Trial Movie Night

Two years ago one of the campers brought a projector with him and held a movie night in the campground; you can read about it here. Hubby thought that was such a great idea, and probably because of his years of work in the data and sound industry, he wanted to make this a weekly event in the park. Fast forward to this year and he has finally found a projector that will work on 12volt and a fold up screen, which means he can not only hold movie night in the park but movie night can travel with us … we can’t wait to get settled out in the desert this winter and watch a movie on the big screen outside 🙂 Last night was a trial run with a few friends from the park, and we think it was a hit. We enjoyed the movie Up sitting outside under the stars.

We have to start as soon as the sun is down in order to be done by 10:00 when quiet time starts.

We are having fantastic weather and the temperature today was in the high 20C, 83F and tomorrow is forecast to be much of the same, sunny and warm.

The park was almost full last night and will probably be the same tonight, as there are lots of families celebrating Mother’s Day with a weekend of camping.

I took this picture early this morning, it’s my favorite of our spring here so far. Those lazy days of summer, when the beach is full, are just around the corner.

I wish all the mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow, and I will leave you with, what I thought, was a very funny tune I heard on the radio this morning 😀

Mother’s Day is Sunday

And we are all so glad

Because we get to thank you

For putting up with Dad!

Until next time …


2018/2019 Snowbird Wrap-Up

Our year south started off with rainy, foggy weather.

We have been home for four weeks and have had fun catching up with family and friends, made a trip to Edmonton to visit our two sons and family, done numerous loads of laundry, and lot’s of little chores. In the next few weeks we will start washing Maxx both inside and out, and clean out cupboards and storage bays.

But after a few days the weather cleared up and we had a nice drive down the Washington and Oregon coasts.

Without a doubt the highlight of this winter’s travel was our trip to the Cook Islands! Hubby and I had so much fun and can’t say enough good things about the islands and the people. While tourism is a big economic driver to their economy the thing that impressed us the most is how little that affected island life. The locals made us feel very welcome but they were not going to build massive resorts, restaurants, and gift shops to cater to tourists … and we loved that! The island is so laid back and relaxing, definitely worth a visit.

Happy hour views don’t get much better than this!

Coming in for a landing over Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Over the past six months:

  • We only travelled through five states (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Nevada), way down from the thirteen states we hit last year!
  • We covered 7,504 mi (12,077 km), which is down 2,731mi (4,395 km) from 2017/2018 when we travelled 10,235 mi (16,430 km). In fact this was the least distance we have travelled since we hit the road five years ago.
  • We spent $2,152 on fuel compared to $2,719.54 2017/2018; $2,150.60 in 2016/2017; $1,526.24 in 2015/2016; $2,350.54 in 2014/2015; and $5,041.40 in 2013/2014.
  • On average we paid $3.252 a gallon for diesel; up significantly from $2.598 in 2017/2018, $2.514 in 2016/2017, $2.096 in 2015/2016, and $3.128 in 2014/2015, but down from $3.813 in 2013/2014.
  • The most expensive diesel was $4.249 per gallon in Rio Dell, California (California is always our most expensive fuel), last year our highest price was $3.589 per gallon in Lodi, California; our cheapest diesel was $2.459 per gallon in Yuma, Arizona, which is up from last year when our cheapest diesel was $2.259 also in Yuma, and can you believe in 2016 we only paid $1.559 per gallon in Yuma, AZ!

It’s nice to be home and plant our gardens.

And once again we had a great winter and are looking forward to a great summer at the park. Hubby and I have now spent five and a half years living full time in Maxx and we still love the life, and each other 🙂

Hubby found this stump the first year we arrived, I call it my pants stump …I think it looks like a butt with two legs 🙂

Until next time …

How Does My Garden Grow

Well I guess we will see over the next few months, but I think it is off to a good start 🙂

This is the new bed hubby built last year just before we left the park.

This is what it looked like on Sunday after a visit to Costco and a local nursery.

They are building a new main washroom at the park and one of the guys gave hubby some leftover wood. Hubby, being the resourceful man he is, built me another raised bed with the wood. This one is divided so that I can plant potatoes on one side and herbs on the other.

The potatoes are plated on the right hand side of this bed.

We ended our day yesterday with a nice evening around the campfire.

The weather has been sunny but there is still a chill in the air, especially if you are not in the sun, but it is nice to see the trees getting their leaves and the flowers starting to bloom.

This is a friend’s magnolia tree.

My afternoon walk today was extra long because I couldn’t stop taking pictures … it is just so pretty in the park!


The Oregon Grape is beginning to blossom and it smells really nice

Until next time …

What To Say, What To Say

And honestly I have no idea! I’m wordless these days. I have pictures to share but for the life of me I can think of any words to go with them. We have been busy gardening, talking to campers, visiting with friends, and the list goes on … but none of that would really make an interesting blog.

Spring Flowers are making a show.

These purple flowers smell so pretty!

I have tried to write my wrap up post for the winter but I’m stuck on one paragraph and just can’t think of the words I want to use, so I keep giving up. Hopefully one of these days the words will come back and I can finish that post 🙂

Barry the Beaver greets me most mornings and yesterday he brought a friend but I missed the picture.

So until the words come back I will leave you with some more pictures.

Along with Barry, beautiful sunrises also greet me most mornings.

This pretty plant is in my sister’s garden. I love how it has purple and pink flowers on the same plants.

Until next time …

Getting Set-up

We are starting to get settled in at the park, but it would be a lot nicer if the temperatures would warm up some. Yesterday we were running errands and it was nice and warm in the early afternoon but by the time we got back to the park it had clouded over and the temperature dropped. So instead of setting up our site we did the only thing we could do, we snuggled under a blanket and watched a movie 🙂

The level of the lake is low.

Today was forecasted to be sunny and nice so it seemed like a good day to get the pamphlet rack set-up and do some other chores … and it wasn’t to bad of a day, but warmer would still be nicer!

This little guy ran across the beach in front of me on my morning walk and then climbed the tree.

The position as Camp Host at Bear Creek Provincial Park is such a great deal for us, we are able to spend the summer near the lake surround by trees, in a large site with full hook-up and Wi-Fi.

I took this and the last picture with my cell phone so their not great, but he was to cute to leave his picture out of today’s blog ☺

Our duties are pretty simple, we answer questions from campers and keep the pamphlet rack stocked, we also open the gate at night if there is an emergency. We have an On Duty/Off Duty sign, so other than opening the gate at night, our hours are ours to choose. The park has paid staff that collects fees, provide security, and maintain the park.

This is another popular site

So to sum it up … we are able to spend the summer in a campground on the shores of Okanagan Lake, minutes from Kelowna and our family and friends, in a location where we camped as a family every summer … yes we are very lucky 😀

It’s coming along!


Until next time …

Back At The Park

We were both happy to pull back into the Camp Host spot at Bear Creek Provincial Park yesterday, and I was even more happy when I went out for my walk this morning.  It was nice to walk along the lake and visit with the ducks and geese 😎

There is only one loop of the campground open right now but I expect that will change on the weekend. It will definitely change next weekend, Easter is a popular camping weekend.

This is always one of the first sites to go when this loop is opened.

When we were down on the coast there were signs of spring everywhere but when we arrived home in Kelowna we didn’t see any. Once I started looking a little closer I spotted a few 🙂

That is one of the best parts of our life style, we get to enjoy spring in the desert, and then again as we start to head home, and then a final time once we finally get home.

Until next time …

To Close For Comfort!

After some careful consideration and a lot of research we came to the conclusion this morning, that we either left today or we were going to have to stay for another four or five days. The highway cameras showed wet roads, but no snow, and road temps above freezing, but they were calling for snow later this afternoon on the Connector. So we decided to leave around 10:30 which would allow the roads to warm up a little more but hopefully get us over the Connector before the snow started. We also knew that once we were over the Coquihalla we could take a longer route home, through Kamloops, BC if the conditions on the Connector didn’t look good.

If you look in front of the black car in the right hand lane, with his brake lights on, you will see the vehicle who is the reason for today’s blog title. The black car’s brake lights are on because she had just cut him off as she was switching back and forth between the two lanes.

We were on the road for half an hour when a car with Washington plates (the one referred to in the picture above) decided that it was going to change to our lane whether we were there or not. I was looking at highway cameras on my phone when all of the sudden the truck and trailer were swerving off the road. It took me a few seconds to process what was going on and it took hubby a few more seconds to get everything back under control, but he did a fantastic job 😯 Fortunately, for all of us on Highway 1, she pulled of the freeway just shortly after she cut us off.

I took this picture shortly before the incident, we thought she was in front of us but I guess we had passed her. We try to stay behind crazy drivers.

The Coquihalla started off pretty good, wet but no snow.

Just as we entered the snow shed we noticed the rain was mixed with snow.

As we headed up the smasher, these terms are for those of you who are Highway Thru Hell fans, there was snow down to road level and the temperatures where down around freezing.

That didn’t last long and once we hit the summit the snow stopped, the roads dried, the temperature went up, and the sky started to brighten.

This picture was taken shortly after the one above. That’s the Coquihalla; conditions can change in no time!

It looked like we had got in front of the weather, and the cameras on the Connector showed favourable road conditions, so we decided to take the shorter route home and headed over the Connector. The Connector is 500m (1,640ft) higher than the Coquihalla but it doesn’t get the wet snow that the Coquihalla gets so it usually isn’t as worrisome.

As we neared the summit it started to snow and was just starting to stick to the road, so we think we timed our trip perfectly 🙂

The snow was tiny dry flakes unlike the wet big flakes the Coquihalla gets … I much prefer our dry snow to the wet snow on the coast.

The flakes are so small they are hard to see but we heard it got heavier throughout the afternoon.

We always feel like we are home when we come down off the Connector and see Okanagan Lake.

It is nice to be back at the campsite 🙂

Until next time …