Old Town San Diego

Our first stop on our Coaster ride was Old Town which is an easy walk from the transit center where we got off the Coaster.

Old Town is a San Diego State Historic Park and is the oldest settled area in San Diego. There are over 30 restaurants, most with outdoor dining, and 75 unique places to shop. I could have spent hours wandering through the shops and looking at stuff but hubby doesn’t enjoy that as much as I do 🙂

I love this Cactus!

Old Town became California’s first Spanish settlement when a mission and fort were established in 1769. Later, it passed into the hands of the newly made Mexican government before gaining statehood in the United States after the Mexican-American War.

The Old Town area remained the heart of the city of San Diego until the 1860s, when a newcomer to San Diego named Alonzo Horton began to promote development in “New Town” where Downtown San Diego now sits. New Town became the more popular area because of it’s location to the water and in 1871 government records were moved from Old Town to the new county courthouse in New Town and the new downtown area replaced Old Town as the focal point of San Diego.

I really enjoyed our time in Old Town and will definitely return to spend more time wandering through the shops and attending mass at this beautiful Catholic Church.

But this day we had more adventures planned so we jumped on the Trolly (a light rail transit) and headed to our next destination.

Until next time …


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