Good Times In the Sun

There really isn’t much to write about, life has carried on but it is carrying on under sunny skies and surrounded by green grass … as opposed to the white grass most people back in the northern areas are seeing.

This hibiscus has been trying to bloom since mid December.  I thought it would bloom when we were away for Christmas but it got mites while we were away.  After I dusted it a week ago it finally bloomed this morning.

We did come back from Alberta with colds, well to be fair I came back with a cold hubby then caught it a few days later.  Yes we are pretty sure they were just colds and not COVID or Omicron because I had two negative COVID tests before I could fly.  Our grandkids had the usual runny noses and sneezes that little kids get when they go to pre school and kindergarten, and of course I was happy to have those runny, sneezy, little people climb all over me, so I think my cold was inevitable but I was happy to take it on 🙂  We are both feeling much better although I still have a runny nose but that’s from allergies to the grass and an allergy pill usually takes care of that.

Our hope to do some bike riding has been put on the back burner because of the winds we have been getting but hopefully that will change in a few days.

And that about sums up life in the southern US … just enjoying good times in the sun.

A fellow blogger 5C’s Que Pasa sent me the picture below and I love it!

For folks at home I wish you an end to the cold weather, snow, and rain … hopefully a dry spring comes sooner rather than later!

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Good Times In the Sun

  1. The cold bug is everywhere and it kind of freaks everyone because of the Covid situation. Hope you’re able to get back to your healthy self soon and have that bike ride experience. I hope the weather stays nice for you as well.

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