A Little Preview Of What’s To Come!

This is the view we woke up to in the Walmart parking lot this morning!

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Hello Albuquerque, New Mexico

Not only did last nights RV Park provide us with a free limo ride to dinner, they also provided us with coffee and pastries for breakfast, which was nice because we wanted an early start today.

We had a long drive today, five hours, and I really don’t have any nice pictures to show for it, but since I read a long time ago that a blog without pictures isn’t very interesting here is what you get 🙂

I didn’t see a single oil pump but I did see field after field of wind turbines, so I’m thinking north Texas has moved from oil to wind power.

New Mexico has the best state entrance signs!

Tonight we are staying at a Walmart near the Balloon Festival grounds. We planned this so that we could be into the grounds early tomorrow as we are only fifteen minutes away.

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Holy Wind Batman … Or Holy Cold Batman!

We spent last night in Vado, New Mexico, which is between Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  It may not have been the best park we’ve been in but it definitely had the best natural view from Maxx’s front window and it was only $19.00 a night with full hook-up.

It was still really windy when we arrived at the park but with the landing gear down on Maxx we no longer felt like we were on a ship in heavy seas, of course I’ve never been on a ship in heavy seas, but you get the idea!  We woke up to rain this morning and the temperature was down to 48° (9c) but fortunately the winds have died down a bit.

Nice view from Maxx’s window

Even better view from Maxx’s window

Hubby’s pre trip plan had us spending the night in El Paso but for some reason, right from the beginning, I didn’t want to stay there.  Maybe it was because of a TV show I watched based in El Paso that made me wary but I was happy we stayed in Vado.  I was prepared to reconsider my opinion when we drove through El Paso this morning but other than seeing a really nice outlet mall, that hubby wouldn’t let me stop at, we didn’t see much of the city.  Our GPS (hubby has called the GPS Holly from the day our first GPS was installed in our old truck) sent us on a loop road around El Paso and we only saw the city from up high on a mountain pass.  The loop road took us straight up into the Franklin Mountains and then straight down to the outskirts of the city.  The little bit I did see didn’t look too bad.

Climb up Franklin Mountain

Almost at the top, stopped to take pics of El Paso

Where we are heading

It rained all day and there really wasn’t much to see on our morning drive but we did have a little excitement, we went through a US Border Patrol station about 100 miles after we passed into Texas.  They asked if we were US citizens and when we said we were Canadian they asked where we were going and then sent us on our way.  Around noon we stopped at a rest stop for a leisurely lunch but it was so cold, now down to 32° (0c), that we quickly made our lunch and got back in the truck to eat it. We are once again worrying about the water lines freezing … what a difference from a day ago!  The afternoon was spent driving through heavy rain and fog with limited visibility.  The speed on the Interstate in Texas is 80 miles per hour but believe me nobody was driving that fast!  There was slush on the sides of the road and a half-inch of ice covering the front of Maxx by the time we finally arrived in Fort Stockton, now 29° (-2c).

Ice on Maxx … picture doesn’t do it justice

I know -2c doesn’t seem cold to our family and friends back home but remember we are living in an RV, towing an RV, and only have summer clothes … give us some sympathy cause we feel for you back home!  We have had enough driving so we found an RV park for the night so that we could turn on the heat to warm Maxx, and us, up.

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