Chore Day☹

We were enjoying our time at this RV Park so much that we tried to stay on for another month.  There was space available with the exception of a three day period were they were fully booked so rather than find somewhere else for three days we decided to start heading south … so today is chore day in preparation for our journey south tomorrow.  Chore Day involved inside and outside cleaning of Maxx, laundry, and washing the truck inside and out … really yesterday was a lot more fun!  The weather is supposed to take a turn for the cold tomorrow and as we head north the weather doesn’t improve, so our plan is to drive while it’s cold and once it warms up we will start to slow down and spend some time in different areas.  We really hope the weather improves by the time we get to Corpus Christi as we would like to spend some time in Texas along the Gulf of Mexico so keep your fingers crossed for us:-)

Until next time …

Beautiful Florida Sunshine☺

There is a cold front heading this way but you would never know it from today’s weather, gorgeous blue ski and warm ocean air!  We will be leaving Florida in a few days so it seemed like a good idea to hit the beach again.

Atlantic Ocean Beach … I’m in Love 🙂

Most days the beaches are intermingled with fisherpersons (see I’m politically correct) and sunbathers which always proves to be entertaining:-)  The fisherpersons keep hubby interested and that allows me to enjoy my current book, but today the catch of the day was more interesting than my book!

Stingray! They were quick to let this one go!

Until next time …

Beach Day & Wishful Thinking☺

The day started off with a nice drive down County Road 714 …

CR714 into Stuart Florida

I always find driving down this road relaxes me, so by the time we hit the beach I was pretty mellow and we were both looking forward to relaxing in the sun and sand:-)

This is the first time we have been to this beach and the entrance was really pretty.

Entrance to Stuart Beach through the mangroves

View of beach at end of pathway 🙂

Once we were settled on the beach “mean” hubby called his sister to wish her happy birthday … and yes he had to mention he was sitting at the beach on the Atlantic Ocean:-)

All too quickly it was time to head back to Maxx, but we had to make a quick stop at the store.  Remember how I mentioned a few days ago that I had found my perfect coach but it was $500,000?  Well actually hubby reminded me it was really $585,000.  Anyway in the parking lot of the store I found the perfect “toad” (for those of you who do not know RV lingo, that is what you call the car towed behind your coach/motorhome).

My new McLaren … it’s only going to set me back $350,000 USD!

And of course if I’m zipping along in my new toad, it’s a good thing we came across this road sign!

This is the first time we have seen these signs.

But then we arrived home and I had to stop daydreaming:-)

Until next time …


Lake Okeechobee

Today we took a 5-mile walk along the levy surrounding Lake Okeechobee.  The weather was perfect; 70F (20C) with a slight breeze, which made it perfect walking weather.  This was my first walk of any distance since breaking my foot and before that happen I was walking 12K (7.5 miles) per day so it felt great to finally be able to walk some distance without pain 🙂

When the levy around the lake was constructed from dirt that was excavated along the perimeter, which resulted in a deep channel surrounding the lake, this channel is called the Rim Canal.  We had to drive 2-miles from the RV park in order to cross the Rim Canal and access the levy.  Our walk started at one of the locks that provides access for boats from the Lake to the Rim Canal and we were lucky enough to see a boat go through the lock.

Boat entering the lock

And leaving the lock

When we looked at the levy from our spot in the RV park we thought the lake was just on the other side but once we got up on the levy we were surprised to see it is still some distance to water.  This is partially due to the water level being low this time of year and also the lake is surrounded by a lot of marshland.

Lake Okeechobee

Rim Canal on the right, lake on the left

It was fun to see the RV park from up on the levy and I was able to get some pictures of the park and of Maxx tucked in his spot:-)

Our RV Park for the past month 🙂

The Tiki Hut, home of happy hour 🙂

Maxx tucked in his spot 🙂

After a visit with this cute little caterpillar it was time to head back to the Tiki Hut for happy hour:-)

Pretty Caterpillar 🙂

Until next time …

School Buses, The Moon, & Beaches

I have noticed that school buses in the United States have white roofs and flashing lights on the roof … why is this I wondered?  So off I go to Google and here is what I found out on … “School buses have white roofs in several states. This is set up so police helicopters can quickly identify a school bus. In the case of accidents or other issues on the road, first responders can quickly identify where children may be in danger.”  So now I know:-)

I also noticed the moon today during our travels.  I can’t remember ever seeing the moon during the day but hubby says he has and again a search of the internet shows it’s not that uncommon … oh well, I was impressed.

We took a drive out to Hobe Beach, Florida on the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a beautiful area and we drove down a road with very expensive houses along the ocean … actually they are probably called estates 🙂   In amongst the fancy houses there was a beach access so we stopped to take some pictures, the beach was closed to swimming because of the high waves.

Hobe Beach, Florida

This sign surprised me because I thought alcohol was prohibited from beaches at all times but I guess I was wrong.

Until next time …

A New RV In Our Future?

I wasn’t able to get close enough to get a picture of the flames, but trust me they were big!

Today we headed off to Fort Myers to attend an RV Show.  We have no plans to buy a new RV but we like to see what is out there.  We did find a $500,000 coach that we really liked but since that’s not in our financial plan we were happy to see that there were no fifth wheels that beat what we already have:-)

On the way to Fort Myers we passed several burning sugar cane fields.  Sugar cane fields are burned immediately before harvesting, and I read that a 40-acre field burns in 15 to 20 minutes!  After the fields are burned mechanical harvesters deposit the cut cane into field wagons.  Hopefully we will see this happening during our travels in the next few days.

 We also passed a young sugar cane field that we think was planted around October and from what I have read it takes twelve months until it’s ready for harvest.

Baby Sugar Cane

At the RV Show we had the opportunity to try funnel cake, which I have heard a lot about but have never seen.  Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter into hot cooking oil in a circular pattern and deep-frying the overlapping mass until it turns golden-brown, they are then served with powdered sugar, sugar with cinnamon, fresh fruit, or other toppings.  We had ours with cinnamon sugar and while it was good, I’m glad we shared it … it was very sweet and even half of one was a little much.

Funnel Cake

Since we were in Fort Myers we took the opportunity to check out a few RV Parks.  We drove through four different parks and they were all crowded and not somewhere we wanted to stay, but the drive through the streets of Fort Myers was very pretty.

Palm Tree Lined Streets 🙂

I will leave you with one final thought … I wonder how many “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” street signs there are in the United States?  So far there has been one in every town we have driven through:-)

Until next time …

Goodbye Poinsettia … Or Maybe Not

Have you thrown away your Christmas poinsettia yet?  Normally by now I have thrown all of mine out and I did consider throwing this years plant out before we left on our cruise, but it still had red leaves and was healthy so hubby planted it in the garden outside the trailer where it would get water while we were gone.  Now this is a totally foreign concept to us as you could never plant a poinsettia outside at home and expect it to survive, in fact to even get it home from the store before Christmas we would have to cover it up and take it directly home.  I am happy to say my poinsettia is thriving in the outdoors and I can’t wait to see how long the red leaves last … I will keep you posted:-)

As I was sitting at the table writing this blog at least twenty Ibis, all in a nice orderly line, strolled through the space beside us.  I manage to get a few pictures and then something startled them and they flew off … do you remember the movie The Birds?  Well they looked like a scene from the movie!

Ibis Swarm


Boy that movie frighten me when I was little, I was afraid to walk under trees on the way to school because I thought the birds would swoop out and start pecking me.  When our children were in their early teens I thought they could handle watching this scary movie so I rented it for them … yup it wasn’t scary at all and the special effects were so lame compared to the movies they were watching at the time:-)

Until next time …

Party Time☺

Today was a pretty laid back day spent relaxing in the sun until Happy Hour, and then it was party time:-)  Some people in the RV park organized a pot luck while we were away on our cruise and I’m glad we were back in time to attend.  Almost everyone in the park joined in including one gentleman who is a great country singer, guitar, and electric keyboard player!  I am beginning to understand why people stay in one place for the winter, we have developed some great friendships while we are here and tonight we were told we need to stay for the Superbowl party on February 2nd … I have never watched a Superbowl before but who knows, maybe this is the year!

Beautiful Sunset .. a perfect end to a perfect night 🙂

Until next time …

Really, I Have To Make My Own Bed?

This guy didn’t seem to care that we were sitting at the Tiki Hut, he was there for about ten minutes before he flew off.

It was back to reality today and it really hit when I went back into the bedroom after hubby got up and I had to make the bed, I really wish Elder our stateroom attendant had come home with us:-)

We didn’t do much today, housework and shopping, and then a visit to the Tiki Hut to catch up with friends.


Until next time …

Awesome Cruise☺

We had a very enjoyable seven night cruise to the Western Caribbean on board the Celebrity Silhouette.  I won’t bore you with all the highlights but I will pass on a few:

  •  On day one we left Maxx at our RV Park.  With all our friends from happy hour watching over Maxx for the week we were not too worried about him misbehaving:-)  We arrived at the port in Fort Lauderdale at 1120 hours and pulled into the Park & Go lot where we were asked if we had made a reservation … gosh we never even thought of that … but fortunately we were early enough that there was still room (if we do this again we will definitely make a reservation).  After giving us our parking slip and a AAA/BCAA discount we were directed to pull under the canopy where they quickly unloaded our luggage, put it on a bus, took the keys for the truck and told us to have a great trip … valet parking for $10.25 a day, what a great deal!  After a short bus drive we were dropped off at the terminal and proceeded to check-in.  By 1215 hours, less than one hour after arriving at the port, we were sitting at the Sunset Bar enjoying a beverage … I can’t believe how fast the entire process was.

View from the Sunset Bar.

  • On day four we went swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman, if you have never done it I highly recommend it.  This was my second time and it was just as much fun as the first time.  We ended up being deluged with rain while we where out on the sandbar, but the water was warm, the sand was soft and white, and the stingrays where friendly:-)  A few interesting facts about Grand Cayman … their dollar is worth $1.20 USD and diesel is $5.76 for an imperial gallon which, with the exchange and difference in imperial versus US gallon, works out to the same price, $5.76 per US gallon but in Canada, with the exchange rate, it works out to  $1.64 per Canadian litre.  I really hope I got the math right but remember I’m on holidays … so if I got it wrong don’t tell me, just go with it!

The storm is rolling in!

Friendly stingray 🙂

Hubby with all his friends 🙂

  • Day six we spent in Labadee, Haiti and it was wonderful.  The sun was shining, the temperature was 95F or 35C, the sand was white and soft and the water was once again a perfect temperature!  Labadee is Royal Caribbean and Celebrity’s private beach and it is a great port.  We spent the day in the Caribbean Sea, had a great lunch, and bought some souvenirs from the locals, I could have easily spent more than one day in this oasis.

Labadee, Haiti

Our beach 🙂 There are many to choose from but I think Nellie’s Beach is the best. Our beach 🙂 There are many to choose from but I think Nellie’s Beach is the best.

Shopping 🙂

  • Our last day at sea was spent watching an awesome Canadian Hypnotist, Ryan  Joyce, and attending the captains presentation about the Secrets of Navigation.  We were lucky to have a very funny captain on our ship; Captain Dimitrios Kaferzis … if you are ever fortunate enough to be on one of his cruises you are in for a treat!  During our lifeboat drill he was very serious about his explanation on how the chain of command worked in an emergency.  If something happened to him, then the next in command was in charge, and if something happen to that officer, then the third in command was in charge and if something happen to that officer then you were obviously having a very bad day:-)  That set the tone for the rest of the cruise!  The Canadian Hypnotist, Ryan Joyce, was very good and I would definitely recommend his show if you ever have the chance … among other funny events he had three men walking through the audience thinking they were Chippendale dancers … I think you can imagine the rest!

So now we have arrived back at the RV Park and Maxx survived his time alone and we really did miss him.  The weather is great and we are looking forward to some great beach days before we head west again.

Until next time …