Merry Christmas

Hubby liked the quote from my last year Christmas blog so much that he asked me to post it again, so here it is …

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

I also love that quote because Christmas is so much more than presents and I think you feel that more and more as you get older. We no longer need physical things but we love family time. Yes I do get excited about decorations and Christmas baking but that is because they all bring back memories for me of when our children were young and how much fun Christmas was. Now that they are out on their own they are forming new traditions with their husbands, wives, and little ones and it is so neat to watch that. However the traditions that tug at my heart are the ones that they grew up with and still continue 🙂

I am spending the early hours of Christmas morning snuggling with my five month old granddaughter who is teething and not sleeping well … and I am one happy grandma.

From hubby and I we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Until next time …


Two States and One Province In One Day!

And still 1,000 km from home but that’s okay because we are in Edmonton, Alberta where we will spend Christmas with our two son’s and their families 🙂

So maybe I was a little excited to head home for Christmas, and maybe I had us on the road a little … okay a lot … earlier than we needed to be 😆 But I think hubby was also excited because he didn’t argue and he was awake long before I was!

With our coffee in travel mugs, we loaded our suitcases in the truck and headed to the airport in Phoenix. The quickest route is to head directly to I-8 and that means a very brief visit to California as we crossed over the Colorado River and exited onto the interstate. Our visit in California lasted all of two minutes before we crossed back over the Colorado River into Arizona. We had a quick stop at the Border Patrol station and then it was clear sailing to the parking garage.

This pic is for my Kelowna grandsons who love watching Border Wars … Border Patrol Checkpoint on I-8 near Yuma. The dog took a little sniff and we were sent on our way.

We were treated to a beautiful sunrise!

Driving down I-8 west of Gila Bend, AZ

Washroom stop at McDonalds in Gila Bend, AZ

It looks like the sky is on fire!

By 8:30 a.m. the truck was tucked into its space at Sundance Airport Parking (only $37.00 for the week) and we were on the shuttle to the airport.

Once our bags were checked we cleared security and enjoyed a nice breakfast before boarding our flight. It was nice to fly out earlier in the day and we really enjoyed the view from the plane.

Leaving Phoenix

The Grand Canyon

Sunny skies above the clouds just before Edmonton

And we broke through the clouds to see snow! Yipee, you really need snow for Christmas ☺

After clearing customs in Edmonton, Alberta we headed outside to meet our son and the rest of the evening has been spent visiting and snuggling with little grandbabies 🙂

Until next time …

We Are Blessed!

The only reasons we can fly home for Christmas is because we are blessed with wonderful neighbours who keep an eye on Maxx while we are gone.

Yesterday, with the Christmas music playing, I set out to do some Christmas baking. The difference between Christmas baking at home and Christmas baking down here is the lack of snow and the abundance of palm trees. Of course the other difference is no kids at home so nobody to eat all that baking … hubby tries but he can only do so much 😆

Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin (not nearly as good as they usually are), and whipped shortbread.

So I was able to get my baking fix filled along with a few tins of cookies to give to our neighbours and some other friends.

One more sleep and we will be on a plane to Edmonton … I’m getting a little excited!

Merry Christmas …

Text Wars :-)

One thing I can always count on, when it snows at home a few pictures will be sent my way 😆 And I do love it! I have always loved the snow and think it is so pretty when it falls and the ground is covered in nice white fresh snow. When I was working most people would see the first snow fall through the window and be upset, but not me nor my work buddy Blondie, we would both be excited and couldn’t wait to be outside walking in it.

Now I do have to admit that selfishly I also like sitting in the warm sun looking at the pictures I receive and praying that we will have lots of fresh snow when we are home at Christmas. And that usually works, but it also leads to some very unhappy family and friends when I hop back on the plane to return to the warm sunny weather and they are left at home to shovel snow for months and get stuck with the black, dirty, yucky snow … he he, I guess there is a little meaness in me 😉

So this morning the texts started with a picture from our daughter, actually she also sent me one last night and there was a lot more snow this morning.

Shortly after that text I received one from our best friends of their back yard.

Which had hubby racing out the door to send them a picture of our front yard.

And then I had to follow that up at lunchtime with a picture of what we do in Yuma during the days leading up to Christmas 😎

Which of course she had to follow up with how they spend their days in Kelowna leading up to Christmas.

View from their hot tub while enjoying a glass of wine. Well we do have a hot tub we can sit in and we can have a glass of wine while we are there but I have to give them the view!

Hmm, I think she may have won! But come January when we are back in the sun and they are still shoveling snow I bet I’m back in front!

Merry Christmas! …

Six Days To Christmas

I love the Christmas season, I always have, and that hasn’t changed now that we head south for the winter. It is definitely different from what we were used to, but honestly it’s not all bad. Yes I miss being at home with family but our last Christmas at home was the last Christmas our boys were at home and our daughter was already celebrating Christmas morning with her own family, so honestly I think the timing of our southern travels was perfect!  Christmas was going to change anyways and we needed to accept that rather than hanging onto the past.

Now we are decorating when it’s warm out and with the addition of our shed I can add to my decorations 😆

The Christmas presents are my latest addition.

We have spent the last few days visiting with friends who are heading home for Christmas, doing laundry, sitting inside watching Christmas movies and lights twinkling on the Christmas tree.

In four days we will pack our suitcases and make the three hour drive to Phoenix to catch a flight to Edmonton where we will spend Christmas with our two son’s and their families.

Yes Christmas is different but still awesome and a season I truly love!

Until next time …

A Fun Week :-)

Now that the shed is finished life has settled into a slower pace and that’s okay! Most of the past week has been spent inside Maxx because of the wind that has been hitting most of Arizona and California. It was blowing so hard we had to put our heavy zero gravity chairs away and I had to move my big poinsettia up against the fence because the wind kept blowing it around our site! By Saturday the wind had died down and the chairs were back out, but by Sunday the wind was back, and by Sunday evening the wind was gone 😯

All of our Christmas decorations are up and we enjoy watching the lights twinkle outside.

Last Tuesday we took a tour of the Yuma Proving Ground. The Proving Ground is a US Military facility used for testing military equipment. It encompasses 1,307.8 square miles (3,387.2 km) in the Sonoran Desert 30 miles (48km) northeast of Yuma. Our tour was six hours, which included a tour of the parachute testing facility, and the vehicle compound, as well as lunch in the Cactus Café. We enjoyed the tour but felt rushed throughout the day, in fact we were to have an hour at the museum so hubby and I went to the theatre to watch the half hour movie before touring the rest of the museum … we were halfway through the movie when we were told it was time to leave! Cameras are not allowed on the tour so I have no pictures to share 😦

On Saturday we enjoyed the Yuma Electric Light Parade, and it was even better than previous years. There were even more entries this year and the parade was an hour and a half long. While I miss the snow around Christmas, there is something to be said for sitting at a Christmas parade and not having to be bundled up in heavy coats, toques and mittens 😎

There are no shortage of lights at this parade!

Last night I put on my fur lined boots, my fur lined vest, and my Christmas hat with it’s flashing lights, and enjoyed a cup of tea … okay I was more than a little warm but I was definitely in the Christmas spirit! With the Christmas music playing we sat around our fireplace outside and watched the Christmas Golf Cart Parade … as usual it didn’t disappoint 🙂


And that brings you up to date in our life. I hope you are all enjoying your pre Christmas season!

Until next time …

Presenting Our New Shed ☺

Honestly I don’t really think a shed needs a big presentation but I have had requests from family and friends for pictures, and I think hubby did a great job so I wanted to show it off.

We finished it off last Monday with just enough time for the inside paint to dry before the fridge arrived. I really should have done another coat inside but I ran out of paint and I just wanted it done before the fridge went in … and after all, it is just a shed!

It is the perfect size for what we have to store in it.

Other than the Christmas decorations (and the fridge ☺), everything else will go home with us in the spring, but it sure is nice to have a place to store extra stuff and not have to dig through the basement of Maxx looking for things. And of course it’s nice to have a fridge to keep the beer and wine cold for happy hour!

Until next time …