This and That

I was late getting my Christmas decorations up this year because we didn’t return from Oceanside until November 25th, the day I usually start decorating. November 25th is also the day I am allowed to put the Christmas SD card in the truck’s music system.

The lines on our patio are from our solar lights, I like the pattern they make.

Hubby doesn’t mind Christmas music but he prefers his playlists so imagine how unimpressed he was that November 25th fell on the day we made the three hour drive back from Oceanside 😀 But he was a good sport and we listen to Christmas music the entire way and of course he will have to put up with it again on our three hour drive to Palm Springs when we fly home for Christmas … can you see my smile and hear me laughing 😀 😀

We have had lot’s going on since we got back to Yuma. Hubby won $7.50 at music bingo last Thursday and I won $60.00 at card bingo last night. I won three times last night and was starting to get threaten with being thrown in the river if I won again 🙂

Last Saturday we headed down to Algodones for the Welcome Back Snowbird’s party, which it turned out isn’t until this Saturday ☹️ Oh well Algodones is always fun, especially with friends, and even though the weather was cold and damp we still had a good time.

I thought this was a nice view along our drive to the parking lot.

I’m not sure what was going on last Saturday but traffic was lined up long before the entrance to the parking lot. Maybe it was the weather and everyone decided to drive into Mexico instead of parking and taking the short walk. When we left three hours later traffic was still backed up.

This morning we could hardly see the other side of the golf course!

But it wasn’t long before the fog lifted and the golfers where able to get out and enjoy a warm sunny day of golf.

Until next time …


1 thought on “This and That

  1. Very pretty with the lights, festive in fact. Like your hubby I could do without the Christmas music so early, a couple of days would long enough for me. Glad you enjoyed time in Mexico.

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