The Piddle Patch

On the anniversary of the start of our nineth year I had a comment from a new follower who had spoken to hubby this summer when we were hosting at Bear Creek Provincial Park.  Now if you know hubby you know he likes to talk, and talk, and talk … not a bad quality for a Campground Host 🙂  But during all that talking if you get him on the topic of fulltime RVing or becoming a snowbird and then the information really starts flowing and it generally comes with one of our business cards and a suggestion to check out my blog, yes he is my biggest advertiser.

The sites in yellow are in the pet section.

So back to the comment, Jane asked about the dog section at Cocopah RV and Golf Resort and I really appreciated the question because if gave me something to write about.  About the point her comment came in I was thinking it was time to go back to writing maybe monthly since I had nothing to talk about … so yippee you all get to hear about the Piddle Patch which is how we affectionately refer to the pet section here at the park.

Cocopah RV and Golf Resort has almost 800 sites and I believe about 30% are in the pet area and the other 70% are surrounding the golf course and pets are not allowed out of vehicles in this area.

The pet section has its own laundry room …

It’s not as big as the non pet section but it still has lots of machines (this is only one side of the room, there are more machines on the other side, and like the other laundry room it is kept very clean, neat, and tidy.

It also has its own picnic area which often hosts gatherings

Its own washrooms with showers, I didn’t go in but I have no doubt it is just as clean as the ones in the non pet section.

The grassy area for pets to run around is two and a half acres of beautiful green grass, but just so you know it is not fenced.

The sites are closer together than the non pet section because there is another site on the other side of the road rather than a golf course between the site across from you.  I think there are some advantages to this, such as easily getting to know your neighours.  The people in the pet section are a very friendly group and if you are so inclined you would probably have no problem kibitzing with other residents at daily happy hours.

A road in the pet section.


A road in the non pet section. Notice how much nicer the dog park grass is than the actual golf course.

So Jane if you and your husband ever make it to Cocopah we would be happy to show you around and introduce you to some wonderful people.

Until next time …

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