Top Ten Pictures of 2014

Well 2014 started with forty-four pictures, and I am shedding a lot of tears over eight of those photo’s that didn’t make the cut 😥 However I said I would only choose ten so, with hubby’s help, here are our top ten pictures of 2014.

Hobe Beach, Florida. Picture taken 24 January 2014

Hike Through Alpine Meadow in Manning Park, British Columbia. Picture taken 12 July 2014

Seagull, SR101, Oregon … can you believe I had a hard time choosing which seagull picture to post! Picture taken 23 October 2014

Port of Newport RV Park, Newport, Oregon. Picture taken 23 October 2014

SR101, Oregon. Picture taken 26 October 2014

Avenue of the Giants, Northern California SR101. Picture taken 28 October 2014

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. Picture taken 01 November 2014

Rancho California RV Resort, Aguanga, California. Picture taken 8 November 2014

Rancho California RV Resort, Aguanga, California. Picture taken 8 November 2014

Rancho California RV Resort, Aguanga, California. Picture taken 8 November 2014

And because I have Irish in my blood I just couldn’t cut this photo so I have to give it an honorable mention.

Shamrock, Trees of Mystery, Klamath, California. Picture taken 26 October 2014

Again I would love your input on your favorite 2014 photo 🙂

Until next time …

Top Ten Pictures of 2013

I’m not a fan of the year-end blog review where bloggers recap what they have done for the past year. I totally get why people do it, it is a nice record of your year, but I have read your blog all year so it’s nothing new. Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write one, I am very happy to peruse the pictures, ignore the story and wait for your next blog 🙂

However I did enjoy a blog written by Adventure Dog where she posted her favorite pictures of the year. I commented that I loved the idea and thought I would do that with my blog as well, and she replied “You’re very welcome although I’m not sure if you’ll be thanking me once you try to pick photos”, and wow was she right! I have been going through our pictures since the beginning of our travels making sure they are named correctly and thinning them out. Since I was doing that, I thought I would choose my favorites at the same time.

I decided I would limit my choices to our top ten pictures for each year.  I really thought 2013 would be easy because we didn’t start traveling until November 21, 2013, but I manage to come up with twenty-two favorite pictures. So in comes hubby to help wheedle it down to ten … it still wasn’t easy, but here they are 🙂

Feel free to ignore this blog; I won’t be offended … although FYI the rest of the years will follow every Monday over the next four weeks!

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada. Taken 27 November 2013

River Walk, San Antonio, Texas. Picture taken 7 December 2013

Blue Heron, Poche’s Fish-n-Camp Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Picture taken 10 December 2013

Of course there has to be a sunset in the top ten! Poche’s Fish-n-Camp Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Picture taken 10 December 2013

Suwanee River, Suwanee County, Florida. Picture taken 16 December 2013

Bobcat, Homosassa State Park, Homosassa, Florida. Picture taken 17 December 2013

I’m not sure what type of owl this is and when I asked hubby his response was “sleeping”, yup no help at all! So … Sleeping owl, Homosassa State Park, Homosassa, Florida. Picture taken 17 December 2013

Squirrel, Homosassa State Park, Homosassa, Florida. Picture taken 17 December 2013

Waldo the alligator, Homosassa State Park, Homosassa, Florida. Picture taken 17 December 2013

Waldo the alligator, Homosassa State Park, Homosassa, Florida. Picture taken 17 December 2013

If I am still blogging in another ten years, and I hope I am, I will probably do our top ten photo’s of the decade for my own records. If you want to vote on your favorite for 2013, feel free to do so in the comments … it would sure help me out, since we can’t come to an agreement on our favorite.

Until next time …

An Awesome Winter!

Our trip home yesterday was great; we were a little worried about hitting snow on the Coquihalla or the Connector but the only snow we saw was on the sides of the highway.

We hit wet roads from Langley to just north of Hope …

But after that the roads were dry and the skies cleared …

And then the snow disappeared …

And finally we got our first view of Okanagan Lake☺

And eventually we pulled into our daughter’s driveway and were welcomed by very happy and excited grandchildren and this sign on the door courtesy of our granddaughter!

Well our first snowbird adventure has come to an end and we both enjoyed it immensely but it sure is nice to be home!

Over the five months (137 days) we were away:

• we covered 14,093 miles (22,680 km);

• spent $5,041.40 in fuel and $3,703.34 for RV Parks;

• averaged 12.74 miles to the gallon;

• spent $236.61 on oil changes and routine maintenance to the truck and Maxx;

• spent $49.50 in road tolls (mostly in Florida and a few in Houston)

• cell phone and internet cost us $685.19;

• hubby cleared just over $1,000 in winnings between Vegas and his latest win in Fort Langley;

• I took well over 3,000 pictures and saved only 864! Still friends and family that is 864 pictures you may be forced to sit down and watch☺;

• and the most important fact of all …. Hubby and I have survived in a 400 square foot home on wheels and are still speaking to each other!!

I won’t be posting a daily blog again until we hit the road next fall but I will post throughout the summer whenever we hit the road for trips around B.C., so stay tuned☺

Until next time …

Homeward Bound … And So Excited!!!

We had a great time visiting with family on the coast although we unfortunately missed hubby’s sister, but we will be back in this area in the not so distance future.

But not being able to hook up with his sister left us some time to fill … what should we do … duh, no brainer, we should get on the road and head home!

We are so excited to see all our family at home that we just couldn’t wait any longer. We are now on the road and will be set up in our daughter’s driveway before the grandkids go to bed … warm squeezy hugs here we come!

Until next time …

A Visit to Steveston, B.C.

Today hubby and I had lunch with his mom, made a visit to Ikea, and then spent some time driving around Richmond where I grew up before heading to Steveston to meet up with my cousin and her husband.

I wanted to go and visit the daffodil farms at the end of Westminister Highway because the daffodil’s are in bloom now, but as I suspected the fields have given away to new subdivisions 🙂  When my sister, and I were young we lived along the ocean in Richmond and spent many hours walking and riding up and down the dike between the daffodil farms and Steveston so it was disappointing, but of course expected, seeing all the growth in the area. Even though the daffodil’s were gone there were tons of geese grazing in the fields along the dike as well as the dike itself.

They were so used to humans that the man in picture below walked through them and they didn’t even budge!

Steveston has also changed a lot over the years … gone are the corner stores full of penny candies and the fish stores. Now the area is full of condos, tourist shops and restaurants, but at least the fishing boats are still there.

And best of all the restaurant were we are having dinner has a great view of the marina and free Wi-fi so I was able to post this blog☺

View from the restaurant window 🙂


Until next time …

Welcome Back to Canada!

I guess Canada was happy to have us back because hubby and I went to the Fort Langley Pub for dinner last night and played the BC Lotto Pacific Holdem and won $372.00! We used to play it occasionally when we went out for dinner so we thought this would be a fitting welcome back to Canada, and it was! Of course it helped that hubby accidently spilt his beer (and yes it was his first☺) and the server gave him a new one. Up until then we won $6.00 so we reinvested that money to kill time while he finished his beer … and we won $372.00!

We have wondered what has changed at home since we have been gone and with our big win yesterday we discovered that Canada has release new $10 and $5 dollar bills.

Today we had a great lunch and visit with hubby’s mom and one of his brothers and sister-in-law and now we are headed over to his other brother and sister-in-law’s for dinner … it sure is nice to be back with family!

Until next time …

Vancouver 158 Miles Ahead!

It was so exciting to see that road sign, we are getting closer to home☺ Our plan was to stay in Anacortes, Washington tonight and cross back into Canada tomorrow but once we saw Vancouver on the road sign we both knew we wanted to cross over tonight. We made a stop in a Costco parking lot and pulled out our passports, Canadian money and credit cards and headed for the border at Lynden. There was no wait and we were through in less than two minutes!

The only questions we were asked where:

• Where do you live?

• How long were you away? And when hubby said five months she asked with some surprise in her voice “And you haven’t been back at all”?

• Total value of goods brought back?

• Any alcohol?

• Any repairs to the truck or trailer? To which hubby advised we had an oil change and some warranty work done on both.

And then she told us to have a good day and we were on our way! Wow, way to easy☺

We are now camped at Fort Camping at Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley. We plan to spend some time visiting with hubby’s family and my cousin before we head back to the Okanagan to get all those warm squeezy hugs from the little people waiting for us!

Until next time …