Lake we talked (over our headsets) about how lucky we were to be riding since traffic was backed up a long way before the bridge. Here we are at the bottom of the hill and starting our crossing across the bridge.

Before long we left the bridge and crossed underneath, using the tunnel, and entered City Park.

Last year they redid the path along the waterfront in City Park and it makes for a nice ride.

As we left the park we went to the left, past the Visitor Information Centre and headed towards the Yacht Club.

I thought we were going to go straight but hubby decided to cut through the skating rink, which of course is just a cement pad this time of year.

Once we left the skating rink we followed a bike lane along Water Street for a very brief period while we past the Community Theatre and turned right onto the road behind the theatre toward the library … and through a bit of construction.

Before we hit the library we turned left and joined onto a dedicated bike lane that runs behind the Court House and in front of the Mary Irwin Theatre … and we waved to the condo, to the right, that we stayed in during COVID.

We were still on dedicated bike lanes but we did have to stop for some traffic lights.

And then we crossed over toward Railside Brewing, which sometimes we have the opportunity to stop at but it doesn’t open until 3:00 so we are often back home before it opens … of course today it was 9:30 a.m. so there wasn’t even the thought of beer on our mind 😀

We were once again on a dedicated bike path where we went past a school, the baseball field where we spent many hours watching our youngest son play, and my sister’s place to the left in the distance, before we once again veered to the left to cross a major road.

We crossed Gordon Drive and were back on a dedicated bike path for a short time.

This portion of the bike path goes a long way but unfortunately to get to the A&W, where our Tuesday coffee group meets, we had to join up with some city streets.  We made a right onto Hardy Street, a quiet street where we can ride down the middle to the left hand turn lane.

Haha this picture reminds me of the captcha that you get when you are trying to prove you are a human and you have to pick out all the pictures with busses in them. Don’t worry I won’t make you do that 🙂

We made a left off of Hardy Street onto Enterprise Way.

Enterprise Way is a very busy road but it does have a bike lane and we didn’t have to ride on it for to long.

We crossed Enterprise at Cooper and drove over the grass into the parking lot …

Made a right and then a left …

And then another right across the outside sitting area at A&W

And then a left where, after a 12km ride, we locked up our bikes and joined our friends for a very fun two hours of laughs and good conversation.

From coffee we headed off on more adventures but I will save those for another day.

Until next time …


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