We spent last night at the Rainbow Valley Campground in Edmonton. For a large city campground it was very nice at $36.00 a night for a site with 15-amp power (no water or sewer), and a very central location. Once we got set up we spent the afternoon running errands and then headed over to our oldest son and his fiancé’s house for dinner. Hubby and I are so happy that both our sons chose such great women to marry!

We had so much fun last night and we still have some purchase we would like to make in Alberta (where we don’t pay provincial sales tax) so we have decided to stay another night. The unfortunate part to this decision is that there is no room at our RV Park so it’s off to camp Wal-Mart for us tonight.

Until next time …

A Fun … But Wet Weekend☺

We enjoyed our time at Pigeon Lake with our son and his fiancé but the first two days were incredibly wet. Saturday morning saw hubby using my blow dyer to try and dry out his runners, it sure is nice to camp with modern conveniences!

Aside from the rain we all had fun and because of the cooler weather we were able to spend lots of time sitting around the campfire visiting and discussing wedding plans 🙂

When we sat down at the table in our son’s campsite Saturday morning we were greeted by this scene

Hubby and I used the picnic table to put the tarp up the day before and these soldiers where not there so somebody must have put them on the table after we set up the tarp and before the kids arrived. I thought it was ironic that they chose to put it on the table of a military person (our son has just recently left the military after 14 years and two tours in Afghanistan), however my son did remind me that Edmonton is a military town and the campsite is only an hour from Edmonton so the chances were pretty good that the person coming into the site would be military … I guess he has a point, but I still though it was pretty funny 🙂 And the soldiers stayed in position all weekend!

Until next time …

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta

We woke up to 50 km an hour winds, heavy rain and branches breaking off the trees surrounding our site:-( This weather is unfortunate because today we are meeting up with our youngest son and his fiancé for a weekend of camping at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park about an hour south of Edmonton. Oh and of course our grand puppy Jack will also be joining us. Jack is a chocolate lab and at a year old he is a big puppy! I am a little worried about hurting our sons feelings since I have a gift for Jack but nothing for our son … do you think he will feel left out, nah I’m sure he will get over it:-)

Do you remember in yesterday’s blog I said I felt sorry for those poor people camping in tents? Well guess what our son will be camping in … yup they are in a tent, so before leaving Red Deer hubby made a stop to pick up a big tarp in the hopes that the wind will die down and we will be able to get it up before the kids arrive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my grand puppy, but I also love Maxx and the thought of a big wet dog running around inside Maxx doesn’t appeal very much so I am really praying the rain, or at least the winds, will stop!

On our way out of town we filled up with diesel at $118.9 per litre. If only it were that cheap at home; we paid a $131.9 before we left.

I probably won’t post until next week because I won’t have internet but hopefully I will have some fun stories to tell and some great pictures and that they won’t be of wind torn trees!

And for those of you keeping track … we are back on schedule with our maximum driving times, today’s drive is only an hour and a half … well maybe longer because its hard to keep Maxx on the road in this wind.

Until next time …

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Last night we stopped for dinner at the Wolf Den restaurant on 9th Street in Golden. This restaurant belongs on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives … now it’s not a drive-in and no it’s not a dive 🙂 Hubby had a burger that would be a shoe in for this show! The Gringo Burger is a 6 oz prime rib beef patty with jalapenos, avocado, Monterey jack cheese and roasted red peppers all folded into a flour tortilla and deep fried before being tucked inside a crispy bun with lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream and all for $15.99 which included, for hubby, a nice side salad!

I had a Cobb salad, which was also very good … this is definitely a stop you should make … not to mention the building itself has a lot of character.

There are many times when I realize how grateful I am that we have moved on from a tent and tent trailer to a hard sided RV, but never more than last night when the storm that hit our hometown so severely yesterday caught up with us! The rain came down, the thunder cracked loudly and the lightning was bright and close … and the campground was full of unfortunate people in tents … boy do I feel for them. There were some very soggy people out this morning.

And here is one critical item I didn’t mention about this campground in yesterday’s blog …. the trains! They are loud and run all night 😦

We had a lazy morning and then hooked up Maxx to head off to Calgary, only a three hour drive from Golden so it fits into our maximum driving time 🙂

We started our drive into the Rocky Mountains, and I must say I have missed driving through real mountains during our travels south.

Below is a picture of Field, B.C. which I think is a very pretty town nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains and at the side of the Kicking Horse River … although I don’t think I would want to live there, it looks too cold and wet for me.

Here are a few more pics of the Rocky Mountains. I promise these will be the last mountain shots for a while.


Lake Louise, Alberta Ski Hill

Shortly after we crossed into Alberta the wind picked up and hubby was really feeling Maxx being pushed around. I didn’t realize just how windy it was until we stopped at a rest stop for lunch and I found I could barely make it from the truck to Maxx because the wind was pushing me around. Our plan was to spend the night in Calgary but when we stopped at Costco in Calgary the wind was even stronger so we decided to carry on to Red Deer. For two days in a row we have broken our three-hour maximum driving rule … what rebels we are 🙂

So tonight we are settled in at Westerner RV Park, which is very nice, and we have full hook-up. We did try to get into the Lions RV Park by the river but all they had was overflow with no hook-ups for $29.00 a night which wasn’t very appealing for a space in a big parking lot … and actually their regular spots didn’t look that great either.

Until next time …

Over The Mountains We Go!

After meeting with our weekly coffee group this morning we headed home, hooked up to Maxx and hit the road. Our ultimate destination is Camrose, Alberta to meet up with friends and visit the Big Valley Jamboree, but more on that in the days to come.

Tonight our plan is to stay at the municipal campground in Golden, B.C. which is a four and a half hour drive … that’s an hour and a half over our ideal daily traveling time but that’s okay. Since we hit the road last year we have become a little lazy when it comes to driving and try to limit each day to no more than three hours but sometimes you have to exert yourself a little 🙂

We started out with a nice drive, light traffic and some great scenery.

Oyama, B.C. – Woods Lake on right, start of Kalamalka Lake on left

And then an hour into our drive the rain started, and then the thunder and lightning came. I’m pretty sure this is how our last three trips out to Alberta have started and ended 😦 Although the scenery was still pretty …


But an hour after the storm started it was over and the sun came out for the rest of our drive through the majestic Selkirk mountains:-)


We arrived at the municipal RV Park in Golden at 5:30 (we lost an hour to the time change) and were very surprised at how big, and nice, the park was. I had checked out this park a few years ago when I was in Golden on business but I only saw the first 25 spots along the road, there are another 50 sites tucked in the woods which are very similar to provincial park campsites.

Maxx tucked in for the night.

Now we are off for a walk around town.

 Until next time …

It’s A Small World

After leaving Manning Park our plan was to head up Old Hedley Road and camp in some of the free sites along the river, but the weather was cloudy and threatening rain so we decided to look for an RV Park and use the hook-ups to flush out our tanks and catch up on some TV shows.

We stopped at Gold Mountain RV Parks and Cabins and at first glance we were a little worried we would not be able to turn around if we drove down into the park. Since there was a large pull off at the entrance to the park we parked Maxx there so that we could walk down and check out the RV Park. As soon as we stepped out of the truck Dave, the owner, came up to the top of the hill to great us and quickly assured us that there was lot’s of room for us to navigate in the park. Dave and his wife Tracey were quick to check us in and get us set up in a really nice site.

View from Maxx’s front door.

While this park does not have cellular service (we are told that is coming sometime this summer), they do have really strong free Wi-Fi, fire pits at every site, and a nice path down to the riverfront where you can fish, cool off or just enjoy some time in the sun.


The owners are also very accommodating and friendly! We enjoyed visiting with them and after some discussion we found out that Dave used to manage Bear Creek Provincial Park where we spent summers with our children. It turns out Dave and Tracey lived at the park with their three children and I remember our daughter always looking forward to going out there because she had made friends with the children of the people that run the park! Later we also found out that our youngest son has a common bond with Dave and Tracey’s daughter and son-in-law … It really is a small world … and not just in Disney Land 🙂

We will definitely be back to spend some more time in this awesome RV Park along the Similkameen River.

Until next time …

A Long Weekend in BC’s Manning Park

After a nice leisurely morning on Friday we left Princeton and headed to Lightning Lake in Manning Park. While we have driven through the park many times I have never camped there so I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

Hubby and I arrived and set up in one half of a very nice double site; it was a little tight getting into our space but not as bad as some Provincial Parks. Shortly after my cousin and her hubby arrived and the visiting began 🙂

Spruce, pine, and fir trees along with many dogwood plants, which are B.C.’S provincial flower, surround our sites.

Dogwood Plant, British Columbia’s provincial flower.

On Saturday we drove up to the Manning Park Look-out, which has a beautiful view but it was slightly marred by the haze from a forest fire.

Lightning Lake which you can see on the upper right side of the picture is where we were camped.

Hubby had a nice visit with a Cascade Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel.

We also visited with a few birds.

A Clark Nutcracker

A Raven who did a lot of cawing, we think because I wasn’t taking pictures of him but as soon as I did he stopped all the racket 🙂

After our visit to the viewpoint we continued another 8km up the road, which turns to gravel, is very narrow, full of switchbacks, and a lot of washboard, up to the Alpine Meadows … well worth a slow drive on a bad road 🙂 And an added bonus is there is cell coverage up there which gave us a chance to check on a sick family member.

The meadows are full of pretty flowers, I can’t tell you what variety they are but I will share their beauty!



Indian Paintbrush … I do know this one 🙂

After our phone calls we headed out for a hike through the meadows, I would recommend this location to anyone who loves the beauty of the great outdoors … we will be back 🙂


Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach at Lightning Lake. The lake was cold but it was hot out so it was a welcome cool off!

And then all to soon Monday came and cousin and her hubby returned to the coast for work and hubby and I headed to Princeton and Old Hedley Road to look for a campsite on the river.

Until next time …