So Much To Say … So Little Time

I have many blog topics running through my head but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write them, and with our Son, Daughter-In-Law, and two grandchildren here for the week I don’t see anything hitting the screen this week either. Please don’t give up on me, I promise there will be something new to read soon.

Since it is Mother’s Day tomorrow I will leave you with some pictures of a new mother out walking with hubby and her children 🙂

I took this picture last Tuesday and they had already grown so much!

(I took these next pictures at 5:30 this morning. The Goose Family wasn’t the least bit concerned that I was following along.

I hope all the Mother’s out there have a great Mother’s Day weekend.

Until next time …


Goodbye Picnic Table

Almost a year ago flooding took off the end of one of the campsites along the creek and the picnic table and fire pit ended up in the water. You can read about those events here.

(Site before the picnic table was washed away. The site was closed because the creek was running so high.

It didn’t take long before the fire pit was removed but the picnic table was bolted on to a large cement pad and would require heavy equipment to get it out of the creek … not to mention you just can’t take things that mother nature has put in the creek out of the creek … to do that I believe you need permission from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. For the past few weeks we have had an Environmentalist, hired by Department of Fisheries, working on clearing out the debris in Bear Creek and yesterday was the day he removed the picnic table! It was fun to watch and I will let the pictures tell the story.

They first attached chains to the table itself and ripped it out of the water.

A goose joined us to watch the going ons ☺

And then it was time to try and pull the cement pad out of the sand

Once the cement pad was out of the water the excavator was able to push it off the path … I think they will have to get a jack hammer to cut it up and get rid of it.

We are really hoping things won’t be as bad this year but I guess we will know in the next few weeks.

Until next time …

Wow It Really Is Spring!

So Tuesday I’m out walking just before 6:00 a.m. in my heavy sweater, coat, gloves, and a hat, although it did warm up nicely later in the day. Yesterday I’m out at the same time in flip flops and a light coat … yes I am a happy camper 🙂

We hit a high of 22C, 72F yesterday and with lots of sun and no wind it was warm! I have my planters filled and out and my tomatoes have been re-potted and are enjoying the sun.

Soon there will be a shed here instead of the existing pamphlet rack … that is this weekends job.

That is all the shed supplies inside the gazebo on the table.

Our Wednesday coffee group sat outside and when we returned we had to open all the windows in Maxx to cool him down. People are out walking around the campground and it seems everyone is much happier now that it has warmed up 🙂

Until next time …

Spring May Have Arrived!

I still had to wear a heavy sweater, coat, gloves, and a hat for my early morning walk today, it was 4C, 39F, but it finally feels like spring may be here. Things are starting to bloom 🙂

There are buds on my plum tree … the one I lovingly watched and nurtured all last year, unfortunately we went to Edmonton for a week and when I got back someone had picked every last plum!

The Oregon Grape is ready to bloom.

The weather forecast is for highs in the mid 20C, 77F this week and while that is nice for us it’s not so great for the potential to flood. The lake has really been dropped down in anticipation of the snow pack melting rapidly.

I have never seen the lake this low!

The ducks were enjoying the calm water this morning.

The water in Bear Creek is flowing faster everyday and has taken a new route this year … it is now turning and carving a new branch along the beach.

Work has begun on the additional twenty-one sites they are adding to the park.

A new septic field was installed.

New sites are starting to take shape.

And that brings you up to date on our life at the campground 🙂

How can you not enjoy starting your day with a walk like this ☺

Until next time …

Back to Warmer Weather!

All though really it’s not a whole lot warmer, it was 0C (32F) when we flew out of Edmonton and 8C (46F) when we landed in Kelowna. Of course the wind died and the temperatures rose considerably on the day we left Edmonton, but it did feel much warmer when we landed in Kelowna than we experienced this past week.

We believe this picture shows the Battle River which runs in front of our friends ranch in Camrose, Alberta … we think he lives right on the bend in the river but it’s hard to tell from the air 🙂

As we flew over the north end of Kalamalka Lake, on our approach into Kelowna, you could see how much snow is still sitting in the hills.

The Okanagan Valley, where Kelowna is located, is sitting at 152% of normal snowpack right now. Last year our snowpack level was 105% of normal and we had some major flooding … I’m a little scared of what is going to happen this year!

Our approach into Kelowna was a little unusual as we came in from the south. I have flown many, many, many times in and out of Kelowna and I can only remember landing from the south a handful of times.

The wooded area on the point in the middle of this picture is Bear Creek Provincial Park where we spend our summers.

But it was nice to come in over the city from the south rather than the north and get a different view from the air. I was able to get some good shots of the city and had a lot of fun identifying locations and zooming in on some areas 🙂

The Floating Bridge crossing Okanagan Lake into Kelowna. At the north end of the lake sits Vernon, British Columbia, Kelowna sits in the middle, and at the south end of the lake sits Penticton … it is one massive lake and you are only seeing part of the northern end in this photo!

For those that live in the area, the building surrounded by green space is Okanagan College.

This is a picture of my sister’s place from the air, can you see her house? 😉

We arrived home shortly after noon and had time to do some pruning after unpacking. It is nice to be home but I am missing all those smiling faces we left behind in Edmonton!

Until next time …

Brrr … Cold

Last Wednesday we packed up all our warm clothes, I put on my warm winter boots and borrowed winter coat, and we headed to the airport for our flight to Edmonton, Alberta.

Taking off from the Kelowna Airport

Kelowna along the shores of Okanagan Lake

Why would we do this???? Well a visit with our two sons’ and their families was enough to make us brave the very cold weather Edmonton is still having. It is not unusual for Edmonton to still have a lot of snow this time of year but it is never this cold when we come out in the spring 😦

Taking off from Vancouver, British Columbia … we got a really cheap flight but we had to make a brief stop in Vancouver on our way to Edmonton … trust me the flight was so cheap ($236.00 total, return, for the two of us!) that is was worth a stop in Vancouver 🙂

We haven’t really done a lot while we are here, other than visit and spend time with our two grandchildren, but in all honesty there is nothing wrong with that. Hopefully when we return in the fall we will be able to get outside, but we will have time outside with the grandchildren when they visit us next month in Kelowna, B.C..

Arriving in Edmonton. It has been so cold in Edmonton this year that they barely have any snow!

Until next time …

Yard Work

We had three days before the park opened which we spent cleaning all the winter debris from our site and spreading the new gravel they gave us. It was fun to be out in the sunshine doing some yard work … especially because we don’t have to do it!

Before we moved in over a week ago.

Park staff would have cleaned up our site but we didn’t mind being outside getting our hands dirty.

All set-up ☺

Well all those die hard campers braved a cold wet, and occasional snow flurry, throughout the Easter weekend but we did get some sunny breaks and it seemed everyone was enjoying themselves 🙂 The campground was almost full over the weekend but now we are back to just a few campers, which is probably how it will remain for the work week.

This was early Friday morning as the crowds were moving in, we only have a few campers left after the weekend.

Until next time …