Hidden Valley Trail, Joshua Tree National Park

Our first hike, well okay walk, was Hidden Valley Trail a one mile loop that starts in a picnic area with beautiful views …

And winds among massive boulders through an area rumored to have been used by cattle rustlers, since the enclosed rocky area made a great spot to confine the animals and hide out.

And off we go ☺

We quickly climbed up through a rocky area.

This narrow gap in the rocks funnels into the valley were the cattle rustlers hid.

And just as quickly came through the rocks into the valley.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, because I have spent enough time in the desert by now, but once we came into the valley we were greeted with an oasis of colorful plants and rocks.

I particularly fell in love with this yellow plant that would grow out of rocks.

Located near the northwestern edge of Joshua Tree, this a good trail to get out and stretch your legs after first arriving in the park and we were so happy hubby’s cousin suggested it. But be prepared for picture overload because I just couldn’t whittle them down any more than I did.

This one-mile trail circles around a small valley scattered with massive boulders and provides an overview of the park’s unique geology, plant life, and rock formations.

Hidden Valley is also a popular climbing area and we did see several groups doing just that but I have no pictures to show of that activity … I was more caught up in the beauty of the valley.

We ended our walk with a stop in the picnic area to eat our lunch.

Next up, Barker Dam … and lots more pictures 😀

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “Hidden Valley Trail, Joshua Tree National Park

  1. I’m loving your posts. We were up the north end of the Mojave and stunning even just driving. And varied. I keep making notes of places to go from your posts. Also, are you color editing a lot? What camera do you have?

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