Good Bye Florida

It has been fun but we sure have had some strange weather, one day we are at the beach, the next day it’s really cold, then your back at the beach, and then you hit northern Florida and it’s snowing!  We almost decided to stay another day in Holt, Florida because the temperature was right at freezing, it was raining, and the fog was heavy but after checking out the weather in areas further west we decided to go for it and it turned out to be the right move.  The start of our drive was very foggy …

Notice how I snuck in a bridge picture 🙂

but the temperature quickly rose to the low 50’sF, 10C and the fog lifted to reveal clear sunny skies.

As we were driving along today I remembered a funny story from Lake Okeechobee, we were sitting around the Tiki Hut talking about the weather one day, when I mentioned that I had looked at my weather app and it was supposed to get down to 1 degree the next day.  While I thought that was a little cold I was very surprised by the shocked expression on all the faces around me … and then it dawned on me, my weather app is in Celsius … way to scare a bunch of American’s:-)

We drove through Alabama and Mississippi,

Mississippi Rest Stop … blue sky and 65F, 18C 🙂

and then into Louisiana where we started to see bayous again.



I think this is the main reason the interstate was closed on Wednesday and most of yesterday throughout the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and parts of Louisiana.  We saw a few vehicles that had rolled and they were all just after crossing a bridge.





This was an interesting sight in Baton Rouge … I didn’t think this was legal!

One vehicle towing two more!

We crossed the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, not in Mississippi where I was expecting to cross it:-)

I can’t resist throwing in one little bridge tidbit:-)  The open deck bridge on I-10 in Lake Charles, LA rises from 3 feet up to 141 feet and then a quick back down to 3 feet … it really creeps hubby out (okay me too)!

While the scenery is pretty in Louisiana the interstate is rough, it’s like driving over washboard, so we were happy to pass into Texas.

The Lone Star greeted us we entered Texas



We really want to spend more time exploring these southern states but unfortunately we have battled weather on our way out and again on our way back west.  Our plan was to spend some time along the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama and Texas but the weather forecast is for cold and rain so I guess we will leave the Gulf for another year.  Now we will make a fast trip through the weather to the west coast where it is much warmer:-)



Until next time …

I Don’t Think Florida Wants Us to Leave!

It did occur to me this morning that it is kind of fun to lie on the beach one day and then snuggle under the duvet beside the fireplace the next day, especially because you know that in the not to distance future you will be back on the beach:-)

The RV Park we stayed at last night is right along I-10 and we were worried it would be noisy from the highway traffic but once the freezing rain started we just wanted to get off the road in a hurry and this park was handy.  When we woke up this morning I mentioned to hubby that I had a great sleep and didn’t hear any traffic noises … well there was a reason for that … I-10 was closed in both directions due to ice, and had been since shortly after we pulled over last night!  It is a foreign concept to us to see interstates, schools, and airports closed when the temperature is just below freezing and there is no snow, but then you consider that vehicles around here do not have snow tires and are not used to driving in these conditions and it does make sense.

No access to Interstate 10 😦

At 1300 hours the interstate reopened and 1330 hours we headed out, the roads were dry, the sun was out and it had warmed up to 50F, 10C.  We got 31 miles before the interstate was closed down again.  We spent an hour stuck in traffic before we managed to creep our way into a Rest Stop where we got the last RV/Truck space.  One thing that surprised us is how difficult it was to get information on why I-10 was closed.  We tried local radio stations, television stations, searching the web for “I-10 closure Florida Panhandle” with no results and everyone at the Rest Stop was saying the same thing.  Even pulling up the Florida 511 website which lists traffic incidents provided little information and long after the interstate reopened the website still listed it as closed.  Finally a half hour after pulling into the Rest Stop traffic started moving again and then all was good … for another 80 miles when traffic came to a halt and this time there was no Rest Stop in site:-(  After another 40 minute stop traffic started moving again, no idea what was up this time either but according to Florida 511 there was no closure!  We travelled for about 50 miles before traffic finally flowed on the other side of the interstate.

Weird to see no traffic coming towards us!

After six hours of stop and go driving and only 175 miles we finally gave up and pulled in to a nice Passport America Park for $12.50 a night in Holt Florida  … hopefully Florida will let us leave tomorrow:-)

Until next time …

On The Road Again

It was sad leaving the Water’s Edge RV Park in Okeechobee, Florida this morning.  We had a lot of fun the past month and made some new friends.  We really wanted to stay for another month but we would have had to move somewhere else for three days so we decided to start heading west.  Our plan was to drive to Tallahassee, Florida today but a check of the weather showed that might not be a good idea!

Yesterday Okeechobee broke a record with a high of 81F, 27C and now we are heading to snow:-(  We left this morning in shorts and T-Shirts because I didn’t think to check the weather until we were on the road but we quickly changed into warmer clothes when we stopped for lunch!

About thirty miles east of Tallahassee we hit freezing rain so it was time to stop for the night.  We found an RV Park just off I-10, got set up, turned the furnace on to warm Maxx up and headed out to get fuel and dinner.  We decided to drive into Thomasville, Georgia, which was 30 miles north.  We had a really nice dinner but while we were waiting for our food I decided to check what the weather was at home … bad move … at home it was 32F or 0C and in Thomasville is was 30F or -1C.  So the ironic part of this story is we have spent around $2,600 to head for warmer weather and today it was warmer at home!

Until next time …

Chore Day☹

We were enjoying our time at this RV Park so much that we tried to stay on for another month.  There was space available with the exception of a three day period were they were fully booked so rather than find somewhere else for three days we decided to start heading south … so today is chore day in preparation for our journey south tomorrow.  Chore Day involved inside and outside cleaning of Maxx, laundry, and washing the truck inside and out … really yesterday was a lot more fun!  The weather is supposed to take a turn for the cold tomorrow and as we head north the weather doesn’t improve, so our plan is to drive while it’s cold and once it warms up we will start to slow down and spend some time in different areas.  We really hope the weather improves by the time we get to Corpus Christi as we would like to spend some time in Texas along the Gulf of Mexico so keep your fingers crossed for us:-)

Until next time …

Beautiful Florida Sunshine☺

There is a cold front heading this way but you would never know it from today’s weather, gorgeous blue ski and warm ocean air!  We will be leaving Florida in a few days so it seemed like a good idea to hit the beach again.

Atlantic Ocean Beach … I’m in Love 🙂

Most days the beaches are intermingled with fisherpersons (see I’m politically correct) and sunbathers which always proves to be entertaining:-)  The fisherpersons keep hubby interested and that allows me to enjoy my current book, but today the catch of the day was more interesting than my book!

Stingray! They were quick to let this one go!

Until next time …

Beach Day & Wishful Thinking☺

The day started off with a nice drive down County Road 714 …

CR714 into Stuart Florida

I always find driving down this road relaxes me, so by the time we hit the beach I was pretty mellow and we were both looking forward to relaxing in the sun and sand:-)

This is the first time we have been to this beach and the entrance was really pretty.

Entrance to Stuart Beach through the mangroves

View of beach at end of pathway 🙂

Once we were settled on the beach “mean” hubby called his sister to wish her happy birthday … and yes he had to mention he was sitting at the beach on the Atlantic Ocean:-)

All too quickly it was time to head back to Maxx, but we had to make a quick stop at the store.  Remember how I mentioned a few days ago that I had found my perfect coach but it was $500,000?  Well actually hubby reminded me it was really $585,000.  Anyway in the parking lot of the store I found the perfect “toad” (for those of you who do not know RV lingo, that is what you call the car towed behind your coach/motorhome).

My new McLaren … it’s only going to set me back $350,000 USD!

And of course if I’m zipping along in my new toad, it’s a good thing we came across this road sign!

This is the first time we have seen these signs.

But then we arrived home and I had to stop daydreaming:-)

Until next time …


Lake Okeechobee

Today we took a 5-mile walk along the levy surrounding Lake Okeechobee.  The weather was perfect; 70F (20C) with a slight breeze, which made it perfect walking weather.  This was my first walk of any distance since breaking my foot and before that happen I was walking 12K (7.5 miles) per day so it felt great to finally be able to walk some distance without pain 🙂

When the levy around the lake was constructed from dirt that was excavated along the perimeter, which resulted in a deep channel surrounding the lake, this channel is called the Rim Canal.  We had to drive 2-miles from the RV park in order to cross the Rim Canal and access the levy.  Our walk started at one of the locks that provides access for boats from the Lake to the Rim Canal and we were lucky enough to see a boat go through the lock.

Boat entering the lock

And leaving the lock

When we looked at the levy from our spot in the RV park we thought the lake was just on the other side but once we got up on the levy we were surprised to see it is still some distance to water.  This is partially due to the water level being low this time of year and also the lake is surrounded by a lot of marshland.

Lake Okeechobee

Rim Canal on the right, lake on the left

It was fun to see the RV park from up on the levy and I was able to get some pictures of the park and of Maxx tucked in his spot:-)

Our RV Park for the past month 🙂

The Tiki Hut, home of happy hour 🙂

Maxx tucked in his spot 🙂

After a visit with this cute little caterpillar it was time to head back to the Tiki Hut for happy hour:-)

Pretty Caterpillar 🙂

Until next time …