Meet Buffy

Hi I’m Buffy, a miniature buffalo and my parents (Mr. Maxx’s sister and brother-in-law) adopted me when they made a trip to Los Algodones Mexico last November while visiting my aunt and uncle at their winter home.

The other day aunty and uncle were outside doing chores and not really watching me closely so I went for a little walk to check out some flowers.  It wasn’t long before aunty saw me and took my picture.

My parents had to leave me with aunty and uncle when they flew home because, even as a baby, I was to heavy for their suitcase … but I was okay with that because I didn’t want to go back to the cold damp lower mainland area of British Columbia when I could stay in the sunny south! Anyway after taking my picture aunty told me I had to go back to my usual resting place as they live in the non-pet section of the park and I need to lay low so they don’t get kicked out.

I know I look sad going back but I’m really not 🙂

This is my usual resting place and I really like it here.

Aunty wasn’t happy with this picture but I had had enough pictures and wouldn’t pose for anymore.

It’s close to the table so I get to visit with people when they come for happy hours and aunty and uncle spend a lot of time out here with me in the afternoons playing Mexican Train when they aren’t visiting.

Also they often take me on outings … like the time in November when they went to Oceanside, CA for a week.

Oh boy that was a big jump to get into the backseat but I managed … with some help from uncle.

It was the longest drive I have ever been on but uncle says they have been on much longer drives and that this was an easy one. I was so excited to sit in the middle of the backseat and watch the scenery. When we arrived at Oceanside I even got to stay inside Maxx with aunty and uncle because aunty was afraid someone would steal me if they left me outside at night … she says I am to cute for people to resist 🙂

But during the day I was able to roam around outside as long as I stayed in their sight.

I was even able to go on a short walk with them one day!

But the best day of all was US Thanksgiving when we all went over to mom and uncle’s first cousin once removed (aunty had to explain that term to me, it’s a mouthful!) site to hang out and eat Thanksgiving dinner. I had so much fun, but it was hard not to eat the Tri-tip that was roasting on the fire.

I kept an eye on the fire as they prepped it for the Tri-tip.

It just smelt so good and I got close to getting a bite when nobody was watching.

Of course aunty had to take a picture before uncle pulled me away and told me it was to hot and dangerous for me to climb on the fire 😦 Aunty said I could sit on a chair with them around the fire but that was as close as I could get.

I just couldn’t help myself and when they weren’t looking I made another attempt but they caught me again.

Then they all decided that I should come and sit at the table with them while they played some games and that wasn’t bad cause I was able to try something when they got caught up in the game 😀

I was also allowed to sit on the table while they ate Thanksgiving dinner.

And aunty even let me have a little of her wine … I don’t think she knew I snuck the beer earlier!

I had a fun time in Oceanside with everyone but by the end of the day I was tired and ready to go home and sleep.

I also had fun at Christmas and when aunty and uncle flew home to visit my cousins I was left to keep an watchful eye on the Christmas decorations. Don’t tell aunty and uncle … or the neighbours who were looking out for Maxx and I … but I did sneak around at night and visit with the decorations.

Now the decorations are all put away but I still snoop around a little at night when nobody is watching but I always make sure I am home before anyone catches me 😀

Today is my mom’s birthday so I asked aunty to help me write this blog so I could show mom and dad what I have been up to and let them know I am having a lot of fun.

Happy birthday mom, I miss you and dad and will be home soon … and aunty says she will try and share more of my adventures in the future.

Until next time …


14 thoughts on “Meet Buffy

  1. Love love the post!!!! Thank you sooooo much for taking such good care of Buffy!!! I hope she is behaving herself and using her manners. I’m glad she doesn’t get car sick, so she will be okay to travel home. ( I think her mom and dad are jealous of her) give her a big hug from us and tell her we miss her!!🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the short time you spent with her you managed to instill perfect manners and good behavior 😊. We thought short trips would be a good way to prepare her for the long trip home and I’m glad she doesn’t get car sick, I have no idea what buffalo puke would be like and we don’t want to find out!


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