A Bike Ride To The Ocean

I think I mentioned we are 8mi/13km from the ocean and one day we decided to ride our bikes to check out the beaches in Oceanside. We were able to ride along bike trails for most of trip into Oceanside.

There was a short period of road riding before we hit the beaches but they were along residential streets where the traffic was moving slowly.

Of course we had to take a walk across the beach to dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean and yes the water was much warmer than the water would be at home this time of year!

I always take a picture of my toes in the water but this day I actually forgot to do it, but no worries my cell phone had me covered and surprised me with this pic … I had no idea I snapped it 🙂

Beach time was over and since we had such a long bike ride 😀 we did some street riding to find a brewery hubby and I wanted to visit.

We stopped at Stone Brewing for a tasting, it was the prettiest brewery we have visited this trip … well it ranked up there with the patio at Belching Beaver in Vista Village near our campground.

After lunch at In N Out Burger we hopped back on our bikes and followed Mrs. C on a ride to Carlsbad Village, another coastal town not far from Oceanside. Again we rode through some residential/business areas but most of the ride was on bike trails.

After a few more tastings the sun was getting lower in the sky so we thought it was time to start our 13mi/21km ride back to Maxx.

We could see the sun setting behind us as we hit our final set of bike trails but we made it home just as darkness set in.

This picture below is the last one I took that day, the ones above were taken just before … it always amazes me how you can look one way and the sun is setting and it’s getting dark and then you look in a different direction and it’s still daylight.

Until next time …


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