Life At Cocopah RV And Golf Resort

Although I have posted pictures of our site and the pool at Cocopah RV and Golf Resort I realized I have never posted pictures of the other common areas in our winter home.

So here is what life is like when we are at our winter home. 🙂

Some days start off with a morning walk and watching the sunrise by the pond at the main office.

 Other days start off with a morning walk and watching the sunrise over the lettuce fields.

My daily walk always includes a visit with Eddy the Egret … now I have no idea if other people call him Eddy but that’s what I call him when I say good morning to him.

Through out the day hubby will often join me for a walk and one day I took my camera along.

We are very close to the pool, laundry room, and cantina, so that is were we will begin our tour.

Hopefully this picture give you an idea of how close we are to everything!

Every second week we do laundry in the main laundry area, there is also another laundry area in the pet section of the park.

(The Laundry Room is on the left of this building.

The laundry room also has a nice outside area for hanging clothes … I hope these clothes are okay with being in my blog!

Many people will sit outside in this seating area while waiting for the laundry to finish or they will sit by the pool which is just across the way.

The laundry room is across from the Cantina so laundry day always includes a visit to the Cantina for a pitcher of beer. On laundry day we sit inside the Cantina at the bar and have fun conversation with whoever is around. 😀

On Friday night we always attend the Egg Game, which is very popular in the park. It is held in the Cantina and we always sit outside for that.

On Friday nights this place is packed! We have to get here early to get a seat. I try to avoid posting pictures of people without their permission but this group was very happy to be included in my blog ☺

Across from the main entrance of the Cantina is the back of the ballroom, meeting rooms, and the library, which has a large selection of great books!

Along with a good selection of books there is also a large puzzle table.

Continuing on we pass the tennis and pickle ball courts.

To the left of the courts is the Activity Center where we can sign up for a multitude of events such as dances, live music, the Horse Races, etc.

 On the right of the Activity Center and beside the pickle ball courts is the Fitness Centre.

As we continue on past the Activity Center we come up to the main resort office building. To the left on the picture below is the door to the mailboxes, the area to the right of the building is the back of the post office. The main door is in front and we can buy stamps, mail letters, and pick up parcels there.

The mailbox area has over 800 boxes so I have put a flip flop sticker on our box so that we can find it easier … because of course … Life Is Better In Flip Flops 🙂

The front of the above building is the main office, which handles registration, has a small store, and answers all kinds of questions.

This is Eddie’s pond but he was camera shy and flew out of the picture.

Now we turn back toward our site and we pass the restaurant.

We often make a small side trip down to the river and on our way we pass the picnic area where we usually have at least one of our block parties. I think our February block party will be held here this year. A block party is a potluck for all the people on our street and the street behind us … there were around eighty people at our January party.

The area along the Colorado River is often referred to as the beach, but I have never seen anyone use this area as a beach … but it is still pretty to come down and see the water 🙂

 As we near the turn to our street we walk by the horseshoe pitch, there is also a large shuffleboard court but I forgot to get a picture of that.

And that is life at Cocopah. We really enjoy our time here but I have to say I am looking forward to heading home and seeing our family and friends!

Until next time …


Woo Hoo We Bought A Race Horse :-)

And when I phoned our daughter to tell her we were now horse owners her comment was “I feel my inheritance running down the track away from me!”  And my thought was “Oh honey, you think you are still going to get an inheritance!” but I didn’t tell her that. 🙂

But before I get to how we managed to become horse owners I will start with last night’s activities at the horse races.

Once again we enjoyed an evening at the Horse Races held in the ballroom of our RV Park. Are any of you thinking these are real horses? If you are, give your head a shake and laugh at yourself because of course you can’t have real horses in the ballroom 😀

The room is set up with tables that seat about sixteen. If you have a group of sixteen you can sign up for a table, but if you are like us and you enjoy sitting with new people … hmm don’t know sixteen people who want to go to the horse races … you can sign up for a table in the Activity office before the event. We had a great table and met some fun new people.

Each table brings an item for dinner that will feed eight and the food was great, I brought a cheesecake which I haven’t made since we sold our house … hubby was a happy camper! Once everyone has eaten the tables are opened up for grazing. Grazing allows you to check out all the food tables in the ballroom and try out different items. Hubby and I were both full after eating our first plate so we didn’t participate in the grazing, but a lot of people did and there were some appetizing dishes.

After dinner the six horses and their jockey’s were introduced and the betting windows were opened for the first race.

Bronco Denver, Riding Giddy Up Go. We didn’t bet on him, although he had some great odds on the last race … but he didn’t win.

Godiva, riding Chocolot, we also we didn’t bet on her, but she will come into play later!

The minimum bet is $1.00 but you can bet more. Hubby and I bet on Nurse Give Shot riding Bend Over because we knew her.

Ronald Rump riding Twit-Her because how could we not!

And Stewart Rod riding Maggie May, again was there any question!

This year we bet the same horses in all three races.

Once the bets were closed the horses lined up on stage and the race began.

One of the event organizers roles a dice and the horse that corresponds to the number on the dice moves forward one spot. The dice continue to roll until one of the horses reaches the finish line. Part way through the race the odds are announced, and no I don’t have any idea how they come up with the odds.

There are three races and it is very entertaining with everyone cheering on their horses. We didn’t win anything on the first race, but we won $12.00 on the second race and $20.00 on the third race. At that point with our other bets we were up $21.00.

Now here is where the horse ownership comes in … remember Godiva?

Well at the end of the third race the horses are put up for action and the highest bid wins that horse and will race it in the February horse races. We happen to be at the right table at the right time and were asked if we wanted to contribute $20.00 to bid on a horse for the February Owners race … heck yes we did! And our group was lucky enough to purchase Godiva riding Chocolat 🙂 😀

So on February 12th we will don our fanciest hats, because hats are big at horse races and there is a prize for the best one, cheer on Godiva and hopefully win a lot more money!

If you didn’t read the comments on yesterday’s blog you really have to go back and read Janina’s comment. Janina is from Australia and she had a lot of fun with my typo in the title of yesterday’s blog, which as originally published said “Why I Bog, Should I Change?”. I am still laughing at what she said, and so glad I made the typo!

Until next time …

Life At Cocopah

We have been here for a week and it has been busy, but fun busy 🙂

My planters are planted.

One of two planters on either side of our patio, they both look the same.

Our shed plan has been laid out, the request form to build it has been submitted, and we have spent a few days pricing supplies at different stores. Hopefully we get the approval soon and can start building.

There have been more than a few happy hours with friends which is always fun. The only not so fun thing this week is our darn colds that have come back with a vengeance! Hopefully they will be gone by tomorrow because we have to be healthy for the egg game on Friday.

We have two bougainvillea pots, one on either side of the golf ball screen.

Until next time …

A Late Start But On To New Roads!

We had planned for a little later start yesterday as hubby was helping out installing a new garage door on the shop at the farm but it ended up being much later than planned. The garage door was at the point that they no longer needed extra muscle so hubby jumped into the truck to hook up Maxx but it wouldn’t start 😦  After a little trouble shooting he finally decided the problem was corrosion on the starter connection. Well that was good news, he could easily fix that problem but in order to do so he wanted to get the truck into the shop so that he could jack it up and get underneath and that meant he had to help finish up the garage door. Once he had the truck up on the jack it was an easy fix and the truck started like a charm … let’s hope that really was the problem.

So after a quick supper, which is better known as lunch, we got on the road. We now feel like we are really starting our trip across Canada because we are on new, to us, roads. We arrived in Russell, Manitoba around 5:00 p.m. last night. Russell has a population of 1,611 and is mainly a grain and cattle farming area.  We rode our bikes through town and were totally impressed with how tidy and pretty it was.  Most of the houses are heritage homes and beautifully maintained and all of the residential streets are lined on either side with huge Dutch Elm trees.  I can just imagine how pretty this town is in the fall!

I only had my cell phone with me so this is not the best picture.

The town very thoughtfully provides RV sites at Russell Peace Park in the centre of town.

The park has nine sites, all with power, and it’s totally free! They do ask for a donation and we were happy to give it as the park is very nice and we enjoyed a quiet night.

Until next time …

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We arrived in Saskatoon around noon and settled in at the city RV Park, Gordon Howe Campground. We had heard it was a nice campground and we certainly were not disappointed. Every site is large and surrounded by shrubs so you have complete privacy. Our site backed onto the golf course so we were able to enjoy an afternoon in the sun with a few drinks watching the golfers … and the best part is the very, very high netting that borders the golf course and the RV park, there was no way a ball was going to hit us!


The only strange thing about this campground is the lack of sewer hook-up at each site. We paid $40.00 a night for power and water but will have to dump our tanks on our way out of the park. There are people who stay here monthly so we were wondering if they have to pull out every week or so to dump their tanks but we found out, by the noise and smell, that the city brings around a pumper truck to empty long term visitor’s tanks.

Our early afternoon was spent, aside from watching the golfers, getting a few chores and some long overdue baking done. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening touring around Saskatoon.

We enjoyed a nice walk along the South Saskatchewan River

We thought about taking a ride on the Riverboat Cruise but it was fully booked.

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and straddles a bend in the South Saskatchewan River. I also found out that the city was named after the Saskatoon berry, which is native to the region. I always wondered if that was the case when I was picking Saskatoon berries on our property in the Caribou region of British Columbia when I was a child. I haven’t seen a Saskatoon berry in Saskatchewan but if they are anything like the ones in the Caribou then they must be pretty awesome!

Until next time …

Elk Island Park, Alberta

Elk Island is another Parks Canada campground and the price is the same as Wapiti, $25.80 per night for an unserviced site plus the one time reservation fee of $13.50. The reservation fee was a little easier to take this time because we were staying five nights. I was a little shocked when I added up what it would cost someone who wanted to stay in a Parks Canada site for one night. In order to enter a national park you must buy a pass, which costs $19.80 for a vehicle and two people per day and is in addition to the campsite fee, reservation fee, and fire permit of $8.80 per day. So if you reserved ahead and want to enjoy your evening sitting around a campfire, and don’t have an annual Parks Canada pass, it would cost you a whopping $67.90 for an unserviced site!

We plan on visiting many National Parks on our trip across Canada so we purchased an annual pass which will make our stays much cheaper and we also don’t plan on reserving in advance so that will also save us money. Our future sites in one of Canada’s national parks should only cost us $25.80 per night plus an additional $8.80 if we decide we want a fire, and FYI if you carry a propane fire with you and plan on using that, it will still cost you for a fire permit.

We stayed in the Astotin Lake Campground and were fortunate to get one of the only sites, in the main loop, that is suitable for a big rig, most of the campsites are small and more suited toward tents or very small RV’s. There is another loop that is identified for RV’s but, like Wapiti, those sites are more like a parking lot with a picnic table on a small sliver of grass.

The cabin behind our site was built in July and didn’t show in the pictures on the web site when I booked our site last May.

What most of the sites look like. The campground emptied out Thursday morning and we were pretty much by ourselves but it filled up on the weekend.

Fortunately our site was big enough to add our son’s tent and unlike BC Parks they did not charges another nightly fee. We enjoyed our weekend camping together and sitting around the campfire sharing lots of laughs. I also made every effort to get in as many baby snuggles as possible because when we return home our youngest grandson will be a year old … thank goodness for Facetime, at least we will be able to see him grow!

Our son and daughter-in-law had pre wedding festivities to attend on Saturday night and the wedding Sunday morning so they left our grandson with us Saturday and we drove him home Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoon we took him down to the Bison Festival in the beach area near the campground. Since he is only four months old I’m really not sure he got much out of it but he did enjoy his new stuffed baby bison named Tyson 🙂 This park has a lot to offer and we were never bored.






Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Bison looked like?

Tomorrow I will tell you about the rest of the park which is definitely worth a visit!

Until next time …

Wapiti Campground, Jasper Alberta

While in Jasper we stayed at Wapiti Campground in Jasper National Park. Wapiti is a Parks Canada campground and it was the first time we had stayed at a Parks Canada Site. I had made a reservation and that turned out to be the right move as the campground was full when we arrived.

When I booked I knew we would only be there for one night so I booked an unserviced site. We usually choose to stay in unserviced sites because, not only are they cheaper, they usually are nicer sites with more privacy. If the full hookup sites we saw at Wapiti were they only ones they had then we definitely made the right decision! The full hookup sites were a paved parking lot with a small boulevard of grass in behind.

The site we had was surrounded by trees and was a good size but that’s about the end of the positive stuff. Our site was $25.00 a night but we also had to pay a $13.50 reservation fee and then we had to purchase a fire permit for $8.50 a day although the fire permit does give you access to unlimited firewood. So we ended up paying $47.00 for an unserviced site with the picnic table and fire pit on the wrong side of Maxx and we were warned not to walk through the woods because there were a lot of bears in the area. In fact there was a pile of bear scat by our wood pile!


We did enjoy our night by the fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with our bear spray on the table between us.

And our grandson was very please that he finally perfected roasting a marshmallow … he roasted three beauties in a row!

We are staying at another Parks Canada site next week so I will let you know if it is any different.

Until next time …