Day Two of Getting Settled

I started my day off with a walk around the park with a friend, it is nice to be home and have friends to walk with 😀

After breakfast hubby and I headed outside where I cleaned out our shed and hubby washed Maxx … he looks so fresh and clean, now I have to wash the windows but I ran out of time, or more correctly motivation, today.

I spent more time raking leaves while hubby raked more gravel. Once that was done we layed down the mats, set up the gazebo, moved plant pots, and did other random stuff before we decided we had had enough for one day.

We then headed over to our daughter’s place to pick up our mail and were fortunate to run into our son-in-law. Our daughter and the three boys left today to visit our youngest son and his family in Adrie, Alberta but our son-in-law had to work so he stayed home.

There are a lot of leaves!

We conviced him to join us for dinner and we had a nice visit, it was fun to catch up and we look forward to catching up with our daughter and the kids next week.

Until next time …


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