Wow Seven Years!

Seven years ago today we moved into Maxx full time, wow that is so hard to believe and boy did the time ever fly!

Maxx at Bear Creek Provincial Park, our summer home for the past four years.

That works out to 2,557 days or 61,368 hours or 3,682,080 minutes … yup that’s a lot of time for two people to live together in a thirty-five foot fifth wheel, and yet we have done it and more importantly loved every 220,924,800 seconds of it 🙂

Maxx, decorated for Christmas, in Yuma Arizona.

Little did we know, when we sold our house seven years ago and embarked on our six month adventure south across the US to the Florida Keys and back, that we would still be living full time in an RV today. That was never our plan, our plan was to go south for the winter, spend Christmas in Marathon Florida (because that is where hubby’s finger fell when he closed his eyes and picked a spot on the map) and then come home in the spring and buy a new house. I think in the back of our mind we thought we would still go south for the winter but the only thing we knew for sure was that we would definitely buy another house because we didn’t think we could live full time in an RV. How the world turns … we found we loved travelling and living in Maxx and just couldn’t bring ourselves to settle down.

View From Front of Maxx

View from Maxx Christmas 2013 … the only Christmas that we did not return to Canada to spend the holiday with family.[/caption]

We have seen some amazing places, met some amazing people, had some bad times, but even more good times … and probably more important than any of that is we are both travelling with the love of our lives and our best friend! Life doesn’t get any better than that.

We had a great spot!

Maxx at Poche RV Park in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana[/caption]

So what do the next seven years hold? Well hopefully more of the same, but first we have to get through this pandemic. While the pandemic has put our travels south this winter out of the question we still have a fun adventure ahead of us.

Our new winter home … more pictures to come in future blogs.

Tomorrow we will move into a condo in downtown Kelowna where we will spend the winter surrounded by wonderful views, city lights, many many craft breweries and great restaurants all within a very short walk, and endless walking and biking trails through the beautiful city of Kelowna, B.C..

Bike trail across the street from our condo.

So while the last seven years have been amazing, the next seven years hold just as much promise 😀

I couldn’t leave you without one last sunrise picture from Bear Creek Provincial Park 🙂 Our condo is tucked among those tall buildings across the lake.

Until next time …

A Fun Time and Yuck!

We woke up to the one thing you don’t want to hear on a travel day, our grandkids came running into the bedroom with the words “Grandma and Grandpa it’s snowing” 😦 So then a decision needed to be made … do I groan or do I run up the stairs and pretend to be as excited as our grandchildren … yes I ran up the stairs like a little kid and spent a half hour talking about building snowman and how much it felt like Christmas … on Thanksgiving day. After a yummy breakfast we loaded up, said our goodbyes, and hit the road. While the snow was falling it wasn’t really sticking to the ground. It looked like it was stopping but as we neared the turnoff to Highway 1 it started coming down heavier and heavier.We were in a winter wonderland!But after we crossed into BC the snow stopped, the sun began to make an occasional appearance, and we only had a few bouts of rain.All in all it turned out be be a fairly nice day for our six hour drive and we arrived home shortly before 5:00 p.m.

Back in the sunny Okanagan.

I will leave you with a few sunrise pictures I took on September 30th 🙂

Until next time …

Oh Boy Some True Days Off🙂

After I left you last Saturday morning we enjoyed time with our three of our grandsons and had friends over for a hot dog roast dinner. Grandpa spent the day working on the boys bikes and installing some lights around their wheels. We had given them one set for Christmas two years ago and another set last Christmas but our oldest and middle grandson kept forgetting to bring the last set out for grandpa to install … this weekend the oldest remember … maybe someday the middle one, who I call B, will remember.

They look really cool when they are riding around the park at night.

So I have no idea why I call “B” by his initial and I don’t do that with any of the others. I always have, since he was a little boy, but now at 13 he has decided that if I call him B he should call me G …I can roll with that 🙂

It was a beautiful day, in fact we have been blessed with nothing but beautiful days for the most part

The odd tree is starting to turn but the summer weather we have been having has delayed the fall colours.

The beginning of our week was much the same as usual but, as I posted on Thursday, early Thursday morning “we load up the truck and moved to Calgary” … is the Beverly Hillbillies song running through your head now .. your welcome 😀 Okay so we didn’t move to Calgary but the line just flowed that way, we headed to Calgary to celebrate Thanksgiving with our son and family.

The flowers in Knowles park where we have Tuesday coffee are in full bloom.

We will spent four nights in Calgary and have our first true days off since last March. We pretty much come and go as we please but Tuesday and Wednesday are our official days off at the park, however we are never really off as people still knock on the door and I still sleep lightly in case someone needs the gate opened in the middle of the night.

A view of Kelowna across the lake from the beach area at the park. The haze is from the forest fires south of the border.

We had planned to stay longer in Calgary because the park always closes on Thanksgiving Monday, but because of the weather and overwhelming popularity they have decided to keep the park open another week, so we had to head back earlier than planned.

The squirrels are enjoying the bird seed hubby throws on the grass for them.

But we will be back at Christmas since this is our year to spend with them. So even though it will be sad to leave on Monday we will see them again in two months.

A Downy Woodpecker enjoying the last of the finch food.

And stay tune for next Saturday where you will find out what our COVID winter has in store for us 🙂

Taken last Sunday

We hope all our Canadian friends have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Until next time …

OMG … Breakfast Pizza!!!

I thought this blog would be all about sunrise pictures and maybe a few others of our travels to Calgary today to spent Thanksgiving with our son and his family … but nope they are not the highlight. Oh you are still going to get sunrise pictures of course 😀 But let’s start at the beginning … We left the park at 6:30 and headed north on Westside Road rather than driving through Kelowna, Lake Country, and Vernon. Westside Road is considered the most dangerous road in BC and while they have done some work on it, it needs a lot more … but hubby is a good driver and I kept my eye out for deer and mountain sheep so we made it to the end safely, and in doing so missed all the traffic in the cities. Theoretically it should have saved us ten minutes but we lost that time for picture stops, but then that is what travelling is all about for Years ago we used to spend weekends camping at the city run RV park in Enderby, a little more than an hour north of Kelowna, and those weekends would always include a walk to Sutherland Bakery or Sutherland Ice Cream. Over the years I had forgotten about the great donuts and ice cream until a friend reminded me … thanks Delma 🙂

I like the angle on this picture 🙂

She had also told me they had a maple bacon donut which was really good and our son loves bacon so we figured a stop was in order to pick up an assortment of donuts to take with us.

From the left, a jelly log topped by two Cronuts (my new favourite donut, a cross between a croissant and a donut), kit kat donut, and two maple bacon donuts. The only one we have tried so far is the cronut so maybe my favourite will change 🙂

As we got to the till to pay I saw, and smelt, the most delicious pizza, but come on it’s 8:00 in the morning, we can’t have pizza … or can we … yes we can … it’s breakfast pizza … who knew there was such a thing … not me! We both knew right away that we had to have a piece and it was delicious. With a layer of salsa topped with ham, bacon, eggs, pepper, onions, cheese and probably a bunch of other yummy ingredients, it was beyond delicious and the best part was it wasn’t greasy.

I almost forgot to get a picture cause it was to good to stop eating 🙂

The rest of the trip was good although filled with road construction, which is the way of life when the weather is actually good enough to drive the Rogers Pass. That is why I prefer to fly but we had a truck full of Christmas presents to take with us so it made sense to drive this time … that and COVID. But then again if we hadn’t driven we never would have found breakfast pizza!

Until next time …

The Long And Winding Road

We had a wet cold weekend but Monday dawned clear, sunny, and much warmer but there is still a hint of fall in the air 🙂

I love how this road has curves when really they could have just made it straight. I always hum the Beatles song, The Long and Winding Road, when I walk down here.

Often as we approach weekends in the fall people will arrive early to save a site. Once they know they have a site they will go home a get their camping gear. It is very common to see a chair saving a site …

But I have never seen a highchair saving a site!

The fall colours are just starting to make an appearance.

Taken on Friday when the weather wasn’t so nice

But Sunday afternoon when the weekend crowd had left the sun came out.

And by Monday the sun was in its full glory 🙂

The last week the crows have been very noisy which usually means there is an owl around them, and sure enough it didn’t take long to find him, and a few times them, in the trees amongst the crows.

Our Tuesday coffee group is still able to meet outside in a park near downtown Kelowna …

We were the first to arrive, more joined us … just so you know I’m not sitting in a park all by myself 🙂

But our Wednesday coffee group has moved to our place so we can sit around the fire. This group meets a half hour earlier than the Tuesday coffee group and there is still a bit of a chill in the air so the fire just makes it more comfortable. We have been having some discussions about what to do for both groups once the weather changes but so far have not come up with an answer.

People are starting to arrive but the star of the party, Clarence, is already here! He loves to socialize with everyone 🙂

Since the weather is so awesome we are fortunate to have our daughter and family back at the campsite for the weekend … hopefully our summer weather continues. I did read a report that we are going to go from summer to winter with no fall this year and I guess I can live with that if summer lasts until December and then we get lot’s of snow … I can hear the groaning now but I like snow 😀
And here is this weeks sunrise picture, taken Monday morning from my favourite campsite.

Until next time …

A Change In Weather As Fall Approaches

I forgot to mention last week that we had a visit from some friends who had just finished hiking the trail to the waterfall and as we were enjoying a coffee and a visit two people walked into our site. We didn’t recognize them at first with their hats on but once we did we were happy to see Rod & Sylvia of Six Saturday’s and a Sunday. They also joined us for a visit and it was nice to have an in person catch up.
Another thing I forgot to write about was my big find! I started my walk one morning in the dark as usual and thought I saw something strange parked just outside the gate of the park. I turned on the light on my phone and sure enough I found a golf cart! Not sure what it was doing there but the RCMP had no report of a stolen cart so right now it is sitting in the park waiting to be claimed.

I went back after my walk and took pictures.

Last Sunday was a spectacular day! During my morning walk I could see the lights clearly across the lake and once the sun came up we were greeted with clear blue skies … no forest fire smoke 🙂 I sure hope that means they are getting a handle on the fires in the western US.

So what to do, well the obvious choice was to spend the day outside. I finally gave into the spiders and pulled out my tomato plants 😦 They produced a lot of tomatoes this summer but the foliage sure didn’t look very good as the spiders were having a field day. We had a wet spring and that left us with an above average spider population and they had a great summer feasting on all of my plants.

You can probably tell from the potato between the cherry tomatoes that I had a not so great potato harvest this year … and that was my biggest potato 😦

Its almost the end of September and the weather has been great. The month started off in the mid 30’sC (95F) and then we were in the low 20’sC (72F) mainly due to the smoke, otherwise it would have been much warmer. Now that the smoke has dissipated the beginning of the week was still around 25C (77F) but it cooled down a bit mid week when the rain started. We are really praying for a warm fall and a warmer than normal winter but I’m not holding my breath!

The fish are starting to spawn, a sure sign fall is approaching.

Our daughter and her family are back at the campground this weekend, probably one of their last trips of the year. They are hoping to come back for the Thanksgiving weekend but we will be in Calgary with our youngest son.

A view of Kelowna from the other side of the lake.

This was the best sunrise I caught this week, I almost missed it but I couldn’t leave you without at least one sunrise picture 😀

Until next time …

Little People Snuggles

Our youngest son and his family were here for four nights over the past weekend so hubby and I were treated to lots of little people snuggles from our two youngest grandchildren who are three and four. And as an added bonus our daughter and her family came out for Friday and Saturday night so we had some big people hugs from our four older grandchildren. The only thing that would have made the weekend better was if our oldest son and his family had been able to come, but I can’t be greedy 😀

There may have been a few pitchers of Sangria consumed 🙂

We came across an interesting sight during one of our evening walks. A group of campers in a double site had a sauna delivered for the duration of their visit and they gave us a tour. It is a pretty neat unit and costs $100.00 per day plus delivery. With our evenings cooling down a bit I’m sure they enjoyed it!

Last Wednesday we celebrated our 42 wedding anniversary the same way we have done many times before when we were still working … a glass of champagne around the campfire at Bear Creek Provincial Park. Things have changed a little, in past years I would be off on holidays but hubby would still go to work from the campsite and now we actually live here 🙂

We have had a bear in the park so I am now walking with my bear bells and bear spray and really wishing it would get lighter earlier. I have had to change the pattern of my walk because I don’t want to walk the beach and along the creek in the dark, but that means I miss seeing the sun rising 😦 Although we really haven’t seen the sun for the past week as we are smothered in smoke from the fires in Washington and Oregon.

But I did manage to get a few pictures last week 🙂

Oh and I had another highlight this week as well … we are expecting our first great grandchild in November and our granddaughter invited me to her 3D ultrasound … it was so amazing to see our great granddaughter sucking her hand and sticking her feet in her face 😀 Yup we are young to be great grandparents but are so looking forward to having many years watching our great granddaughter grow up into a young lady.
Well that about sums up our last few weeks, I hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

Until next time …

Up Close And Personal With The Wild Animals

Guess what? No sunrise pictures this week 😀 Not that we didn’t have any sunrises, there just weren’t any spectacular sunrises this week.
So that of course raised the question of what to write about? It didn’t take more than a quick look through the pictures on my cell phone before I realized it was a week spent with wild animals.
Last Monday I spotted Barry Beaver on my morning walk, and while that isn’t unusual, that morning I was able to walk right up to him! I could hear him munching away on his tree branch and he wasn’t the least bit concerned that I was right in front of him taking pictures. The following pictures are grainy because I took them in very low light with my cell phone and had to play with them a bit to brighten them up.

A few days later we were visiting friends near by the park when the Mountain Sheep paid us all a visit, and they also came up nice and close.

Yesterday was another beach day and, since the park was filling up fast with visitors, we decided to go to a nearby beach about five minutes away.

While we were at the beach we were treated to a musical interlude by two Osprey. Again not a great picture because I took it with my cell phone … I really need to start taking my camera with me when we go out.

I hope you all have a great long weekend … and stay safe out there!

Until next time …

An Interesting RV Move

We had another stunning sunrise on Monday. As I was finishing my walk I noticed some pretty colours showing up over the lake.

So off I went back down to the lake and I sure wasn’t disappointed 🙂

I think I have mentioned the couple and their two children who lost their house in a fire last year. Well on Wednesday their new pre-fab home was delivered, but in order for them to unload the truck they had to move their RV off their property to make room. Hubby went over on Tuesday evening and moved them down to the park where they spent the night in the overflow parking lot. Then on Wednesday evening he moved them back up to their property … and that is were the fun began 😀
They have a very steep driveway but he managed that easily with the truck in four wheel drive, but once he got up to the flat area he wasn’t able to pull far enough forward to back the trailer into it’s new spot. Adding to the challenge was a very large hole that had to be left open for a sewer inspection.

But hubby is always up for a challenge and fortunately so is the owner of the RV! So RV owner hops into the zoom boom, which they had used to unload the house from the delivery truck, and between the two of them they were able to lift the rear end of the trailer up, move it over, and position is perfectly so that hubby was able to back it into it’s new home.

Once the foundation is done hubby will be helping them build their new house and we are so excited for them to finally have a house to live in again … it has been a long fifteen months for them but the end is in site.
And our week ended with fun time spent with friends of ours who were out at the park for three nights. We had a great time spending days on the beach and evenings chit chatting.

Until next time …

Baby Ogopogo

I have written a few times about Okanagan Lake’s legendary lake monster, Ogopogo, he is very famous and also pretty elusive. So imagine my surprise when I was walking along the lake early Wednesday morning enjoying another beautiful sunrise …

and I saw, what I was pretty sure was, baby Ogopogo!
I could see baby Ogo in the distance at the mouth of the creek … could it be I asked myself … no I must be seeing things … but it sure looks like a little Ogo … nah it can’t be …but maybe 🙂 So I took a picture and slowly ventured closer …

Okay maybe some very creative children fooled me but I’m happy going with my imagination and believing there is a future generation of Ogopogo living in Okangan Lake.
Yesterday I was once again walking along the beach early in the morning and guess what!!! Baby Ogo has really grown! At this rate we will have two full grown Ogopogo’s in Okanagan Lake 😀

And I will leave you with yesterday’s sunrise picture taken at the end of my morning walk.

Until next time …