Way to Go Kelowna and You Suck Kelowna!

We have been riding our bikes everywhere the past few weeks and having a great time. Kelowna has done an awesome job on bike paths around the city and we are easily able to get to most places without having to travel on streets. So Way to go Kelowna 🙂

Riding across the bridge into Kelowna.

This past Tuesday we rode our bikes to coffee and then back downtown for lunch.

There are some pretty flowers in the park where we meet for coffee.

Like last year Kelowna has once again closed off about five blocks of Bernard Avenue, our main street downtown. Restaurants have built patios on the street, the city has put up play areas for kids, areas for dancing and fitness classes, an art gallery, and there are also a few presentation centers.  On Sunday the Farmers Market is also held in this area. I really wish I had taken more pictures so that you could see how pretty it all looks but I was just enjoying my ride and forgot about pictures … maybe next time 😀 After lunch we decided to ride up to the Landmark area to see if Copper Brewing still had their Blueberry Milkshake beer and were pleasantly surprised to find out they still had a little left.  The beer was great but it was when we left that I realized Kelowna can also suck 😦 I had put my purse in my bike bag and then realized that I should probably go to the washroom before we rode home. Hubby was unlocking the bikes so I just tucked my purse partially in the bag and planned on zipping it up when I came out.  It was another gloriously hot day so hubby popped back inside to grab some wet napkins to wipe down our seats and cool them off. I came out of the washroom, hopped on my bike and off we went. It wasn’t until we got all the way back downtown and made another stop that I realized my purse was gone. I phoned the brewery and they went outside and looked but it was nowhere to be seen. When I came back from the washroom, I walked up to the side that my purse was sticking out of and I’m positive I would have seen it, if it was there, and I would have zipped it into my bag but I thought hubby had done that for me. So we are pretty sure someone scooped it when hubby popped back inside to get the damp paper towel, but just in case we rode back along our route and checked, but my purse wasn’t anywhere to be found … yup someone in Kelowna sucks! I was so upset … I had lost my driver’s license, $20.00 CND and $20.00 USD, all my keys to our bike locks, and my ear buds which we use to keep in touch with each other when we are riding, but the ultimate loss and what really upset me was my vaccination card was also in my purse. I can replace everything else but I can’t, and yes I called the COVID hotline and went into the clinic, replace my vaccination card. They were all quick to tell me I can go onto my Health Portal and print off a copy but it won’t be wallet size and that’s what I want. And yes they were also quick to tell me that the wallet card is not an official document but I had just read that the Calgary Stampede was requiring proof of vaccination for some events and I’m willing to bet they are taking that wallet card as proof!

I had to share this picture of these big chairs … I really wonder how they get into them but I didn’t want to wake them up at 5:00 a.m. and ask them 🙂

What started out as a wonderful day had turned sour and we were both happy to be done our 50K bike ride. The next day I made an appointment for next week to get a replacement driver’s license (guessing that will cost at least $50.00), we stopped at Costco and bought new ear buds ($120.00), tried to get new keys cut for the bikes but that is going to take more research (and money), and I tried to find the lip gloss, that I also lost, but it is no longer made.

I was able to catch a picture of this big eagle that I startled one morning.

We also stopped and made our first plasma donation which was a whole new experience.  The Kelowna Blood Donor Clinic no longer takes blood, they now take plasma and have opened up a brand new donation centre to facilitate the process. When you donate whole blood, it goes straight into a collection bag and is later separated in a lab. When you donate plasma, the blood that’s drawn from your arm goes through a special machine to separate the different parts of your blood. The parts that are left over, including your red blood cells, go back in your body, along with some saline (saltwater) solution. Really the only downfall to the whole process is that it takes twice the amount of time and the clinic didn’t have enough staff to handle the people donating so there was added wait time as well.After our donation and all our running around we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out and play a BC Lottery game called Pacific Holdem while we were eating … and guess what??? I won $355.00! Maybe my luck is turning around 🙂Until next time …