The Coaster Train To San Diego

During previous visits to this area I have often seen the Coaster Train zipping along the water towards San Diego so I was happy that we were able to take a trip on it. We drove into Oceanside and parked Mr. & Mrs. C’s car for the day and boarded the Coaster.  We were surprised to find out they don’t charge you to park at the station!

Picture from the North Country Transit District because I forgot to take a picture.

The train runs for 41mi/66km and has eight stops, it takes about an hour and five minutes to run between Oceanside and Downtown San Diego. The Coaster first entered service on February 27, 1995, and sees about 2,300 passengers a day on weekdays.

Picture from the North Country Transit District.

There are two levels on the train, washrooms and free wifi. We chose seats on the second level which provided us amazing views of the ocean, but unfortunately the windows on the train were really dirty so the pictures didn’t turn out great.

We purchased a daily commuter ticket for $15.00 which allowed us to ride the Coaster all day but it also allowed us to ride buses and the trolly (another commuter rail system). We could have walked to a bus stop from the park, taken a bus into Oceanside, and then bordered the Coaster into San Diego and use the trolly to go to different areas in San Diego … which seems like a great deal to me for $15.00.

We made four stops during our day out and had a great time. I will do another post or two about our stops because I think they deserve their own post 😁

Until next time …


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