Mr. C Is On The Mend

Yippee Mr. C is feeling better and has joined us in Oceanside 🙂 We had planned another event for today but we switched that over to tomorrow so Mr. C could join us and we decided today we would wait for him to arrive and then do some tastings at more local craft breweries.

The advantage to visiting craft breweries today was that it allowed me to use free internet to get a few blogs posted. And what better way to do that than with some tasty beers to enjoy.

I know some people have questioned how we can drink so much and ride our bikes or, I’m sure they are thinking, safely drive home … well what you need to know is tastings are small samples and hubby and I always share our tastings so usually that amounts to one, or many times less, than a beer a day. When we are all going to breweries in a vehicle one of us is the desiganted driver.

This day Mrs. C drove and we ventured further afield to do some tastings at four different breweries, we found some good ones and some okay ones but no terrible ones … that’s a good day!

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Mr. C Is On The Mend

  1. I have been to beer and wine tastings and never wondered that at all! ☺️ i was just glad that Min wasn’t driving!! Haha.
    You are all responsible bike riders and drivers.

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