Just Enjoying Summer

I havent had anything overly interesting to write about the last few weeks, we have just spent our time enjoying summer. It took a long time to arrive but it has come in full force with temps in the high 30’sC/100F and I am loving it!

We enjoyed a 40km/25mi bike ride last week and I didn’t take any pictures but trust me it was very scenic. We followed that adventure up with a trip down to the coast to see hubby’s mom.

There are still sections of two lane traffic on the Coquihalla while they try to repair all the damage down by the huge rainstorm last fall.

The traffic wasn’t bad on a Tuesday morning and we were entertained by some helicopter logging.

It was great to see hubby’s family and our son and daughter-in-law but the drive home was not fun. It took us three hours to get out of the lower mainland traffic, a drive that normally takes less than an hour 😦

Fortunately, once we were north of Chilliwack traffic lightened up and the rest of the drive was clear sailing. It is always nice to visit everyone but it is also nice to get back home and enjoy our little piece of paridise.

This leafy tree just showed up this year. The lake level is still very high but once the water goes back to normal and this tree grows it will provide some nice shade on the beach.

Until next time …

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