A Busy Afternoon

We used yesterday afternoon to get in some errands and chores, a new air filter for the truck, a car wash to get all the road salts off the truck, and a wander around Costco and Fed Myers … those last two were totally for me and I can’t believe I didn’t buy anything 😀 Hubby also checked all the tire air pressures on Maxx and the truck. I also boiled my last dozen eggs so that I can take them across the border … you never know if they will let fresh eggs through so this is better than throwing them out. We had hope to give Maxx a hose off to remove road salt but the water isn’t hooked up in Confluence State Park. I think I said this when we stopped here on the way down but I think this is a pricey state park, $35.00 during the off season and all that includes is power because everything else is shut down.

It is nice to be back into spring weather!

While we were doing those errands we debated on staying another day so that we could ride the bike trails and visit a few breweries but in the end we decided it was still a little cold for that 😦

Since we decided not to stay another day we mulled over a couple of options but so far haven’t made a decision … stay tune.

Until next time …


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