A Walk Along The Trails At Guajome

I love all the trails around this park and we have really been enjoying our morning walks. I am sure I will use morning walk pictures in other blogs during our stay here but I thought I would share some of them with you today. I hope you enjoy the views 🙂

The County of San Diego purchased the land in the 1970’s and established the 394 acre Guajome Regional Park. The park includes the campground, a reservable family cabin, two day use areas with playgrounds, an outdoor fitness area, amphitheater, volleyball, basketball, and horseshoe courts, a soccer field and a small rock climbing formation.

There are also two ponds with fish, shore fishing is allowed, and a wide variety of migratory birds.

It was hard to even get a view of the second pond but I can see how it would be a great habitat for birds.

Within the boundaries of the park there are approximately 3.5 miles of well maintained trails that meander through woodlands, chaparral, wetlands, and mixed grasslands. Hikers, bikers, dogs on leash and equestrians are all welcome along the trails.

When I stopped along the trail to take the picture below …

I could smell licorice and I kept looking around thinking someone coming up was eating black licorice but it turned out the path was lined with wild fennel. The plant in the picture looks dead but the stalk is green and all you need to do it touch it and there is no question as to what it is.

A few days later we could smell fennel again and came across a plant with some life in it.

Hubby ran his hand down one of the branches and came away with a handful of fennel seeds.

I could post many more pictures of our walks/hikes around the park but I think you can see from the above how interesting our morning walks have been.

Until next time …



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