Evely Recreation Site

A few weeks ago we went to see our nephew’s new house further up Westside Road, which is the road our park is located on.  My sister and brother-in-law picked us up and off we went.

There are signs that spring is here!

Last summer our nephew and his girlfriend purchased the house but barely had a chance to get moved in when they were evacuated because of forest fires 😦  They were out of their house for a long time but were some of the fortunate ones that didn’t lose their house nor are they surrounded by burnt out forest.

The Okanagan Sunflower is out in full bloom.

We had a tour of the house and then spent some time sitting out on their deck overlooking Okanagan Lake.  And then we all loaded back into vehicles and took the short drive down to the Evely Recreation Site along the shores of Okanagan Lake.  Once on the road into Evely, the surface changes to gravel and does a couple of switchbacks down to the lake and the picnic area.

We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the small picnic area roasting hot dogs and enjoying some great conversation while enjoying the spectacular scenery along Okanagan Lake.

This park was originally called Okanagan Lake Forest Recreation Site, but the name was changed to honor a Vernon Auxiliary RCMP Officer named Glen Evely.  Aux. Cst. Evely was killed November 13, 2004 when the cruiser in which he was riding was struck by a stolen truck.

There are 50 campsites with most being along the water and a few up on the hill overlooking the water.

The sites along the water have direct access to the lake, which is nice during our hot Okanagan summers 😀

The road for the water campsites eventually dead ends with a tight cul-de-sac to turn around, which means this is not a good site for larger, or even medium size RV’s.  We camped here one weekend when our children were small and had a tough time getting our tent trailer turned around!

The beach going out into the lake is completely gravelled, but the upside to that is the water is very clear and clean which is great for swimming.  There is also a small boat launch at the park.

Camping is on a first-come, first-served basis and I think it costs $15.00 a night.  There is a camp host on site who collects the fees.  There are a couple of pit-toilets on site but no running water, so come prepared.

This was a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon and the weather even cooperated and it felt like a nice spring day … now if spring would just come full time, I would be happy … or better yet, lets skip spring and bring on the warm days of summer!

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Evely Recreation Site

  1. It’s been some time since I’ve been there and I didn’t realize the name had changed. Really pretty spot and I’m missing those Okanagan sunflowers – grew up riding thee hills and having them all around. Hope it’s a really quiet summer on the forest fire front for your family, well everyone, this year.

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