A Late Start

I like to leave the blinds in the bedroom open at night so I can see the sun come up as I drink my coffee. Last night it started raining and when it got light out this morning I could see damp trees with the sound of light rain on the roof and it just reminded me so much of being at home. We are now one state away from being back in BC and that always feels good. We love our winters in the warmth of the southern US but it sure is comforting to be so close to home 🙂

The only sad part about the rain was that I had to ditch my flip flops and put on my boots 😦 Since we only had a three hour drive today there was no need to get on the road early. We enjoyed our coffee and some reading time before we headed out.

We spent the first part of our day driving through farmland along I-5 in Oregon. It was pretty even though it was damp.

We made a stop in Wilsonville, Oregon at Fry’s Electronics so that hubby could do some techie tax free shopping, but he was very disappointed, he didn’t find a thing and feels the store is on it’s last legs.

It took me two days but I finally got a picture of the wild daffodils that we see whenever we drive up I-5 in Oregon in the spring.

Tonight we are in the parking lot at Cabela’s in Lacey, Washington. We found Cabela’s on our way south this fall, when we decided the Walmart we usually stay at had become to sketchy, and it has become a favorite place to stay.  Even better, the weather has improved and the flip flops are back on!

Once we were set-up we enjoyed a walk through the store, it is always fun looking at their taxidermy displays and the aquarium.

This ones for you keka ☺

Until next time …

Tax Free Oregon :-)

We headed out early this morning in the rain. The temperatures are still warm enough and we had expected to hit rain as we headed north so we aren’t really disappointed.

Win River Casino in Redding, California. Narrow spaces but all paved and pull through with full hook-up.

It was great to see how much the water has risen in Lake Shasta.

I took this picture of Shasta Lake on April 5, 2014 when the water levels were low.

Almost five years to the day and the water level is much higher! Although it was a much nicer day five years ago.

We drove through some of the area were the forest fire happened last year, it was pretty sad, and unfortunately felt all to familiar to what we see at home 😦

They are doing a lot of work cleaning up along the interstate.

An hour after we hit the road the sun came out and we enjoyed a very pretty drive for the rest of the day.

More pretty flowers.

Our plan was to spend a few nights dry camping in the parking lot at Valley River Centre Mall in Eugene, Oregon. We were told the mall allowed RVers to stay for two nights in the southwest corner, and they had no problems with slides out and jacks down. We would be parked right beside the Ruth Bascon Riverbank with hiking and biking trails and of course I would be very close to all the, tax free, shopping I wanted while hubby chilled at home in Maxx. Well that was the plan, but as of January 1, 2019 the mall no longer allows overnight parking 😦 Walmart in Eugene do not allow overnight stays either so we ended up at Armitage Park, which is a really nice county park with thirty-two sites and full hook-up for $30.00 a night. It also had the added benefit of being close to Camping World and Costco, which were two places we needed to visit in Eugene. So instead of two nights in Oregon we will only stay tonight … oh well I really didn’t need to go to the mall 😦

Until next time …

And The Jello Wiggles Again

The last time we stayed at the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, California we said we wouldn’t do it again, it was noisy and oh so smelly in the morning. The smell is the cattle feed lots in the area and when the wind is blowing the right way it stinks! And yet we happily set sail for the Casino yesterday and had a great night. The location works well for us, and this time we parked at the back of the lot and it was really quite, no road noise at all … and the feedlots didn’t smell. Hubby thinks they must have had some rain that knocked the smell down and of course the direction of the wind or lack of wind helped. When we were there in the fall it was hot and we had all the windows open, this time the temperature dropped down nicely and we didn’t need to leave the windows open overnight, which may have helped as well. Whatever the reason, we had a great stay and will stay there again.  As an added bonus there is a gas station on site with the cheapest fuel in town 🙂

As we made our way over to I-5 we drove by onion fields

and tomato fields

and lots of almond orchards!

Now to the wiggling jello … our plan was to stay in Lodi, California tonight at a Passport America park. By the time we hit Lodi it was raining and even being a Passport America park, the RV Park is very pricey ($32.50 PA per night), especially when you are just sitting inside the RV all afternoon reading. So we headed onto Redding, California were we are staying at another Casino.

We could see the weather starting to come in but it made some pretty shadows on the grasslands.

The grass was green but I think it is so vivid in this picture because I took it through hubby’s side window, I’m guessing the tinting made the colors more vivid ☺

Win River Casino in Redding is not a free stay, they charge $26.00 a night but they offer full hook-up and a nice RV area. Plus we each received $15.00 in gambling money, which between the two of us we turned into enough money to pay for our night’s stay plus dinner!

Pretty view from the patio of the restaurant, to bad it was raining and we couldn’t sit outside.

Until next time …

Goodbye Laughlin, NV – Hello Bakersfield, CA??

We needed to head back to I-40 for our trip to Bakersfield today and we had a couple of options on how to do that. We could head up towards Las Vegas and take I-15 down to I-40 but that was an additional eight-minute drive and we had done that route before. Another option was to head back through Laughlin towards Needles, which was the route we came in on and it was very rough just outside of Needles. That left crossing the river and driving through Bullhead City to Needles and onto I-40, and as you may remember from my last blog, we hate the stop and go through Bullhead City. But I found a way around that, we took the Bullhead Parkway which has a lot less traffic lights and moves quickly … it was definitely a good way to go 🙂

Once we were on I-40 the view was pretty much the same for the next three hours. We drove through the Mojave Desert and we were able to mark off one more section of I-40 that we have never driven before.

I’m not sure what these yellow flowers are in the picture below but they covered the desert around Barstow, CA.

Just to be on the safe side we decided to top up with fuel at one of our favorite stations, the Flying J in Tehachapi, CA. We like this station for the easy access and the separate RV fuel pumps and we also get a discount with our Good Sam card, which is a good thing because fuel is expensive in California, $3.59 a gallon for diesel, with our discount!

Where you wondering why there were question marks following Bakersfield in the title of today’s blog? Well our planned destination was a casino in Bakersfield but I suspected that hubby would change his mind and drive another hour to the casino in Lemoore, CA. Why did I think that? Well the last three times we have planned on spending the night in Bakersfield we have ended up in Lemoore … and I was right, today was no different 🙂 Not really sure why he doesn’t stop in Bakersfield, other than we are usually there in the early afternoon and there is not much to do in a Casino parking lot, we are not gamblers and I hate the smoke in casinos, so we usually push on. Yes we are still at a casino in Lemoore but we are spending an hour less in their parking lot … I don’t know, just go with me here!

Until next time …

Laughlin, NV Versus Bullhead City, AZ

Most of the people we know, and blogs we read, stay in Bullhead City, Arizona, which is right across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada.

View of Laughlin from Bullhead City.

And another view of Laughlin

Beach along the Colorado River in Bullhead City.

Now we have nothing against Bullhead City but it is much cheaper, and we think more exciting, to stay in Laughlin, Nevada. Plus Bullhead City is spread out for miles down the highway and it takes forever to get anywhere there. Fortunately the only place we need to visit in Bullhead City is Sam’s Club and it is right across the river from where we are staying, so it takes less than ten minutes to get there.

Looking down Casino drive in Laughlin

And the flowers/trees are prettier here as well.

Tonight we went over to the casino for two of our free buffets and we were not impressed with the food 😦 Up until now we have always used our freebies for breakfast, so we thought it would be a nice treat to have dinner instead … lets just say we won’t do that again. The views and the service were excellent though!

That’s Bullhead City, Arizona on the other side of the Colorado River.

Until next time …

A Trip To The Pool

One of the reasons we like staying at the Riverside Casino Resort, aside from the cheap price of $109.00 for a week with four free buffets, is the fact that we can use the pool at the casino. I know most RV Parks in the south have pools but somehow sitting at a hotel pool with bar service, free towels, and great music is nice for a change.

We didn’t order anything to drink but I did look at the menu and the food and drink prices weren’t that bad … maybe next time.

A nice spot to sit for lunch with a view of the Colorado River

And that was enough exercise for us for one day 🙂

Until next time …

So Sad :-(

I came across this motorhome during one of my walks around the RV Park. I sure hope everyone made it out okay.

Life has been pretty laid back in our house for the last few days. Hopefully hubby is feeling better tomorrow and we can get out and do a few things before we head further north next week.

Until next time …