Finally, A Bike Ride

Last week we had a full moon which was nice for my morning walks.

I even had a walking buddy for a few days … it’s always nice to have company but she didn’t talk at all so she was kind of boring to walk with.

We finally had a few days without wind so we were able to get out for a bike ride, we had hope to go for a few more but the wind came back … but there is hope as we don’t have any wind today 🙂

It was nice to ride down the newly paved Levy Road, instead of along the gravel roads beside the vegetable fields.

There is always something going on in the vegetable fields along the road so there is always something to see.

We road past this bike which I am guessing is a memorial for Charles who probably liked to ride along the bike paths.

It is a nice ride downtown.

Somehow our water bottles were not with all our bike stuff so we forgot to take them, I think hubby hid them on purpose so we would have to stop for a beer 😀

Can you guess which beer I tried a taste of?  Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good so I had to have something else.  I can’t believe a flip flop let me down!

We also rode by this restaurant, Red Moon Ale House, that has a really nice outdoor seating area so we will have to try it out, maybe on our next bike ride.

And we arrived home just in time to see a nice sunset.

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “Finally, A Bike Ride

  1. I know where you are staying and I know where Red Moon is and I’m impressed. That’s a bit of a ride! We ate at Red Moon in either 2019 or 2020. At that time the food was good.

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      • I told my husband where you were staying and you had ridden your bikes to downtown. He said they went on the levy road. I told him the levy road is now paved…..WHAT???? Next time you ride to downtown. If you want a light lunch, try the Deli at 224 Main Street. There’s a window that faces Main Street and also a side door with a small dining room. We’ve eaten some delicious sandwiches there. Hope it’s still the same owner.

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      • We happen to be downtown when I received your comment about the Deli so we checked it out. Right now it appears you can only do take out, there is no seating available. We may still try it out someday, because the menu and prices look good, and take it down to the park to eat.


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