Goodbye Wyoming

Our visit to Wyoming was to short! There was so much we would have liked to do such as the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park but we didn’t want to deal with snow. We will make a trip down to those areas in the summer when we can fully enjoy what they have to offer.

We left Casper early because we wanted to get into our RV Park in Denver before rush hour traffic hit. The first forty-five minutes of our drive was a continuation of the Wyoming topography we had yesterday. As we got closer to the southeastern part of the state we started to see more leafy trees and greener grass, which was a nice change from the dry boring topography we had been driving through.

We loved the red road sections of I-25, they were very smooth unlike the concrete sections of an interstate.

I-25 gets a lot of wind, which causes blowing snow in the winter, this was very evident by all the wind/snow fences along the sides of the highway. You can see a fence section in the picture below along with some newly planted trees. All along our travels through Wyoming there were new sections of planted trees, which we think are intended to grow up and be future wind/snow breaks.So am I the only one that thinks this is the stupidest thing ever? We stopped at a rest stop along I-25, near mile marker 90, in Wyoming and they stated they had free Wi-Fi. Great! We had been without cell service since Wednesday morning and I really wanted to check my emails and make sure everything was okay at home, so I go to log in. It turns out they want all your personal information and to make sure they get it, you must enter your email address or cell phone number and they will email or text you the password …. Are you kidding me? If I had access to either of those I wouldn’t need your stupid Wi-Fi!!! Okay I’m over it, thanks for letting me vent 🙂

When we were a half hour from our chosen campground in Denver I called just to confirm they had room. We don’t like to make reservations in advance because we want the flexibility to change our mind. The only time we have made reservations in advance was for sites on the Florida Keys and the only time we got caught not having a reservation was in Napa, CA. So I was shocked when I called our chosen RV Park and was told there was “no room at the inn” and when I asked if they could recommend somewhere else the gentleman, very apologetically, told me he thought everywhere in the area would be fully booked!

Now that wasn’t good! The main reason I added Denver to our travels was because hubby wanted to tour the Blue Moon Brewing Co., at Coors Field and I really wanted to go to Boulder, CO. I became interested in Boulder after reading the Alan Gregory (who lived in Boulder) series by the author Stephen White.

Hubby turned off I-25 at the next exit where there was a large shopping mall. We were able to park at the back of the lot and found a restaurant, with Wi-Fi, where we could have lunch and start making phone calls to find an RV Park. We were not having any luck until hubby tripped across the Jefferson Country Fairgrounds. Success! They were able to put us into a 50 amp site tonight and tomorrow, as long as we were willing, we could move to a 30 amp site for two nights … yes we were willing!

When we were in Napa and unable to get into the RV Park we had originally chosen we lucked out and found an even better park for $20.00 less a night, and the same thing happened here. The original park I had chosen was $50.00 a night, and the Fairground was $40.00 for the first night and $30.00 for the next two nights. It is a very well maintained park, all the sites are paved and have strong free WiFi, but they are close together. That really didn’t matter to us since we are going to be out visiting the area not sitting outside the RV.

Until next time …

Close Call For The Flip Flops

I almost tossed the flip flops in the closet and pulled out my socks and boots, but I’m a die hard flip flop lover and I just couldn’t do it, even though it was only 1C, 34F when we left Butte, MT yesterday! Now I’m not completely crazy, it wasn’t long before I was in the warm truck and by noon the temperature was 22C, 72F so flip flops were appropriate 🙂

Yup that snow on them thar hills. I’m glad hubby found us a valley to travel through!

Just outside of Butte we crossed the continental divide, it was all down hill from there! We also noticed signs stating “Truck Speed Limit 45” and then “Truck Speed Limit 35” followed by “Truck Speed Limit 25”, which was a clear indication to us that there was a long downhill stretch coming and they were trying to slow the trucks down … and it was a long hill! It is long hills like that when hubby really appreciates his engine brake, he didn’t have to hit the brakes once down the hill.

As we came down the hill we hit the prairies and did a little happy dance because it’s only going to get warmer now 🙂Our original plan was to spend the night in Billings, MT but as we got closer hubby decided we might as well continue on. Traffic was light, we had clear blue skies, and no real plans for Billings, so hubby thought we should continue on to Casper, WY and gain back the day we lost in Missoula. I wasn’t complaining because we turned south just after we left Billings and that just meant we are closer to warmer temperatures! As we approached the state line Montana treated us to a beautiful show of fall colors.All the colorful trees disappeared when we crossed into Wyoming.I was finally able to get a picture of what we think are antelope. They have been gracing the fields along our entire drive today so I was happy to finally get a picture.

Until next time …