Smoky Skies :-(

Most of the blogs I read have made comments about the smoky skies and forest fires where they are staying and the Okanagan area of BC is no exception. Our family was forced to evacuate our home in 2003 when fire ripped through our town. Fortunately we were not one of the 239 homes that were lost but it was still a pretty scary time so I can really relate to all those affected by the fires this summer.

Last Sunday we headed up to Armstrong BC to camp for three nights with friends. What should have been an easy drive with beautiful views of the lakes along the way, turned out to be an easy drive with nothing to look at but smoky skies.

Picture taken a year ago.

Picture taken last Sunday.

But the smoky skies couldn’t keep this group from having fun! The four of us walked and rode our bikes around town for three days.  We spent time wandering in and out of many small shops, and even made a few trips to the pub at the Armstrong Hotel for some refreshments.

It was at the hotel that I think our most entertaining moment happened … hubby was at the bar paying the bill, I was reading some of the fun signs posted on the wall, friend wife was doing something and friend husband went to the washroom … so far it sounds pretty unentertaining right 🙂  Well hang in there it gets better! As I’m reading the signs I hear friend wife say, a little incredulously, “What happen?”, I turn around to see friend husband standing there with blood running down his face!

Actually I think I will continue the story with the email that friend wife send to their children and family after our time at the bar.

A guy goes into a biker bar, sits down has a beer. Decides he has to
take a leak, goes into the can, trips on the step up and gashes his
forehead on the Harley handlebars that are mounted above the urinal.
True story!

Guess Who?

Well they had no trouble guessing 🙂  After many laughs that night us ladies decided we needed to see what this urinal looked liked, hubby had gone in for a look after friend husband came out with blood on his face but of course us ladies couldn’t go in to the men’s room. So the only solution was to go back to the bar and send hubby in to take a picture.

I’m guessing the handlebars are there in case you really overindulge!  Friend husband caught his flip flop on the concrete edge of the cement base and really was very lucky his injury wasn’t worse.  And honestly he only had one beer!

We had a lot of fun a this pub and yes friend husband is okay and he barely has a scar to show off for his escapade 🙂

Until next time …

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Can I cry over broken eggs?

Image from clipart.

If you have a life you probably have better things to do than read today’s blog so feel free to move on to something more interesting. Apparently I don’t have anything better to do and the theme for this blog has been going around in my head all day, so here it is … but remember I gave you the chance to bail 🙂

“What are you going to do today” hubby asked as we sat in bed enjoying our favorite morning ritual of drinking coffee and watching the news. “I thought I would finish pruning daughters hedge” I replied.

Shortly after I got up to make breakfast and dropped the egg carton breaking three critical eggs. Why critical you may ask? Well when you live in an RV grocery shopping once a week can be a little challenging because it needs to fit into a smaller fridge. We each have a boiled egg in the morning so we need fourteen eggs to get through the week and since it’s cheaper to buy eggs at Costco I save enough fridge space to store two and a half dozen eggs. Yesterday was grocery day but I knew I had just enough eggs to make it until next Wednesday, which was good because I also didn’t have enough room to store an additional two and a half dozen eggs. So aside from the mess the three broken eggs made they also foiled my egg storage plan for the week and now I either have to make a special trip to Costco the day before shopping day or we have to find something else for breakfast one morning.

But back to breakfast, I stepped around the broken eggs (I couldn’t clean them up as I only had one free hand because my morning routine also involves brushing my teeth while getting breakfast started) and put two of the remaining eggs in a pan to boil and continued on with the process of setting the table. Once I finished brushing my teeth I used mega paper towel to clean up the mess, which is okay because it was plain white paper towel and I didn’t like it anyway, I prefer paper towel with flowers or some other decoration on it … see I told you I was sure you had better things to do than read this blog! Anyway it’s a messy job wiping up broken eggs, although as I was doing it I was wondering if egg is good for lino, I heard it is good for hair so maybe it will may my lino shinny, but no such luck.

Since I had now washed the section of floor by the sink I decided I might as well wash the entire floor after breakfast. Now this is a chore I had been putting off for some time as it requires moving some furniture and washing the entire floor on my hands and knees … yes I know I could use a mop and I have one but there were little spots of sticky stuff that the mop doesn’t get. This is where my full time RV life and my feeling of always being on holidays come to a major collision! I shouldn’t have to wash the floor while I’m on holidays which is why I keep putting it off and just sweeping, but then that little gremlin called common sense knocks on my head and tells me this is also my house and washing the floor is a chore that should be done more regularly. So today I listen to common sense and washed the floor, now I can go back to my holiday.

And what was on hubby’s plan for the day? Well I’m sure it didn’t include hauling furniture in and out of the trailer but he was a good sport and helped me out. After that chore was done hubby also helped me prune the hedge, which was probably fun because he was able to do some chainsaw pruning!

When our daughter and son-in-law first purchased their house three years ago I was itching to get at their hedge and do some pruning, but they liked it the way it was. Over the past three years the hedge has grown taller and our daughter finally decided that it did need to be pruned … Oh Boy, this was a job I was looking forward to 🙂


Hubby took the chainsaw to the top of the hedge to bring it down to some of the lower trees … I wasn’t able to do that with the hedge pruner.

Once hubby was done with the chainsaw he left me to it and after about three hours I decided to call it quits. I still need to tidy up the road side but it was getting to warm and the yard waste bin was full so it seemed like a good time to stop.

So if you decided to stay with me during this eggciting blog I hope you have better things to look forward to for the rest of your day 🙂

Until next time …

Family Time

We have spent most of the past week hanging out at hubby’s sisters place in Abbotsford. We had a great time and really enjoyed our evenings chatting with them while sitting around the fire (a propane fire since BC has a province wide fire ban on right now).

We had a very pretty parking spot under the trees on hubby’s sisters acreage.

The main purpose of our trip was to attend a get together with hubby’s siblings, their families, and his mother. Unfortunately our oldest two children and their families were unable to attend due to work commitments but our youngest son and his wife flew out from Edmonton for the weekend. Saturday brought bright blue skies and warm temperatures so we were able to visit outside under the trees, it was a great party and really fun to catch up with everyone.

We spent Sunday wandering around downtown Vancouver with our son and daughter-in-law before we took them to the airport to catch their flight home. On Monday we had a great visit with hubby’s mom, did a little grocery shopping and then had dinner out with hubby’s sister and brother-in-law. Tuesday was a fun day spent riding our bikes around the Stanley Park Seawall.

Stanley Park is a 1,001-acre public park that borders downtown Vancouver, British Columbia and is almost entirely surrounded by the waters of Vancouver Harbour and English Bay.


The land was turned into Vancouver’s first park when the city incorporated in 1886. It was named after Lord Stanley, a British politician who had recently been appointed governor general. Most of the park is densely forested, as it was in the late 1800s, with about a half million trees, some of which stand as tall as 76 metres (249 ft) and are hundreds of years old.

The Vancouver Seawall, which is nearing a century old, draws thousands of residents and visitors to the park every day.‪ Stanley Park also features forest trails, beaches, lakes, children’s play areas, and the Vancouver Aquarium, among many other attractions. On June 18, 2014 Stanley Park was named ‘top park in the entire world’ by TripAdvisor.‪


We purchased 3 hours of parking at $3.25 an hour and headed out on our bikes. The weather was perfect for our ride, a little cool but no rain and we really enjoyed ourselves. The ride around the seawall was 12 km, 7.5 miles, and it took us about an hour with many stops to get the camera out and take pictures.

Lumberman’s Arch … When I was a kid this was a saltwater pool that used water from the ocean. Once a week the pool gates were opened at low tide to release the water back into the ocean before the next high tide brought in clean water. This was where I took the Vancouver Sun’s Learn to Swim Program.


On Wednesday we headed to Tunkwa Provincial Park near Logan Lake, BC for the night to visit again with hubby’s older brother and his wife.

We were parked right beside the lake and woke up to a gorgeous view this morning 🙂

Today we headed back to our home in the driveway and tomorrow we will move into our daughter’s house to look after our four grandchildren while they enjoy a weekend away with friends.

Until next time …

Flowers and New Shoes

When we are hiking during our travels I always take pictures of flowers and subject you, my readers, to looking at them in my blog. So while walking with two friends today, and seeing numerous pretty flowers, it crossed my mind that I should take pictures of the flowers I saw and post them on my blog.

There were many more flowers but I didn’t think to take pictures until the end of our walk.

What does that have to do with new shoes you might ask, maybe you are wondering if I followed up my walk with a shopping trip to the mall. Nope, I did not 🙂  Since we started this new venture of ours in late 2013 we have put on 100,000 km! Which means Maxx has put on his fair share of that 100,000 km and was due for some maintenance. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the first maintenance Maxx has received, hubby and Maxx spend a lot of quality time together, but today hubby treated Maxx extra special while I was out admiring the flowers. Maxx had all his joints greased and then hubby went out and purchased four new knobby rubber shoes for him. Yesterday hubby also gave Maxx a much-needed bath and washed off all the prairie dust, so today when I arrived home Maxx was looking pretty darn proud of himself … and so was hubby 🙂

Until next time …

Heading Home

I love the canola fields when they are in bloom. I would also love to get pictures of a flax field in bloom but so far in life I have never been out to the prairies when they are in bloom … maybe next year 🙂

We spent a great weekend with our son and daughter-in-law camping at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park in Alberta. It was an intense weekend of playing Dice and Rummikub, along with a few late evenings of talking and laughing … so much so that, around midnight on Saturday, we were the bad campers who had to be told to keep the noise down:-(  We were treated to what our son called a “National Geographic Moment”. While sitting around the campfire Saturday night we could here a fairly loud buzzing that sounded like an air pump running and I though perhaps someone was filling an air mattress with an electric pump. Our son walked up to the water tap to fill the dogs bowl and happen to look up in the sky and was amazed at what he saw. The noise was a huge, and I really mean huge, swarm of some type of fly. It really was impressive, this huge wave of swarming flies in the sky making so much noise! Unfortunately it was to dark to get a picture but we did stand and watch them for a long time.

This is a nice campground situated along Pigeon Lake; unfortunately the lake had an outbreak of blue/green algae so we were not able to swim. Blue/green algae is a recurring problem in this area of Alberta and this was our second trip to this provincial park where we were unable to go in the lake.

Hubby and I arrived at noon on Friday and the park was basically empty. We spent a very quiet afternoon playing scrabble and walking the trails until our son arrived around 7:00 p.m., which was when the flurry of other campers started to arrive and the park filled up. Checkout time is 2:00 p.m. and once again on Sunday the park was empty and very quiet. The cost is $26.00 a night for a site with no hook-ups. Both couples had to pay $26.00 plus a $12.00 reservation fee but since we shared a single site only one of us had to pay that fee. Unlike BC Provincial Parks showers are not free, the cost is a $1.00 for two minutes. Wood is $7.00 a bag and Alberta Provincial Parks also charge the dreaded sani dump fee but their cost is only $3.00.

The weather was warm and sunny all weekend but we did have some much need rain overnight and it looks like it will continue today, although it did stop long enough for us to pack up.

We are now on our way home and since the weather isn’t great we are making the ten hour drive, which with road construction and stops is going to be around thirteen hours, all in one day … yuck! The nice thing about today’s long drive is that we will have an extra day to complete a few chores before we head out again on Friday.

Until next time …

Battle River

We arrived at our friends ranch near Camrose, Alberta yesterday in time for a boat ride down the Battle River, which of course included happy hour:-)

The Battle River, which is 570 km (374 mi) long, runs from Battle Lake in central Alberta to the North Saskatchewan River in Battleford, Saskatchewan.

We travelled on the part of the river that runs through our friends ranch.

While enjoying our time in the sun with a few drinks and appies we were treated to great conversation and close-up encounters with ducks.


These guys escorted us under the bridge.

As we motored along a herd of cattle kept a watchful eye on us.


And we watched a blue heron take flight.

And then we came to a shallow section in the river and had to turn around.

On our return trip the cattle continued to keep a watchful eye on us.

Two hours later our cruise came to end, what a great way to spend an afternoon!

Until next time …

Rainbow Valley Campground, Edmonton Alberta

Like yesterday’s RV Park we chose this park because it was close to our older son and daughter-in-law’s place in South West Edmonton and we were visiting their house last night to see all the changes they have made since they bought it in March.

Unlike yesterday’s RV Park this one is really nice and for a site with power we paid $37.80 for one night. This park is right in the city of Edmonton but it is tucked down in a valley and is very quiet, you really feel like you are miles out of town.

There is lots of room to park the truck but hubby had just moved it to allow the neighbour more room to get into his site across the road

We had a busy day doing our grocery shopping and running a few other errands, but we ended it with a nice dinner and a great visit with our son and daughter-in-law. Today we are off to stay at a friends ranch in Camrose, Alberta for a few days.

Until next time …