Getting Settled

Even before we had our site cleaned out and got settled in we once again commented that this is by far the prettiest place we spend time at, it is the nicest campground and with the nicest views out the window.

Even through dirty windows and with a lot of yard work left I think it is a nice view!

We were woken up on our first morning by the birds knocking on our window. I think they must see their shadows but I prefer to believe they are asking for their feeders to be put up … and I had to explain to them that there was some work to be done before that could happen 😀

Our first day was spent cleaning up our site and moving the new gravel the park provided so that it would be in the right places. Once we had done the main part of our site we moved Maxx in, and that took almost two hours … it is a very tight spot for a long RV as we have to deal with low hanging trees, road signs, a narrow road and cement curbs, plus we want to get it in perfect placement so we are willing to spend the time.

(We have some work to do, especially spreading all that gravel.

Once Maxx was settled in we did some more work on the site which included raking a lot of leaves! Seven hours later we called it quits and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. All the hard work will be worth it once you get to relax and enjoy the beautiful place. I agree,it is once of the prettiest spots. To me Bear Creek has everything! Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.

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